Share the Goods: T’s Swim Collection

Share the Goods T's Swim Collection

I’ve received the first submission for the “Share the Goods” series. First up is T with some of his swimwear collection. Here’s the collection and what he says about it.

Swim Tangas BriefsA bit of a mixed bag. On the bottom left is a Kiniki tan through Tanga. Pretty skimpy all round and very comfortable. Again,like the thong,can’t vouch for its tan through properties. The bottom right is a Kiniki Amazon Tanga in black. Never really liked this due to the almost full back and uncomfortable pouch. Still as new as the day I bought it as I never wore it.

The top left is a multi coloured Tanga bought from a mail order catalogue. Think the manufacturer was called Mifi. Next to that is a very narrow Tanga, possibly from Kiniki. Very brief pouch and back. Top right is a stripey Tanga which I believe was marketed along with a female equivalent under the name sugar and spice,or something similar. Think it was my first tanga purchase and I remember wearing it on a very chilly Scottish beach.

Half Back Swim BriefsDaniel Alexander half back string swim bikinis. Purple and White. Probably my favourite swimwear.
Swim Tangas BriefsKiniki swim tangas. The two white ones have skimpy backs,but the pouches are very restrictive and squash your manhood. The other two are much more comfortable and I’ve worn both of them on crowded Sicilian beaches.
Andre Swim BriefsKiniki Andre swim briefs . Fit like a second skin and really accentuate the bulge, so not for the shy!
String Swim ThongsThe top left is a black swim thong by Hom. My first ever swim thong bought more years ago than I care to remember. Cost £15 which was a lot of money back then! Bottom left is a purple swim thong by Kiniki. Very sleek and comfortable. The thong on the right is from Kiniki’s tan through range. Can’t say if the tanning actually works,but the first time I wore it on a Sicilian beach I discovered the pouch became semi transparent when it got wet(lol).

Thank you to T for submitting his swimwear collection to be featured in the “Share the Goods” series. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the pair you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

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  1. T says:

    It’s hard to pick a favourite from your own collection,but much as I love the Daniel Alexander half back swim bikinis,as someone who is known for baring all(most of the time),I think I would have to pick one of the swim thongs. The Kiniki tan through would be near the top,but I think I would have to choose the black Hom thong because it was the first one I bought and I can still remember the fear and excitement I felt as I picked it off the shelf and made my way to the guy behind the cash desk hoping he wouldn’t see me blushing and make a derogatory comment.

    Hope some of you guys will take the time to send in your own favourites,and in doing so,will help to support Nate to continue producing this excellent and informative blog.

    • RJ says:

      Hello T
      Great selection of swimwear! Clearly, we have very similar taste in minimalist attire. My favourite of your displays was the Daniel Alexander tangas.

      • T says:

        Thanks RJ. Glad you liked them. It probably seems a bit odd that a guy who spends most of his vacations swimming and sunbathing in the nude should have any swimwear,but occasionally I do find myself on a busy beach with friends when it would be inappropriate to be naked or in a thong. Even so,the tangas I have worn at these times have still been briefer than the skimpy speedos that the Italian guys wear(and that’s saying something)lol.
        The Daniel Alexander tangas that are your favourites have been worn in recent years and they really are comfortable as well as being extremely skimpy. Even though I didn’t wear them this year on holiday,I still put one in my beach bag every time I went to the nudist zone and even showed them to a couple of guys when we got talking about speedos.
        Hope you will send Nate pics of your favourite swimwear/underwear too!

        • RJ says:

          Hi T
          Am with you re normal vacation beach attire, ie completely nude. However, when modesty may be required, rely on bikinis etc that fall into four main categories (from most modest to least):
          1. AussieBum tanga bikini (was a limited edition offering, apparently)
          2. Prevail Sport string bikini (multiple colour and patterns had)
          3. Skinzwear Stuffit rio half-back bikini (favourite style, and have over 20 different colours and patterns)
          4. Skinzwear micro g-string (also a favourite)

          Like Greg stated in his comment, I tend to stick primarily to Prevail Sport and Skinzwear for my bikini and g-string shopping. Have significantly pared back my collection to the four above, as I wasn’t impressed with the quality of other online providers.

  2. EJ says:

    Hey T- I voted for the bluish thong- big surprise seein as it’s closest to a g string

    • T says:

      So you voted for the thong that became see through when it got wet(lol). Funnily enough,I don’t remember the Kiniki tan through tanga becoming transparent in the sea,and I wore that more often than I did the thong!
      Look forward to seeing your own collection someday soon,and it doesn’t have to be just swimwear. I’m also planning lists and photos of fave g-strings,bikinis,jockstraps and unusual items, and possibly a bottom 10 of my worst purchases.

  3. Greg says:

    Thank you, T, for sharing some of your collection with us. The Hom and Kiniki thongs in the bottom photo were my favorites. I wanted to vote for all three, but Nate has it set up for just one, so I voted for the purple one. I have sent in two sets of three thongs for Nate to display, and he has replied that they will be shown shortly. There are only two companies that I shop from, so I represented three thongs from each (Prevail Sport and Skinz). I look forward to other readers sending in photos of their good stuff as well.

  4. EJ says:

    I have 1 g string swimsuit the M1R from Skinz fits perfect love the color no beach to wear it to- had it for over a year wore it 2-3 times so I remember I have it- on the flip side I have more ‘good stuff ‘ underwear than I know what to do with and since graduating from g string sunbathing to nude in mid July wear g strings less, but almost got rid of the g string tan line lol

    • RJ says:

      The perfect g-string! Wear around pool at my place all the time. Have also worn the style many times while on the beach in Cancun. Never had a problem, and have received a number of compliments from beach staff.

  5. EJ says:

    Yeah sometimes I’ll throw it on with a cutoff t shirt or tank top& lounge around watch tv ,they advertise ‘wearable all day ‘ there’s truth in that advertising lol very comfortable I’d love to show the ladies lmao

  6. EJ says:

    But seriously folks- I have Prevail Sport’s Capricorn, North Star & Adonis North Star thongs 1 of each I used to like em now I love em- always loved my goods in the pouch of those at first thought too much material for the tail (preferred g string tail- less invasive) musta grew into their thong tails even at my age- probably next good stuff purchase from them maybe after the holidays

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