Review: Kiniki Print Thong – Lotus

Kiniki Print Thongs - Lotus
My first impression when pulling the Kiniki Lotus print thong out of the package was “Wow that tail looks pretty wide.” The tail of the thong measures about 1 3/4″ . To me that is a fairly wide tail for a thong. Seems around an inch is where most thongs have their tail width. So I did have a concern with how comfortable the tail would be. I have other thong with tails around 2″, but they are a lightweight soft fabric. At least in this instance it looks like the look was deceiving.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the thong. It’s not really the most flattering for the package, which isn’t exactly a surprise for a flat front design. The fit and comfort of it makes it a solid selection for me. I like the fabric of their print lines. It’s a poly lycra blend. It has a soft feel against the skin and stretchy. I’m a fan of fabrics that are clingy and can mold to you, which the fabric does.

My concern about the tail comfort was squashed when I pulled the thong on. I found it very comfortable. Yes, you do know you have fabric between the cheeks, but it’s not an irritating feeling. It is quite comfortable for all day wear. Some days it is nice to have a reminder throughout it that you are rocking a thong. This thong gives you that reminder. The support of them is excellent. I feel they would be comfortable and supportive enough for activities that involve running. I wouldn’t mind the pouch to be a little narrower of a cut. The sides of the thong are about 1″ . They can be machine washed, but air drying is recommended.

If you don’t mind knowing you have fabric between the cheeks, then I’d say give this thong a try. I’m planning on getting it in another print option next time I’m ordering from Kiniki. Also note that with prints you aren’t necessarily going to get what you see in the picture. It all depends on how big the print pattern is.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Tail Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: Great support, good selection of prints to choose from
Cons: Noticeable tail, but still comfortable

Additional Photos
Kiniki Print Thongs FrontKiniki Print Thongs FrontKiniki Print Thongs Pouch
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