Swimwear: The Bulge

Swimwear: the bugle

I think there is agreement or at least some that the bulge under form fitting swim attire for guys is what seems to be the hang up with guys wearing skimpy swimwear. That is really the main difference between males and females on the lower portion of our bodies. So how do we go about trying to normalize swim bikinis, thongs, briefs, and the like?

First step is to wear them with respect. Don’t go out and try to flaunt the bulge. If your intent is to show off then you are doing nothing to help promote the acceptance of guys wearing swim briefs or less. Cutting out the lining and wearing a c-ring so you can bulge more is not going to help people like guys in a form fitting swimsuit. You are contributing to the negative image people have of them. Doing so around kids, teenagers, or even women is rather creepy and a big negative impact for us guys wanting to wear them freely.

Now I don’t think we need to go out of our way to try and hide the bulge either. We don’t need to wear a swimsuit that is really restrictive and smashes the boys. Also I don’t think we should wear a suit designed to really show off the package either. There is a time and place for them, but not at a family oriented beach for sure. Something middle ground would be ideal to work on gaining acceptance for bikinis, thongs, and swim briefs.

Next let’s not push the limits for the beach you attend. If you are in a conservative area, don’t go to the beach in a thong. First it is probably not legal. Secondly if there is not a woman wearing one you have no defense for wearing one. Go with something similar to what the women are wearing in the bikini department. Don’t go with something maybe one or two are wearing like a cheeky cut. We don’t have the acceptance they do to push things like that yet. I have my suits that I feel that can be worn anywhere that fits my need for skimpy. The sides are around the inch width, they have somewhere in the range of at least ¾ or more rear coverage, and mostly full frontal coverage. Some are flat front designs while others are a traditional center seamed contour.

Then carry yourself like you are in the so called norm for guys in swimwear, but with confidence. There is a difference in being confident and showing off. By confidence, I don’t mean parading around. I mean don’t act like you are wearing something that is not appropriate with it not being the norm. Enjoy the beach or pool like you would if you were wearing the norm of swim shorts. Don’t be looking at people trying to get them to react, just go about your business. I know it is nice to get a positive reaction, but the goal is trying to normalize skimpier swimwear for us. Doing everything we can to kind of mind our own business and enjoy the time in our against the norm swimwear is the goal. Now don’t ignore people completely, a friendly hi if walking by someone is a normal thing to do. We just need to avoid things that can be considered creepy like hey what do you think about my suit to a stranger.

To wrap things up, I’m not against the bulge. One of the reasons I like bikinis and thongs is how it molds to the package and holds me nicely in place and gives some definition. I wouldn’t say I’m rocking it down there especially when flaccid, which is the goal to stay in when wearing swimwear. Truthfully if I was more endowed I might be more likely to shy away from form fitting swimwear. I think people get the impression that you are trying to show off when you are larger even if you are not trying too. Guys aren’t going to get the same benefits as women do with breast size even though I’m sure some may have the same issue. There may be a time and place to bulge a little more, but not the places I go. My goal is always to try and make swim briefs and less more acceptable for guys to wear.

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  1. John says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this post! I couldn’t agree more that the bulge is what’s at issue for most people who oppose men’s brief swimwear. I say, we’ve got it so celebrate it. Don’t over do it and definitely don’t make people uncomfortable. Know your audience.

  2. Mike says:

    I think it’s all so different in different countries.
    Clearly in the States, your have a more conservative culture, in Europe and here in Australia, we’re a bit more accepting of skimpy mens briefs, of course, the fashion leader in the States mandates guys wear board shorts, but heaps of guys here still wear Speedo’s.
    I’ve just bought my first swim thong from Cocksox and will wear it to the beach (standard beach) this summer, there are other beaches in Melbourne that “gay” guys frequent that thongs are the norm, not been to those yet, but may try it out this summer. (I shouldn’t have to say, but I’m straight but love to wear the minimum to the beach)
    Respect is the main issue, wear what is the norm, feel free to push the limits, but don’t make a dick of yourself, respect others.

  3. Bill says:

    Your comments are spot on. If we want to be accepted wearing skimpy swimwear than we have to show some modesty about us. Thats all I wear to the beach or pool. I do get some compliments. But I don’t flaunt myself while there.

  4. Tony says:

    This post is great. I also have to agree with John on knowing your audience, and with Mike on not making a dick of yourself. Here in the US, there have been times that I have seen guys wear very skimpy thongs and bikinis at the beach, and were acting like fools the entire time. They wanted the attention. These are the kind of guys ruining it for all the other guys who want to wear speedos or bikinis and look good at the beach. Don’t be that guy please.

  5. Randy says:

    Yes Nate you are right about less is more in the case of the bulge. But my problem is that I only have a few suits that don’t only cover my stuff. I do pick what suits I wear to different pools and beaches.
    State parks none of my family there it’s full wide open as long as women are wearing to same types. Family campgrounds like a KOA or with my family it’s a brief with two or three inch sides.

  6. T says:

    Anyone who has been following the forum recently will know why this particular topic has once again come up for discussion. There will always be a difference of opinion when it comes to what is acceptable behaviour, and what is not, or what makes one person uncomfortable might not be an issue for another, but I would imagine that most of us would know which lines shouldn’t be crossed(if in doubt, read Nate’s post again).
    Society seems to be obsessed with the male package, and even though it brings pleasure to millions and plays a vital part in keeping the planet populated, it is often treated as something that should be hidden from view.
    Everyday wear does usually keep what lies beneath out of sight, although regular visitors to social media platforms will know that some well endowed guys can amass quite a following simply by going commando under their jogging bottoms and jeans.
    Watch any athletics meeting on tv and you will see lots of male athletes wearing lycra shorts that leave nothing to the imagination, but it doesn’t stop the cameras zooming in on them, often in slow motion replays, as their packages bounce around like out of control ferrets in a bag. I don’t read too many complaints about that, so why should it be different when a beach is the setting and women are seemingly exempt from the rules that often restrict a man’s choice of swimwear? An argument you often hear is that a speedo is not suitable when children are around, so why is it okay for women to wear tiny bikinis, thongs or even go topless on crowded beaches full of families? We have discussed before how certain colours and jazzy patterns can conceal our manhood to a certain degree, but for those guys who nature has blessed in that department, are they to be denied the pleasure and freedom of a speedo or bikini and forced to cover up in the dork shorts we all detest just because they have a visible bulge?
    As John mentions above “know your audience” but don’t go out to deliberately flaunt yourself by using “enhancers” etc to increase your profile on a family beach. However, don’t be embarrassed or feel you have to apologize for what you have in your swimsuit!

  7. Bikenswim says:

    I’ve been wearing bikini swimwear since I was a kid in the 1950’s. I liked the tight fit of suits I had out-grown. As my legs got bigger from bike riding, I wore the skimpiest flat-front bikinis & thongs on the beach, male or female styles, so nothing rubs on my muscular thighs. My snug Gaff Thongs stay on in rough surf and the modest flat look is best for family beaches, no one minds at all.

  8. Virgil says:

    Totally agree. Know your audience. There is a time and place for everything.

  9. Dan says:

    Agree with the sentiments here. The male bulge should be able to be seen by society as non sexual and not explicit. It all goes to what type of swimwear is worn in which setting and how it is worn. I think any man should be free to wear a speedo style garment without ridicule or being accused of wearing it sexually.

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