Share the Goods: A Small Sample from Kai

Share the Goods: A Sampling of Kai's collection

Kai sent in just a sampling of some of the thongs in his drawer. Take a quick look and read some of his thoughts on them.

Pink Flamingo Thong
Flamingo Thong
Lets see for the pink flamingo
I love them simply for the colors and the love for the freedom a bird as such can be so free, looking majestic in lakes from movies I’ve seen over time. Never seen one but would love to.

Dislike is there are not enough variety of prints for me.

MuscleMate Thong
White MuscleMate Thong
The white musclemate thong, I’m a huge fan for white color.
I think I need more, the dislike is for a guy like me and my judgemental crowd. I would get talked down for being a tighty whitey fan and they are thongs.

Spomei Striped Thong
Striped Thong
The striped thong, I’ve grown over the years to like all colors more when it comes to underwear. Of course I am disappointed there are not more colors with only white and gray. Kinda wish they would be more of a mix in stripes.

Malowinda Purple Leopard Thong
Purple Leopard Thong
As for the leopard print, I had just started getting into the sorta cheetah type print. I felt i would be looked at as a gigalo, when it comes to being okay letting a lady see me in them at some point in time, but grown to like the colors when I’m home alone in bed most of all.

I love they way they all fit, after accepting I have a hugh love for small underwear growing up liking briefs, once I seen there is smaller than bikini briefs for men, gave it tries off and on then sticking with thongs mainly everyday.

As far as dislikes, to all, is just the colors and variety seems limited to wear sometimes I wish I could have a batman thong with a pouch and much more to variety of what I can purchase discreetly online.

Thank you to Kia for showcasing a few of his thongs. You can join in on the Share the Good series by checking out this post.

2 Responses

  1. T says:

    Love the colour of the Malowinda leopard thong which got me thinking when animal print swimwear/underwear became popular?I’m guessing it might have been late 60’s or early 70’s because I remember an Uncle of mine wearing an animal print swim brief on the beach way back then.
    Rightly or wrongly, animal print underwear was associated with gigolo type guys often with long hair and porno moustaches, a stereotype often seen in movies of the time.
    The only animal print underwear I have are g-strings which might just be the ultimate style of the gigolo/lothario, but for the record can I state that I’ve NEVER had a moustache. Lol

  2. Mike says:

    I love the Musclemate thong, I don’t mind white myself, but have a heap of similar ice silk thongs in all colours, I like the sky blue the best. They look great with a cockring to push me out and are not too transparent, so I can wear them to the beach too.

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