Share the Goods: Kai’s Thong Week in Review

Share the goods: Kai's thong week
Kai has sent me in another share the goods. This time he decided to do a thong week in review. The submission is from several weeks ago now. Let’s take a look.

I’ll do another share the good with my underwear of the week: I decided to wear a Blue and White Striped PFT thong from amazon

blue and white stripe thong
I don’t have too much to say about them besides I wish I would have known to get a size bigger. I brought a medium size, but after a few washes, they became a bit tighter. Strangely I like the way the look on me for the colors that came with the pack I do plan on buying more finding out they have few more color variety with black and multicolor-

g-string thong
Off white brown and green mix pattern G-string thong
UM brought of amazon. I wish I had someone to talk to but I feel people only seem weird or only gay. They fit lovely and look good on me when I have smooth clean shaved.

Giraffe print thong
My favorite pair that is white thong with the giraffe print

pink tie side thong
Pink side tie> Only dislike there are not enough people who wear something similar do a video on how to properly tie and were evenly. For me as a single dark skin straight male who grew to like all and every color even when it comes to overly judgemental pink.

Thursday and Friday
doggy print thong
Since I have two pair and love wearing white and clean (by switching daily)
White print dog print thong. I love white but feel ashamed for being the only person I know wearing what is compared to tighty whities and being me amongst my peers who will laugh and judge me waiting for a group to make an open community who wears skimpy underwear.

Saturday I’m wearing nothing waiting to meet people who make me want to trust and share their underwear of the day

I love thongs and want to not feel alone.

Thank you to Kai for another submission to the share the goods series. You can join in on the Share the Good series by checking out this post.

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  1. Ioannis says:

    Very nice pieces!!! And…kai you are not i feel that we are friends and all of us share what is difficult to share in real life.

    • Kai says:

      Thanks man. We are friends. I’m always down to trade pix and chat freely and respectfully on any, each and all pair anytime.

  2. T says:

    An interesting selection that you have no need to be ashamed of. I’m not a fan of tie sides, but I can understand why some guys like them.

    • Kai says:

      Thanks for that. I became a side tie fan cause of Anime. Seem like the hardest to get a style and print that I would say no to but got more into since underwear for men all seems to be repetitive. Something different from than the norm I see on all websites and apps to search and purchase on.

  3. david_nc says:

    I like the white/dog print – such a fun design. thank you for sharing and do not feel ashamed. I’m a straight male and wear thongs daily as well – I don’t parade around in them but enjoy wearing them for me.

    • Kai says:

      Thanks for that. Even though you don’t parade in them/ whether in you comfort &or safe freedom. What keeps you from being even as open as I try to be in my social media : sort to say. I just try to find more of a community that doesn’t seem like bots and ads of the same pics and types of photos, that makes me feel it’s okay to expose.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Kai,
    I love your Sunday and Monday choices, I really like the nautical stripy thong and I’m a big fan of UM and TM thongs and G-strings, so you’re not alone there.
    Not so sure about the tie sided G string, but I do love the colour, I’ve been buying pink thongs recently too.
    I’m straight and enjoy wearing thongs almost all the time, I too really don’t have anyone to chat to about my undie obsession, although I do chat to a gay guy who occasionally waxes me, Ive been wearing thongs and G’s to my Crossfit gym, and no one has made any comments.
    Happy to chat with you if you’d like.

    • Kai says:

      Thanks, lol Idk what much to say about how to feel about you liking my choice. I don’t mind showing or looking at others. Chatting is mind always leads to see who would share and what conversation come up telling myself “f ‘it” either I get exposed, shamed and embarrassed for a life time or ignored and harassed like a sex slave made to be dominated (excuse my language) but idk how to get a media connection without getting blocked from here.

    • Kai says:

      Ah, so it is TM and UM brand, whenever I am free and alone to read over messages, I had the thoughts of it being a typo others ignore.

  5. OR-Tacoma says:

    Hi Kai,

    Thanks for sharing. What’s the specific UM G-string for Monday? I haven’t tried a narrow front g-string like that, and I would like to order one to try.

    Sorry it is hard to find people to talk to. Reach out if you like. My wife and I are both g-string and thong enthusiasts, but we do not know of anyone else like us. (There are plenty of nudists I am sure in the PNW, and nude resorts, but that’s not our thing.)

    • Kai says:

      The underwear for Monday is an Amazon Faringoto brand or store I took a liking to the first night I brought for an off day or weekend I knew I would lay around till the next work schedule. I like to have a clean all around shave when I can and felt that they look good for me to like to be free in all and any of my underwear I buy.

  6. DonS says:

    Interesting that all these “Share the Goods” articles show multiple brands and one or just a few of each brand’s version of what they think is a good style of thong. Is that personal choice or still looking for the perfect thong. The thinking that “the next one that gets tried might just be the best ever created”.

    It’s also occurred to me while writing this that we never hear about CoverMale or Mensuas anymore, yet a few years ago CoverMale was mentioned reasonably often here.

    “I wish I had someone to talk to but I feel people only seem weird or only gay.” Unfortunately, that’s a feeling commonly mentioned. I agree with you Kai that men just cannot seem to discuss underwear with other men for fear of being made out to be gay or getting unwelcome advances. I wonder if that’s reality though. Never having tried to discuss my underwear with other men, I’m just wondering. You probably could do so with quite a few men, but it only takes one immature one who makes crass comments about being gay or tries to make himself out as a mock gay. Although women can seem to discuss their underwear issues with other women, I have never considered it as a topic with any other woman except my partner. That’s for similar reasons as above, just making either side feel uncomfortable. That realisation is why it makes sense to have a forum like this one where we can talk about underwear issues without having any fear of being ridiculed.

    • T says:

      The only reason I stopped ordering from Mensuas was due to the high cost of import/customs taxes and postage. I have a number of Cover Male garments which are very similar to Daniel Alexander ones, but I prefer the DA because their sizing is slightly bigger.
      I don’t see what the big deal is about talking underwear with other guys, but I guess it depends on how you broach the subject. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I would do a pants(underpants)check on a workmate who always wore boring boxer shorts that popped out every time he bent over. He would ask me what colour my g-string was and it was all done in fun.Sometimes when he was off, the guy who replaced him would tell me what undies he was wearing without me even having to ask, so it was a fun thing without any sexual overtones.

      • Kai says:

        I don’t know how to be that close to be open close ones like it’s okay. My group of a circle is not that welcoming to me. It would seem fun to hang with a group like yours

    • Kai says:

      “Is that personal choice or still looking for the perfect thong. ”

      I would like to say both. Personal choice: mainly because how I was raised to feel okay in small underwear being the special different guy who is straight and my long story on why I like and never changed my reason and satisfaction of choice.

      As for looking for the perfect one: the fact that so many that are sold out or low in stock, whether I have brought one or more copy pairs or finding out who in the community has a liking to buy at a rate of never having enough in stock; who is like me and or why we all enjoy and hide but also be the group of people who shame others to cover up that we get judge negatively and harshly by family and friends.

      I didn’t wanna make this a long paragraphed discussion. I just wonder how to build that community to share like telegram or allmylinks and so on without having to do so much searching

      Idk if this site asks for emails or links that give access to communicate outside this site to share photos and DM as easy as Facebook with more of a discreet approach to communicating like this forum.

      • Kai says:

        Aww sorry I replied to the wrong message but when I am alone again I will reply to t’s last message as soon as I can

        • DonS says:

          That’s OK Kai. I can follow your replies by their timestamp.

          Nate the administrator might be able to move your posts so they reply to the correct parent post.

    • Kai says:

      Thanks for reaching out to me I am down to be apart of a get to know and I guest share what is a decently level uncomfortable, to a more opening up commuincation

  7. JR2 says:

    Great styles Kai, thank you for sharing ! I have some side tie styles and i have the same issues with tying the strings so the look nice and still fit nice .

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