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Don't Judge The Swimwear 18

Don’t Judge the Swimwear

Summer has been in full swing here for a bit now and the swimwear has been broken out. We talk about people judging us for wearing our swim briefs, swim bikinis, swim thongs, and...

Crocheted Swimwear and Underwear 10

Crochet – Underwear and Swimwear

When you think of crocheting, I’m guessing that underwear and swimwear do not come to mind. I know when I think of it, I think of what my grandmother made. Afghans, stuffed animals, dollies,...

Sunning For Relaxation: Swim Brief and Thongs 13

Sunning for Relaxation

While growing up I never really thought about sunning to get a tan. It was more trying not to get a sunburn while out in it. That changed somewhat when I started my journey...