Thong Myths

Thong Myths

We know that thongs have stigmas associated with them for both sexes. Here’s 5 thong myths or misconception that I have come up with.

Thongs are only for strippers
Just because female and male strippers wear thongs and g-strings doesn’t mean they were just made for them to wear. Yes, they are a great way to show off their bodies to their audience and hold some bills. This perception is probably less for the females now a days, but still one I hear for guys. I’ve seen places say that the only guys that should wear thongs are strippers. Definitely not anything close to true. Thongs are for everybody. We all deserve the right to feel how a good fitting thong can be empowering.

Thongs are bedroom underwear
Yes, thongs are sexy, but it doesn’t mean they are just for intimate moments. They are an excellent choice for the bedroom. It’s a good option to show yourself off to your partner and turn both of you on. But they are so much more than bedroom underwear.

Thongs are feminine underwear
This is just hogwash. Yes, women’s thong are massed marketed and pretty much available in any store that sells underwear. That doesn’t mean they are feminine underwear. Of course if you are looking at a women’s thong it is going to look feminine. They aren’t made for guys to wear. Now there are plenty of thongs made for men, so thongs are also masculine underwear too. They actually can serve us better in more ways than thongs for women.

Thongs are for eliminating visible panty (underwear) lines
Yes, thongs can help minimize VPL, but depending on what you are wearing there is the possibility of thong lines. Wear what is comfortable and gives you a boost of confidence. Nothing wrong with some underwear lines in my opinion. I don’t wear thongs to eliminate underwear lines. They offer great support. Can be a mood changer along with making you feel sexy.

Wearing a thong would be a permanent wedgie
You hear a statement like this from people that have not tried a thong or have not found the right thong for one reason or another. I know thongs go between the cheeks, but it’s not the same as wearing underwear with a back and someone hikes them up. I’m not going to say none are annoying, because some are even for every day thong wearers. Some thongs you forget you are wearing a thong because they are that comfortable. Others may give you a bit of a wedgie feeling, but still are comfortable. What’s wrong with knowing you are wearing something sexy. Personally I don’t mind a bit of a wedgie from my undies. No one wants a true wedgie though.

Sure there are other misconceptions out there like thongs are for gay guys, but that comes from people thinking they are feminine underwear. That in turns lead to the misconception that gay guys are feminine. That’s a double whammy there. What other myths or misconceptions are out there for thongs that go along with both male and female thongs?

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  1. Steve says:

    I love all the Ikingsky brand on Amazon. The G-string or T back are the most comfortable and a lot of fabric choices.

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hey Nate

    These points are all true. Another myth is – “cross dressing”. Just because men wear thongs people think they want to be a woman and or start off cross dressing. AGAIN, that comes from people who who think men buy female underwear.

    With so much online stores selling proper male thongs there is no reason for ignorant opinions.

  3. T says:

    I think you’ve pretty much covered the main “myths” associated with thong wearing. Sadly,you could probably do a similar post about speedos and to a lesser extent,bikini briefs. I never miss an opportunity to promote the wearing of speedos,but the reaction of most guys,both young and old,is usually along the “you must be joking” line,so you can imagine how even more extreme the reaction to wearing a thong would be. As always,we can only hope that in our own small way and by leading by example,we can encourage other guys to give skimpier undies a try.

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