Share the Goods: T’s Bikini Collection

Share the Goods Series: T's Bikini Collection

In this Share the Goods post, T has provided some insight into what he has in his drawer in the way of bikini underwear. Doesn’t sound like these get too much wear though.

Daniel Alexander Tangas (String Bikinis)Two see through mesh tangas by Daniel Alexander. Very light and soft material. The one on the right is the same skimpy cut as the purple and white half back swim tangas.
Undergear Kiniki BikinisTop left is a semi transparent camouflage bikini by a company called Undergear UK. The other three are all by Kiniki. The pink and orange briefs are made of polyester and are totally see through.The black is a half back tanga with lots of tiny holes making it semi transparent.
Kiniki bikinisAll by Kiniki. Bottom right is a black fishnet tanga  Very sexy, but the pouch tends to pinch your manhood after a while. Bottom left is the same as the black tanga from the previous pic,but in white. Top left is a see through mesh and the top right is a clingy,nylon bikini.
Kiniki Tangas (String Bikinis) and Undergear BikinisThe blue and black tangas on the left are by Kiniki. Made of a tri satin material. Narrow pouch and a half back. Could double as swimwear! Top right is a very tight fitting lycra tanga by Kiniki. Clips on both sides which tend to dig into your skin,similar to the thong. Bottom right is another brief by Undergear UK. Fastens on both sides with velcro strips making it very easy to remove. A favourite from many moons ago.
More Kiniki BikinisThe red and black tangas are by Kiniki and I think they were called Kelly. The black one is much briefer than the red,especially at the back,so great if you like to show some cheeks.
Top left is a skimpy nylon tanga by Kiniki,and the bottom left is another Kiniki brief. This one really hugs your butt and is very tight fitting.

Thank you T for your second submission to the “Share the Goods” series. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

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  1. Dan says:

    Great to see so many Kiniki bikinis and I recognise one or two from my own collection. I wish they would bring back some of the older styles form time to time.

    • T says:

      Hi Dan, I am curious to know which of my Kiniki bikinis you have in your own collection? Would be cool if you could submit some of yours for a future post!

      • Dan says:

        I’ve got the orange polyester see-through Kiniki bikini ((it was called the Mario see-through brief on their website). That’s when I was first getting into Kiniki so tried a few styles. The polyester isn’t the most comfortable of materials! But it’s still a fun bikini and a nice cut. I also have a similar (but not exact) black tanga but mine has a fuller seat. I also wear their Riviera a lot but I wouldn’t classify that as a bikini. Btw you’ve got a fabulous collection!

        • T says:

          Thanks Dan. You’re right about the material of the Mario see through brief not being the most comfortable,but it is definitely a fun bikini. If memory serves me correctly there was also a thong version of it,but I can’t remember if it had a different name. I must have bought dozens of Kiniki bikinis over the years,but once I got more into g-strings,they fell out of favour and most of them ended up in charity bags. I often wondered what the people who sort through these donations thought when they saw such risque items(lol).Hopefully,they might have been prompted to give them a whirl.

  2. T says:

    Nate is right when he says that my bikinis don’t get much wear. I suppose the main reason is because I am so used to wearing g-strings,that it can feel a bit strange having more coverage at the rear and there’s more chance of an annoying wedgie and VPL. Funnily enough,while going through my pretty extensive collection of undies for possible inclusion in future “Share The Goods” posts,I came across some long forgotten gems including brand new g-strings(unopened), as well as some bikinis,thongs,jockstraps and a few real oddities. The result of this was that several of the bikinis featured here were given a rare outing and also gave my neighbours something different to stare at on my washing line(lol).

    I wonder if any of the blog’s UK followers are old enough to remember mail order catalogues by companies like Grattan,Great Universal,Littlewoods and Freemans that always had several pages of male models posing in y-fronts and bikini briefs. Before I discovered Kiniki,these were the catalogues that I bought almost all of my bikinis from,and luckily for me, my mother and two sisters over the years were agents for said catalogues,and they never batted an eyelid when I presented them with yet another list of skimpies to order(lol).

  3. RJ says:

    Amazing collection, T! You may have single-handedly been keeping Kiniki in business! I’ve tried a few of their styles in the past, but don’t seem to have found the ones you’ve collected. Prefer the half-back and thin waist band seen on a number of your purchases, but never seem to see those when I go online to look. Will just have to keep looking.

  4. David says:

    Very nice collection. The blue camouflage look fun to wear

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