Underwear (Swimwear) Narcissism

Underwear Swimwear Narcissism

I’m a bit narcissistic when it come to underwear and swimwear. Besides them, I really don’t care too much about how I look. I’ll throw on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts, run a comb through my hair and be on my way. Only time I look in the mirror is to make sure my hair isn’t sticking up and to shave if I feel like it.

Now when it comes to underwear or swimwear, I like to check things out in the mirror. I’ve got to check out how it holds the goods, shows off the legs, and displays the butt. They’ve got to make things look good. Ok, maybe it is more admiring how the pair shows things off. I’ll admit I like how bikinis and thongs look on me and I check myself out in them. Not just when I put them on for the day. I have no problem sneaking a peek of myself when I get a chance. Some days it occurs more than others, but I enjoy my undies and swimwear.

Here’s another admission with my bikini and thong narcissism. The most requested thing for the blog is photos and I do enjoying taking photos of myself now and then. I find it to be a fun activity to do and a modeling fantasy. I have used some of the photos on the blog, but mainly I take them for personal reference and to satisfy my narcissism. So when I think of photos for the blog I think of those full body modeling ones of them. I guess just the portion of my body with them on is what is needed. Still hesitate to do that.

I started the post saying I’m a bit narcissistic, but I’m probably really more than a bit when it comes to bikinis and thongs. Probably could consider me full fledged narcissism when it comes to me in them. I am very passionate about bikinis and thongs and enjoy seeing myself in them. Therefore I admit I am narcissistic in this way and I don’t see it as a bad thing.

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  1. RT says:

    I guess I am too. Before leaving home I try a few to see how they look on me and if it’s the right one for my clothes. I am actually narcissistic with everything I wear (underwear, clothes, shoes). It needs to hold everything down there with kind of a snug fit and the back it its a tanga or cheeky I don’t like it to be tight on my cheeks. If I see very obvious underwear lines then I wear something different (although sometimes I don’t care and still wear them). Slim fit pants\jeans may show those lines as well as gym shorts and joggers depending on how tight are they. I check myself in the mirror many times, posing differently to see if they look fine or something shows. I have taken many pictures too in my undies and with clothes on, again to check myself and because I like they way I look and feel in thongs and other underwear. I could keep writing but will continue later. So I am there with you BD.

  2. EJ says:

    We’re all a little narcissistic cuz we care what we where under clothes.i workout at home, not for bulk for muscle tone so I can handle manual labor at my age-looking ok for my age is a bonus

  3. Ash says:

    I can relate to the underwear narcissism also. I’m also into bikinis and some thongs and love how I look in them. It’s a great motivator to stay in shape and they’re also fun to wear. I wish it were more common place to wear them though! I am narcissistic about my clothes, but don’t mind wearing the risqué bikinis from prevailsport. I’ll also check myself out throughout the day if I have on a bikini. I’m also picky about the fit as they have to look and feel good.

  4. Waylon88 says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m totally narcissistic on wearing bikinis, swim briefs, G-strings and thongs. A fair amount of that I’d say is pride in that my wife actively encourages me to wear minimal or “sexy” underwear/swimwear. As far as being in “shape” enough to wear them, my belief in exercise is that barbell training is what every man should be doing. I’m think being and looking strong while being a bit “fluffy” is more attractive as opposed to a skinny person with a six-pack. The feedback I’ve received from ladies….and a male friend…. while wearing swim briefs in public has always been complimentary to my legs and shoulders. I’ve never really heard anything about having a bit of a belly or small man-boobs.

    • Always great to have support of the wife. I agree you don’t need to be six-pack or model shape. If you want to wear skimpy swimwear I say go for it. That is for both sexes. Yes, certain shapes look better, but gotta enjoy yourself. Which is what I’m starting to do. Not caring what others think.

      • T says:

        Hi BD. Have you ever wondered how many of your followers with narcissistic tendencies would love to have their own website where they could post pictures of themselves wearing their skimpiest swim/underwear without fear of attracting any negative comments? If you ask me,I think the time has come for you to drop your inhibitions,and get posing in front of the camera. Doesn’t have to be a full body shot.

        • It’s still on the table, but leaning to putting it behind a membership log in if I decide to go that route.

        • JA says:

          I think you may have a point there T. I see a lot of reviews of underwear in this and other blogs but no average person wearing them. Just the models in other websites and of course they look perfect in them. I would probably post mine (probably). Like T said time to go out and wear your swimwear or underwear no matter how skimpy. Life’s not that long. Go BD!

  5. RT says:

    Although I work out I’m not ripped or anything like it. I am working on that though. I am 5’7″, kind of athletic but not super muscular. I still enjoy wearing my sexy undies because of the feeling of fabric only covering only almost enough of my privates (sometimes there’s a liitle that shows given the cut and style) and the fabric between my butt cheeks. It makes me feel sensual and daring. Wouldn’t mind if people stare as long as they’re are kist curious, admiring instead of judging. I, at times, stare too at guys that are wearing skimpy bikinis\thongs because many of them have great bodies and because makes me set a goal and build confidence. Would love to approach someone wearing a thong on the beach. Perhaps on my next visit to my spot I’ll talk to one of the guy who thong there.

  6. RT says:

    Love this blog. At last someone that you can share stories with! Is it possible for us readers to share pictures as well or you think It’ll become the blog that you didn’t want to if we post photos?

  7. John says:

    I’m on board with a little narcissism and I’m guilty of it as well. We buy our underwear and swimwear based on models wearing them on websites or packaging so its nice when you wear them and they make you feel good to check yourself out.

  8. T says:

    Most of the guys who follow this blog would probably agree that no matter what kind of physical shape they are in,they still feel sexier when they are wearing something skimpy,daring and far from the “norm”, as opposed to a baggy pair of shapeless boxers. If I see a guy wearing a speedo or bikini brief underwear,it tells me that he is not following the crowd,but rather, has made a conscious decision to stand out from that crowd. Men who wear revealing styles will always be accused of being narcissistic,more often than not,by the type of people who become apoplectic with moral indignation at the merest hint of a bulge in a man’s pants.
    As long as it is acceptable for women to wear bikini tops that expose and enhance their breasts,then men should have the same rights to enhance their packages in whatsoever style of swimwear/underwear they choose.

    • RT says:

      Agree with you T. Seeing that a man wears some kind of skimpy undies or swimwear, in my opinion, says that he doesn’t conform to some man made standards, he wants to be different and daring, and that he cares how he looks.

  9. EJ says:

    Got that right RT- as long as I have a decent body I’m very much into string bikinis and g strings. The traditional cut thong is a little too much coverage for my body (small frame-small underwear)

  10. RCVM says:

    It might technically be the definition of narcissistic but that is not a bad thing. It is great to feel sexy and like the way you look and feel.

  11. Greg says:

    I suppose you could say it’s narcissistic to check yourself out in the mirror while wearing a thong, but that’s exactly what I do. Especially when I put on a fresh thong, I like to look in the mirror to see the pouch from the front and side, then turn so I can see my cheeks and the T-back. It is so nice to share with other men on this site about our fun passion with thong-wearing, because it is so NORMAL.

  12. EJ says:

    I do same thing- for years I thought I wasn’t normal, seeing the like minded guys on this blog turned wearing the good stuff back into the fun it was when I started and for me it’s normal

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