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Thongs 101 for UNB

Seems like when summer comes along it makes it hard for me to keep up with my weekly posting. Plus ideas haven’t been flowing from me lately. This week I decided to promote the Thongs 101 series that I’ve been working on for Underwear News Briefs along with some help from Underweardude. It’s a series on getting into your first thong. We came up with 7 parts for the series, which we just published the fourth part yesterday.

First we did a little introduction to thongs and the series. Thongs 101: Introduction

Our next post was on the styles of thongs. Seems to be a lot of misuse use of the style terms from what I think things should be. Along with using multiple style names for the same style. The the same term used for different styles. So I came up with what I thought seemed to be the styles and got some input from others that seemed to align with what I thought. There are a couple that could be argued are not style of thongs, but decided to included them. Thongs 101: What Are The Styles Of Thongs

Next up Underweardude discussed some buying tips for that first thong. Thongs 101: Six Beginner Thong Buying Tips

We then touch on fabrics. Finding a nice fabric that is comfortable between the cheeks I think it a probably one of the top things to consider in buying the first thong. Thongs 101: Fabrics

The fifth post will be on some thongs we think would be good for a first thong. Unfortunately with JM closing my top recommendation is no longer viable. I really thought their JM Natura thong would be a great option. Thongs 101: Beginner Thong Ideas

In the sixth post, we’ll talk a bit about where to buy that first thong. Thongs 101: Where to Buy?

Our last post talks a bit about where you could head after that first thong. Thongs 101: Where To Go From Here

I’ll add links to this posts that still need published when they are. Now I know these posts may not be valuable to a lot of my readers, but I do have a reasoning for this post. My thought is if you guys have anything to add that might help the next guy get into thong wearing that you could comment on the posts. I want a guy that is considering taking the leap into thongs to have the best chance of finding one that will draw him into wearing them for good.

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. I understand how difficult it must be for you to come up with a different topic to discuss each week,so maybe some of your followers could be encouraged to submit some of their own ideas to help keep the forum flowing. For what it’s worth,may I suggest the following?
    1/ Do the guys who wear thongs hang them up outside on the washing line for all to see,or do they keep them indoors to dry for fear of negative comments from neighbours?
    2/ We’re probably all familiar with the expression “she’s mutton dressed as lamb” which is usually aimed at women of a certain age who wear clothes eg a short skirt,that society would deem to be only suitable for a much younger person.
    Does this derogatory comment also apply to older men who wear speedo type swimwear/skimpy underwear?
    Hope these suggestions might be of use to you. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi T, thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t heard that expression that I recall. Might be able to come up with something for both of them. My other issue is my writing mood goes in waves. Seem to be in the trough. Hopefully will be back ride the wave soon. Thanks for all the support and comments. Always open to suggestions.

  2. Jeff says:

    As a straight married thong wearer I don’t hang mine outside only because I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where a buddy or family member etc was at the house unexpectedly and I had my thongs and bikinis hanging out and then I may be made to feel awkward.
    Not that I care what others think of my underwear or swimwear choices but I really don’t want to be put on the spot about it.

    My second point is, Nate as another straight swim bikini fan, what is the suit you have that you think is awesome but are still too nervous to wear it around anyone??
    Mine is a body aware black Brazilian swim brief, it has a white waistband and is a little cheeky. I think it looks good in the mirror, but I’m not sure about even my wife seeing it.

    • I don’t have any suits that I’m nervous to wear around my wife. There are a few suits that most likely won’t see the public eye that are coming to mind. The first is a HOM thong, which I don’t think I’ll be wearing a thong in public. Another is a string bikini in camo print with elastic down the back middle seam to highlight the rear some. Can check that one out here. The last one that is coming to mind is a half back snake print bikini I have from Kiniki. The two bikinis have more potential for public wear over the thong. All of these my wife knows I have. What do you think about me doing a post going over the swimwear in my collection and what situation I feel I could wear them for?

    • T says:

      Hi Jeff. You’ve got me wondering just what it is about your black Brazilian swim brief with the white waistband that makes it almost unsuitable for your wife to see? I’m assuming your good lady has seen you wearing(coughs) a whole lot less,so is it a case of what she might think if other people were to see you wearing it in public?
      My experience of Brazilian swim briefs is that the cut of the back is designed to show off your butt cheeks. Is that what is worrying you? If so,why not save it for sunbathing in the privacy of your back garden?……or better still…post a picture of you wearing it right here(ha! ha!).

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi T, for sure my wife has seen me in less than that Brazilian swim I don’t know exactly why I’m nervous about wearing it in front of her. I think it may be because I’m pretty basic when it comes to my clothing and if I suddenly put thought into a swimsuit it would seem out of place. I’ll have to try it on again and see how it looks and maybe I’ll be able to wear it with her….

  4. E.J says:

    Does anyone know of a string bikini with minimal coverage front and back? The back being almost or completely thong-ish?

    • T says:

      Hi EJ. Have you checked out Daniel Alexander swim bikinis? They do a Brazilian swim bikini which has a pouch front,string sides and a narrow back which exposes a lot more butt than most,without being a thong. I bought 2 last year(one purple,one white) from a company called Mensuas. They have regular sales so I’m sure you could get one at a good price. Hope this helps.

    • Probably something like a Brazilian bikini from a brand like Daniel Alexander, Cover Male, or Joe Snyder. Probably other brands, but those are what come to mind. They’re skimpy backs, but are going to be more of a wedgie with them.

    • RT says:

      Daniel Alexander, Joe Snyder have those string bikinis. I own several in different color and even sheer. It offers a pouch in the front attached by two strings to the back. The back is triangular and cover less than half of your cheeks. As you move the fabric will ride up ending with more a thong than a bikini exposing almost all.

  5. E.J says:

    Does pouch always mean stickin out I prefer hangin.I don’t sunbathe in swim suits it’s underwear.Sexy swim suits tend to be pricey

  6. E.J says:

    Hi BD-never mind that stupid question, thanks for the tip on mensuas they have a good amount of DA bikinis with minimal coverage in underwear didn’t get to the swim suits, but I haven’t shown off in public, I like tanning in underwear

  7. JA says:

    Perhaps my favorite thong is a Joe Snyder one. Is a very low riding one in white with vertical stripes (between the stripes fabric is sheer). Pouch very low too covering the just the goods but nothing else above. Pouch is not protruding but more vertical-hanging yet it holds everything in place but anatomically letting the privates hand. The side and center strings are 1/2 inch, perhaps a quarter inch. I’ve had it for at least 4 years. Love it as underwear and also wear it at the beach.

    This is the picture from Ali Express.

  8. EJ says:

    I have a few g strings like that sheer stripes alternating w/cotton I think brand name Envy I got from Lingerie Diva ( yes they have mens stuff too) don’t let Diva keep ya from browsing at mens stuff

  9. EJ says:

    Oh yeah stripes are horizontal

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