Underwear Organization and Manscaping Survey Updates

manscaping and underwear organization survey

I ended up moving my underwear organization and manscaping survey from one survey platform to another, since I was running out of free responses on the service I was using. Now they are on Google and I didn’t look into if I can move the response over or not. I decided I’d at least document them in a post at where they were before the move. If you haven’t filled out the survey you can fine the manscaping one here and the underwear organization here.

Manscaping Survey

Since my last reporting on this survey the number of responses has almost doubled. There wasn’t really much change in the overall results from my last reporting on the survey. Just some slight changes in percentages, but no shifts in positions. Let’s take a quick look at some of the results and you can see the graphs for the complete look below.

The response for do you manscape is 96% yes, which isn’t really a surprise for bikini and thong wearers. What areas were top for manscaping? This one allowed for multiple selections. Number one of course is the private area at 95%. Right up there at 70% is the butt. Then rounding out the top three is armpits at 47%, which is a little bit of a surprise for me. I thought back or chest would be third.

For the 95% of us that manscape the private area, the top way to do so is clearing the field with 47%. Next is clear some and leave some at 30%. Then 17% keep it trimmed down there. So how do we handle the hair? Again this is one that respondents could select multiple ways. At the top of the list is a manual razor with 70%. 33% break out a hair trim and 24% the electric razor. Now why do we like to manscape? Number one choice is liking how it feels with 48% of the votes. Closely followed by looks better with 42% of the votes. Then it’s not really surprising that most of us prefer our partners to keep their private area tidy with 84% saying yes.

manscape survey result2

Underwear Drawer Organization Survey

How we organize or not organize is the second survey, which has 213 responses before my switch to Google. First I asked how do you organize your underwear. The top way is by style with 50%. 29% are like me and just throw them in the drawer. In third place at 7% is a combination of ways, for example style and color. So how many drawers do we have with our underwear in them? Well, 52% of us have one drawer with unmentionables. Two drawers came in at 26% and three drawers at 10%. Last question on the survey is about if you use dividers. Most of us don’t, with 84% saying no. Check out the graphics below for the full results.

Underwear Organization Results 2021

4 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I manscape everything from the neck down. It just feels so cleaner and better especially after a shower. And my lady friend loves it.

  2. T says:

    I don’t know if there are any statistics to back up what I’m about to suggest, but I’m thinking is it not more likely that guys who manscape their privates on a regular basis and in doing so handle their equipment frequently and hopefully carefully, would notice any potential problems eg lumps, sooner than a guy who doesn’t? Not that I’m trying to scare guys who prefer to have an overgrown forest in their pants. Just a thought.

    • DonS says:

      That seems like a logical thought. However, I’d say two things count against it. Firstly, most of the forest is above the equipment in question, so the little cover down there would not hide surface or sub-surface lumps. Secondly, the general tendency for men to frequently handle said equipment means that problems should soon be discovered. And by “frequent handling”, I don’t mean in the dirty sense you’re no doubt thinking, just ordinary daily urinations are enough to show if any problems might exist.

      That said, I did find a benign lump in a woman’s (girl-friend at the time) breast once, despite her assurances to me that she did regular checks. So you never know, perhaps you could be onto something.

  3. PETER BEE says:

    I only manscape my pubic region. I do that by manual razor. Love it that way.

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