Review: Kiniki Newton Micro Brief

Kiniki Newton Micro Brief

I thought I liked the micro brief style from Kiniki, but my mind is a changing. I had a stretch cotton version from several years ago that I thought I liked. Then I purchased a replacement a couple years ago of the stretch cotton, which I did give a thongs up to. Read that review here. Then I ordered this one and a Poly Lycra print one at the end of last year and finding they’re not quite my style.

My biggest issue with them are they are lower cut than I like that includes the stretch cotton version. I like my underwear and swimwear to sit higher up. I feel this could slide down some to display the crack. To me the point of underwear is to stay up and keep everything covered. I’ve also found they seem to be a snugger fit than the stretch cotton all the way around. Needless to say the Newton micro brief won’t be making my top 5 bikini list in the future.

If you are packing up front unlike me, then not sure how you would get yourself in this pair. The pouch is a flat front and there isn’t enough stretch to accommodate a lot. Now for support with these you are not going to be moving. I’m going to try them out at some point with something active and see how they perform. If they don’t slide down any then these will be reserved for exercising. With them being 92% micro fiber and 8% lycra I think that’s where they can earn their keep.

The back of these are about a 3/4 cut, which I like the less than full backs that stay in place. The sides are about 1” wide. Says to warm hand wash and not to tumble dry. I’ve been washing and hanging them to dry, but for longevity it is probably better to follow directions.

With the print pair I thought about trying a size up and seeing if I liked the fit better, so that is still on the table. Though I’ve always had consistency with my normal size fitting from Kiniki in both underwear and swimwear. So I may just go with the other styles and avoid the micro brief cuts with two of this style not fitting to my liking. Maybe I don’t wear the style properly, since I don’t like low rise pairs.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Great support for active activities if doesn’t slide down.
Cons: Too low a rise for me. Pretty snug fit with not a lot of pouch space.

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Kiniki Newton Micro Brief FrontKiniki Newton Micro Brief BackKiniki Newton Micro Brief Pouch
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  1. DonS says:

    I can’t comment on this item specifically. However, it’s interesting that I had a tight-fitting black Newton G-string that was unwearable despite other styles in the same size being good fitting, and someone else reported the same problem with their red Newton G-string in the Feefo reviews. So for some reason the Newton range, despite only being introduced last year from memory, seems to made smaller than the other styles. I wonder why this was done – it could easily cost lost sales.

    • DonS says:

      I should mention that this style is not for me. I find even these have too much fabric for what I want my underwear to achieve.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I think you may be right that the Newton line is tighter fitting than their other lines. I have the Newton thong and the Tanga. They take a little bit of wiggling to get past the hips, but after that they both fit fine in the other areas.

  2. T says:

    Hi BD. As you say in your review,you don’t like briefs that are low rise at the back and show off your crack. With that in mind,I would have thought any brief with the word “micro” in the title would more than likely be on the skimpy side,so I’m not surprised that it failed to meet your expectations. I’m also not surprised to hear that the pouch front is way too tight. This seems to be a regular problem with Kiniki swim briefs and underwear. I’ve lost count over the years of exactly how many of these styles totally squish your package,and it would be easier to extract gold from Fort Knox than it is to get your penis out at a urinal in some of their briefs.

  3. Re says:

    I have got a same bikini from Kiniki instead of thong (wrong packing). Thus I can tried it. But I was my totally same feelings with this bikini as you written. The front side is too short. If I can pull up higher as it enable it should be much better. Thong has a same issue.

  4. londondan says:

    I tend to avoid Kiniki’s micro brief style as, like the review, I find them to be low cut in the front and back with a pouch that isn’t comfortable for everyday wear as it does squash your package. I find their tangas and normal briefs a much better style – if you get one which is narrow in the front and a 3/4 back then it’s somewhat a micro brief style anyway.

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