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Carine Roitfeld underwear quote 4

Underwear Quote: Carine Roitfeld

It’s time for a quote. This one is from the French fashion editor Carine Roitfeld. “We are very lucky to be women, so even if we’re wearing trousers, I always wear them with some...

Bikinis vs Thongs 13

Bikinis vs Thongs

This isn’t going to be a battle of the best post between bikinis and thongs. In my opinion there really isn’t one better than the other. I know some of you are full fledged...

Share the Goods Greg's Thongs 2

Share the Goods: Greg’s Thong Collection

This week is a “Share the Goods” series with submission from Greg. Greg knows what he likes and sticks with it. He has his main selection down to two brands and one style in...