Share the Goods: David_NC – A Growing Collection

Share the Goods: David_nc - a growing collection
I submitted a portion of my collection back in 2020, combining my favorite or vintage briefs, bikinis, and thongs. Nearly two years later I have focused on growing my thong collection. I now wear thongs at least 5 days a week, its fun to throw in a bikini every now and then. Many of us have settled on their favorite brands or styles while others may still be deciding what works best for them; therefore, I wanted to share my thoughts and how my collection has grown. Everyone must decide for themselves what works best for them, for me I like thongs with and without a waist band. I feel both can be comfortable and both look great.

CK thongFirst up is the Calvin Klein Y-back thong. One my first thongs was a 100% cotton CK thong and when I found these I had to order. I was fortunate to find the 3pack on sale which is a bonus. I think the Y-Back is a great look, minimal coverage and a sexy style. CK has already stopped selling these, so I am glad I didn’t waste time ordering. These are worn weekly, washed with all the other laundry and so far, have held up great. I hope to get years of wear out of them. I’m not one to wear red underwear often, but when I wear these, it gives me a little more confidence boost.

Ace and Indigo thongIn 2020 I was specifically looking for USA made underwear. I stumbled on the Ace & Indigo website and purchased the Brazilian and Sporty Bikini – liked them so much I had to buy their thong. These do not have a center seam, I think my only flat front thong, but they do not squish the goods. The material is incredibly soft, breathable, stretches, and is lightweight; like wearing nothing at all. These are in my pricey range, but an impressive thong and certainly worth buying.

Daniel Alexander DA780 thongThe Daniel Alexander DA780 was one of the first thongs I purchased based on Nate’s review. The sides are small, the pouch is narrow and one of my skimpiest thongs. However, they slip on very easily and there is minimal adjustment needed. The material does stretch to keep the goods in place. At first, I thought the orange was REALLY bright, but over time I have grown to like it as I wanted to lighten my thong collection since the bulk of my collection is dark solid colors.

Intymen sports thongThe Intymen Sport Mesh thong is another purchase based on Nate’s review and chatting with a fellow thonger on Instagram. I like the two-tone color, unfortunately these are being discontinued so I could only find them in black in my size (at the time I bought them other colors were available). You are slightly lifted in the front, soft material, but honestly the mesh takes some getting used to. They are breezy and my only mesh thong, and again I love the vintage two tone look.

Cocksox thongI was gifted two Cocksox thongs by a fellow thong buddy. I classify these as lift and present – I do not wear them often for that reason. I am a modest person and these can bring a bit more attention than I’m used to. The pouch is roomy and form fitting all at the same time. The material is soft and overall, a comfortable thong.

JM thongsThe JM thong as become one of my favorites and perfect for an everyday thong. I know this would be considered a “basic” thong by many, but to me it is simply a great thong. They slip on great, with little adjustment. They also get washed/dried with all the other laundry and have held up great. I will be buying more because I want these to last forever. I do wish they had more colors and added patterns. If anyone is thinking about getting into thongs, these would be a terrific purchase. They are affordable and JM has sales periodically to make them even more affordable.

Wood thongI mentioned these in my first share the goods. I’ve worn them off/on for 2 years, again another pair that has held up amazingly. I did think the tail was too wide, but after wearing them more the tail is actually a great size. Wood now has a few more patterns and a few that I specifically want to buy and am willing to pay the full $20 for, but it would be great to catch them on sale. If you have been on the fence about this brand, take the plunge and buy a pair.

Skinzwear thongLastly, I have always wanted a Skinzwear thong. I had been looking for a patriotic thong and this one was on sale, so I had to buy it. The quality of the thong and the material is top notch, however this one has their Bravura pouch. On someone else this is a great style, but on me not so much. It has been worn twice and not for long either time. I will buy Skinzwear again, but I am leaning more towards the M67 classic thong.

I have learned that I like my thongs to be supportive and I would like to add fun patterns to a semi boring drawer. I am still looking to add to my thong collection, so please suggest brands that you like.

I’d like to thank David_NC for his submission of his thong expansion to the share the good series. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear collection, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

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  1. Bill says:

    As a major thonger I reccommend Ergowear and Joe boxer thongs. They give great support and are comfortable as well as afffordable.

    • David_nc says:

      Thank you for the Ergowear recommendation, I have their bikinis and their thongs are on my wish list. I have some Joe Boxer from long ago, but I’ve realized I don’t love cotton thongs.

  2. T says:

    Hi David. Doesn’t seem that long ago that you were asking for advice on how to break it to your good lady wife that you liked thongs, and here you are now showing them off to the like minded followers of this blog(lol). Great to hear that you also have a fellow thong buddy who gifted you some of the ones featured.
    I do love the Daniel Alexander brand, as you know, and if it wasn’t for the custom taxes and high postal costs, I’d still be buying them. Hope more followers will be inspired to contribute to this ongoing feature as it helps give Nate some breathing space to come up with more topics.

    • David_nc says:

      Hey T, it’s been a while since we chatted. She has accepted that I wear thong underwear and it doesn’t bother her. She sees me dressing most morning and never a negative comment. I do like my Daniel Alexander’s but honestly my JMs are my favorites right now. I will soon be adding Jack Adams based on some recommendations from Instagram. Hope you got to take your Italian vacation this year

  3. DonS says:

    You haven’t mentioned any g-strings. Are you not a fan of them, or is this a fothcoming collection.

    • David_nc says:

      Dons I own 3 g-strings, I prefer thongs for the support they provide. G-strings are great but just not as supportive as I like.

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