Share the Goods: Greg’s Thong Collection

Share the Goods Greg's Thongs

This week is a “Share the Goods” series with submission from Greg. Greg knows what he likes and sticks with it. He has his main selection down to two brands and one style in each. Skinz and Prevail Sport are his preferred brands. He likes the Micro Thong from Prevail Sport. Then from Skinz, he goes with model M44. Surprisingly I have not tried Prevail Sports micro thong and Skinz in general is still on my brand to try list. Here’s what Greg has to say about his thongs.

Skniz M44 ThongPrevail Sport Micro Thong
The first set are Skinz brand—in green, white and red. I have set the middle one backwards to get a good look at the back strap. The second set of thongs are Prevail Sport– in yellow, technicolor, and black. I found Prevail Sport originally in a catalog, but now I order strictly online. Skinz I found online about a year ago. I wear thongs every day and night to sleep. I just like the way they feel so sexy. The only thing I would change about either brand would be making the back strap the same color as the pouch in the Prevail Sport thongs. All of their colored thongs have a black back strap. To date, the only other person to see me in a thong has been my masseuse, and she doesn’t bat an eye.

Thank you Greg for submitting your thongs to be featured in the “Share the Goods” series. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

2 Responses

  1. T says:

    Greg is obviously a guy who has found the styles that he likes and sticks with them. I prefer the skinz thongs mainly because of the bright colours and also I’m not so keen on the two colour Prevail. I’ve seen speedos with a double colour which can look cool especially if the rear is semi transparent,but for me it doesn’t work on those thongs.

  2. Greg says:

    You’re right, T, my only complaint about the Prevail Sport thongs is their two color style. The only way you can get a one color thong from them is to order either a black or white. Their white thongs come with a white tail. However, the fit and feel are perfect for me, and that’s what keeps me going back for more.

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