Thong Irritation: What to do?

Thong Irritation: What to do?

This is another post inspired by T. At first I wasn’t sure I could write enough on it, but here we go. Have you worn a thong that was too tight and caused some irritation of the backside. Maybe a thong that is typically comfortable was just not sitting right one day. Or maybe you were shaving and got razor burn or cut yourself. Got into a fight with some rough toilet paper. Tried some hair removal cream and got burned. Whatever may have caused the issue, it made wearing a sexy thong of any kind uncomfortable.

So what do you do? Roam around naked until it feels better? Guessing probably not a very viable option. Tough it out and keep wearing a thong? My first step is typically going to a bikini. Though sometimes I find a cheekie pair can actually be a good option. Not sure how to explain it, but in a way it kind of helps keep the cheeks from rubbing any irritation between them. Having young kids has brought some over the counter option with so called diaper creams. Though they are meant for more than little ones. Bicyclist use some of them for saddle sores, so I’m sure others non babies use them too. There is Desitin, A&D, Calmoseptine, and others. There is one even called Butt Paste. Could always go with plain old Vaseline. How about a first aid cream like Neosporin. Maybe if you have an Aloe Vera plant that would be a good option. They’re great for soothing burns.

Those are some ideas that come to my mind. So what do you do when you can’t wear a thong due to some sort of irritation? Use something over the counter? Have a home remedy? Just ride it out going commando? Comment below and let me know.

A little Update 4/23/2020: I wanted to add a little to this post from an experience last summer. It wasn’t thong irritation, but relates to this post topic. We took a vacation to Florida, which was a bit on the hot and sweaty side. The first day there I developed chafing in the rear area and I wasn’t wearing a thong, but a bikini. I assume it occurred from sweating and my cheeks rubbing together with all the walking we did. When I got back to the house I immediately found some store brand destin and put it on the irritation. That gave some relief. A little later after a shower I applied some more. With the irritation and it being so hot, I decided it was thong time. To my surprise I found out that this helped my chafing along with the diaper cream. The thong seemed to separate the cheeks a bit to prevent the rubbing. I think on the third day I stopped the diaper cream and just went with thong underwear again. I had the same result of no more chafing and comfort all day walking. For the rest of vacation it became thongs only for me and no more issues! So keep the tips in mind for more than thong irritation, especially with the thong saving me on my trip.

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  1. Greg says:

    Occasionally I develop crack burn from wearing thongs. When this happens, I put some Lubriderm lotion on my crack, and wear a pair of briefs for a whole day to allow the irritation to heal. This doesn’t occur very often, so it’s not a big problem. I guess the discomfort is bound to happen from time to time, as I love to wear a thong all day and night.

  2. T says:

    Most guys who favour thongs and g-strings over boring boxers will more than likely have experienced an occasional discomfort in the sensitive area between their butt cheeks,but it’s not a subject that you see being discussed very often,if at all,on sites like this one.
    The worst experience I had was when I used a hair removal cream which was deemed suitable for ladies to apply on their bikini line,so it seemed reasonable to assume that it would be okay for my butt crack. HOW WRONG COULD I BE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perhaps I left it on too long before washing it off in the shower,and on the plus side it DID remove all the unwanted hair,but for several days afterwards,each visit to the “men’s room” brought a whole new meaning to the Johnny Cash hit “Ring of Fire.” Even the softest toilet paper was my sworn enemy and my favourite g-strings were neglected in favour of jockstraps and bikini briefs. Sudocrem and Savlon were slapped on with the finesse of a bricklayer cementing a wall,until finally the day arrived when I felt sufficiently healed to reacquaint my butt with a string.
    Nowadays I’ve got into the habit of applying some moisturizer between my cheeks before I put on a string, which definitely helps reduce any discomfort down there. I’ve also heard that saltwater is effective in reducing irritation too.
    Hope more of you guys will contribute your bad experiences on this sensitive subject,but also,and more importantly,your successful solutions to this problem.

  3. EJ says:

    I didn’t have any traditional thongs until last week I got a 5 pack of Asian thongs (true to size no larger size required). And g strings I have feel like nothing there. So far no horror thong stories but post if I do. T- you made a sensitive subject hilarious I had a friend who’s no longer with us that had a flair for that

  4. Mark says:

    I use a Norelco body shaver which makes shaving my thong area comfortable and for daily use I use a product called Balls So Fresh made by a company out of Las Vegas. It is a cream that dries to a powder keeping everything cool and you happy. Yes, snug thongs are why we wear them but too tight is restrictive, unpleasant and painful.

  5. T says:

    Thought I would add a little postscript to my earlier comment.
    This morning,after going through my regular routine of shaving my privates with my trusty Mach 3 razor,I decided,on the spur of the moment,to shave my head for the first time. Using another Mach 3,things went well and the front and sides were quickly shorn. The problems began when I tried to shave the back of my head while trying to hold a mirror to see what I was doing. Despite my best efforts,the remaining hair was beginning to resemble the latter stages of alopecia, and I was resigning myself to covering up my “patchwork” quilt with a cap(and believe me I don’t look good in a cap). In desperation,my eyes fell upon the box containing the hair removal cream that had reeked havoc on my sensitive butt crack during a previous manscaping session. I opened the tube and rubbed copious amounts of the cream onto my head and waited for the burn……..To my great surprise(and relief),it didn’t react badly at all, and with the help of the Mach 3, I was able to remove the cream and the rest of the stubborn hair with the minimum of fuss leaving me with one very shiny head.
    Anyway guys,I can definitely recommend this product to anyone contemplating shaving their heads,but would advise great caution if you’re tempted to use it on your butt crack.

  6. Larry Phelan says:

    I found that sea salt mixed with water was a good way of easing the sting of burning. Dont use table salt,it,s too sharp,only makes things worse. I have never used hair removal cream in that area,glad I did,nt ! although I do shave my crack since I prefer to have it smooth,easier to keep it clean.

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