Thongs and Bikinis on the Job

Thongs & Bikinis on the Job

This post topic idea came from Jack through social media. A lot of people think of thongs and bikinis as women’s underwear. This gives bikinis and thongs a feminine stereotype. With them being seen as women’s underwear, it can make it harder to wear them in certain work environments than others. A lot of us probably work jobs where it is unlikely our coworkers will learn of our skimpy underwear. So what if you work in a job like police officer, correctional officer, first responder, construction etc. All of these jobs have a higher chance of being injured while doing them over many other jobs..

So there is a fear that you might get hurt and your coworkers will have to treat you. Then they discover you are rocking a thong that day. My guess is that no one is going to be discussing your underwear choice in the current moment, because you probably are fairly seriously injured if being treated. The fear comes when you return to work what will happen. Will you be made fun of and jokes be made about your underwear choice.

In general with going against the norm there is a fear of getting ridiculed for it when someone you know finds out. I would expect some jokes from true friends, but should be light hearted in nature. Now when it comes to coworkers it could be a different story. They aren’t necessary friends and if they are they might not be a true friend. You’re with them regularly and really don’t get much of a break from them like you do with outside of work friends. For them to learn about your against the norm underwear preference could make you need to have very thick skin. Though I do think in general people are open about things and won’t keep poking fun at it constantly.

My guess you’ll be hearing them crack jokes more in the beginning of them finding out. Then after that I’m sure if a situation arises that they can work a joke in about it they probably take the opportunity. But think maybe it will inspire a coworker to try a pair out in the end too. There is always a possibility of one idiot coworker that could take things too far, but I really think a majority will be respectful and keep things light hearted in their joking. It’s even possible that they’ll just leave it be and not say anything about it. We just need to work on owning what we like to wear in our underwear and wear them proudly without worrying that someone may or may not find out.

I know there are some that have posted comments saying their coworkers discovered they wear thong underwear. I don’t recall any negativity in those situations. Do you have the fear of someone learning you’re a bikini and/or thong wearer? Are you more fearful of your coworkers finding out? If your coworkers have found out, how did that go? Get lots of jokes? People just wonder why? Share with us. When I was going through my drawer for pairs for a photo for this post, I came across the camo thong. I would think wearing bikinis and thongs in the military would be a hard place to do so, especially if living in a barracks with a large number of other soldiers. Anyone had experience with wearing them while in the military? Would be interesting to see how you handled wearing or trying to wear against the norm underwear.

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  1. Black Stallion76 says:

    At 45 and still being in youthful shape, my daily work wear consist of low rise spray on jeans, and thongs. At work I’m often having to bend over, and I’m sure some might see a whale tail, or maybe not. The thing is, I don’t make a big deal about it, and I don’t acknowledge, should my underwear peek out. And that’s how I handle it. I also wear track leggings, and what I do is act normal. I rarely get any negative comments, about the leggings or skinnies, but the way I handle it is I go on as everything is normal. Plain and simple.

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve never been caught by a co-worker in my bikinis or thongs, but I used to work as a jailer (for 8 years) and have had close calls where I fell and was injured or was at risk of becoming a hostage to an inmate that wasn’t looking forward to going to prison. I never really took it into consideration at any time. During my time as a jailer, I was subject to a lot of illnesses because of the design of the jail… lots of germs and bacteria and poor ventilation. Because of that, I had constant kidney and urinary tract infections and diarrhea. Because of this, I frequently had to lay aside my bikinis and thongs for adult diapers… even then, I never worried about getting caught or put in any situation where what was beneath my uniform would be exposed. I would rather be caught in a bikini or thong than a diaper any day!

    As for military service, I think the Govt issues underwear to recruits, you have a choice of boxer briefs or Y-front briefs… color: Olive Drab. Being caught wearing anything other than what is issued by supply & logistics is considered being out of uniform. After basic, soldiers may have more freedom as far as underwear goes. I have been told by guys that are prior military, that using the weight room with Navy SEALS, Green Berets and Special Forces, that a lot of them wear bikinis, thongs, G-strings, string bikinis, etc. This person even told me that some active duty members ever wear women’s panties in the locker room. Don’t know if that’s true or not, just passing along 2nd hand information.

  3. John says:

    If I were in such a masculine working environment as the military, and living amongst co-workers in barracks, I’d tend to conform to expectations. But I don’t, and happily wear bikinis and frillies as a normal as far as I’m concerned. I’ll take my chances on being discovered, but I don’t go out of my way to let people know what panties I wear; none of their business.

  4. Michael says:

    When I was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, I would wear regulation whites under my uniform. After hours commando. To the beach, g-string or Speedo at most. Never ran into anyone I knew at the beach, but one time in the rarity of using a gang shower a friend of mine joked about my having no white spots! Kind of hard to miss in the showers. He joked and asked if I found a nude beach. I said no but close. Showed him the g-string I tanned in. Thought it was cool and even tried one at the beach.

  5. RT says:

    I wear tight dress pants, and the line across my butt cheeks from my string bikini is clearly visible underneath . Have never had a comment about what kind of underwear I had on under my dress clothes. However, have definitely noticed a few admiring stares from colleagues and clients. Glad I could liven up their day!

  6. Jason says:

    While I have never been caught on the job, there was this one time in high school when I was changing in the locker room. I was wearing a Brut(c) brand low-rise brief, it was black and red. I wouldn’t describe it as a bikini brief, because the sides were too wide, about 3 or 4 inches as I remember (this was 33 years ago). So this kid, named Robert was sitting next to me and talking to me, when he noticed my underwear, he shouted, “OMG, you’re wearing bikini underwear!” Lucky for me, we were on the far end of the boy’s locker room, so none of the other guys heard him. That could have been an ugly situation indeed!

  7. Aidan says:

    I wear full back bikini/tangas preferably in nylon/polymaid material so it doesn’t retain sweat nor dig into my side by the equipment belt/armor while on duty. off duty I’ll switch between string bikinis and thongs temperature dependant or whatever I feel like for the day, I also like prints these days but they are hard to find in thong /cotton versions for men…

  8. T says:

    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to do a pants(underwear) check on a fellow worker who was constantly bending over in the course of doing his job and flashing his dull boxer shorts. I made no secret of the fact that I wore skimpier styles and it was never an issue. I lived in hope that one day he would break the mould and surprise me with something a bit different, but it never happened.
    Whenever I hear a workmate saying he’s going on holiday to a warm destination, I always say I hope you wear a speedo, and when they invariably reply in the negative, I state that every guy should have the right to wear them no matter their size, body shape or age. No one has asked me if I wear them, so they probably assume that I do.
    I’m reminded of the Doctor on the forum who wore thongs/g-strings under his scrubs and was aware that the nurses used to try and guess what colour he would be wearing the following day. A novel way of advertising your preference for skimpy undies, but probably not ideal in certain professions. I would imagine guys who work outdoors in freezing temperatures are less likely to wear thongs than say a guy in a warm office environment, but there may be exceptions to that assumption. My advice is to wear whatever makes you happy and develop a thick skin if it causes you grief from others in the workplace.

  9. John says:

    So British! Those guys probably wear long trousers on the beach, and roll up the legs if they are feeling brave enough.

  10. Pennbikini says:

    Well, made some comments and wrote a couple of anecdotes in the forum on topics related to this one, so I won’t recount them all here…I will say that in high school and college, it would have been common knowledge that I wore bikini briefs, exclusively. Now, there were some times where I’ve been seen in a more public, work-related setting and been showing a bit more than what I had intended or been aware of…changing rooms in a clean facility, once accidentally in my office, airport security, probably countless times with brieflines through my dress slacks…and, of course, the other anecdote where I had a serious back injury while in just my underwear too. So — brave or not, ready or not, there it was!

  11. David_nc says:

    I’ve basically converted to wearing thongs daily, very rarely I wear my bikini briefs. I’m fortunate to work in an office and there are almost zero chances for my thong to be seen. They are the most supportive and least restrictive underwear and every guy should try them.

    • Samuel says:

      I have been lucky all the years in my career that no one has seen anything they should not have seen on me. I have thought about this question for a few days. I think it is like men and women having tattoos some were on the body were they don’t want other people to see. I always wear biker shorts over my thongs and bikinis bottoms, in summer months. In the winter I always wear leggings/ thighs over top of my thongs and bikini bottoms. As I have switched to wear women panties, thongs,and bikini bottoms and the same thing men’s biker shorts over them and in the winter my leggings.

  12. Marco says:

    Hola, en más de una ocasión he usado tanga en el trabajo, creo que una vez un compañero vio la tira del tanga al agacharme a recoger una cosa del suelo, no dijo nada, es una persona muy discreta. No por ello dejo de usarlos, procuro que no se vean.

  13. Jay says:

    I wore thongs while in the military, and I have to. say it was stressful, especially with the norms of other communities versus ours. Its normal to be straight and rock a thong in a bathhouse in Japan or South Korea, but when you risk running into conservative westerners, it adds the stress. The best time I had was a two-month window when I had no roommate in South Korea. I could rock what I wanted when I wanted without fear.

    • Pennbikini says:

      I was never in a communal living arrangement with thongs. Plenty of time with bikinis, however, including 2 of my 3 college roommates also wearing them. And with one of those two also wearing string bikinis, which I wore most of the time. This was both on- and off-campus housing. It would not have been unusual to see one or both of us wearing them around the dorm or apt. Heck, more than “not unusual.” It would have been daily!

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