Bikinis vs Thongs

Bikinis vs Thongs

This isn’t going to be a battle of the best post between bikinis and thongs. In my opinion there really isn’t one better than the other. I know some of you are full fledged thong wearers (or g-string wears), others wear them occasionally. Some are like me and wear them about the same amounts. Both are really great options to wear.

Now when I talk bikinis it’s not the ones you see which appear to be close to 3″ sides that you can find at department stores. Even 2″ sides is pushing a bikini definition for me. I’d probably call them a sports brief. I’m looking in around the 1″ or less to at most 1 1 /2″ for a bikini style. That would be in the side range that typically you find thongs in too. So my thongs and bikinis sides are typically in the 1 1/2″ or less category. One inch or less is even better for me.

Then for frontal coverage both bikinis and thongs can be found in a variety of cuts. I like the moderate coverage ones the most, but variety as an option is always good. Full coverage is good if you’re not into grooming below the belt. If you want kept front and center then less frontal coverage is the way to go. Also I think they accentuate better.

Now the obvious difference between bikinis and thongs is the rear. That infamous narrow piece of scary rear fabric that makes a thong a thong differentiates the two styles. Of course there is a variety in width of the thong tail as with bikinis there is different amounts of rear coverage. It all comes down to what feels best on your rear. Could be the look you like on your rear too.

I like to switch things up with my underwear. Some times I don’t feel like a thong while other days I get a craving to slip one on. Having the variety of rear coverages gives me the option of many different sexiness feelings with my underwear. Both thongs and bikinis can make you forget the style you are wearing. Though I think ones that remind you in some way can make your day more enjoyable. Of course it has to be a comfortable reminder. For example 3/4 back cuts I find give the rear a bit of a hug. Then half backs can be similar or may turn into a wedgie feel. I find a bit of a wedgie can be more a sexy feeling than an annoyance. Guess that is why I’ve come to like some cheekie styles. Sort of a step between bikinis and thongs with some between the cheeks action with less fabric. Then with thongs you can find ones that you know you are wearing a thong no matter what. That can definitely perk up your step knowing your rocking a thong walking through the office or a shopping center. Other thongs may give a gentle reminder now and then. I find it fun to have these different ways to make a day interesting, give a confidence boost, or wear a pair that fits my mood for the day or maybe try to change the mood of the day.

So for me I can not pick a clear winner in a bikini versus thong battle. They bring different things to the table for me. At least in the rear end area they do. In the end I think at least some of one or the other should be in everyone’s drawer.

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  1. undies4life says:

    I agree that bikini briefs are best with smaller side straps. For me personally, the thong has worked its way slowly into my wardrobe. I feel a big surge of confidence when wearing either types of underwear.

  2. Bill says:

    I totally agree. I have a huge selection of both. Depending on what I’m feeling when I get out of the shower in the morning as to what I wear. But it’s probably 60% thong. I find them the most supportive in the gym. But I also like how a bikini hugs my rear cheeks. Either way my girl is happy with my undies. She’s been very supportive of me and she doesn’t understand why some guys have a hang up about wearing a bikini or thong. I tell her it’s their loss. As for all of us, enjoy!!!

  3. SM_Thongguy says:


    Great post. I feel you on the switch of undies. Definitely like and crave to thong somedays. Especially on the days I know I ‘can’t’ because I’m headed to gym after work and the locker room is going to be full.

    Other days I wear brief of boxer briefs. One of them bring the cheeky wedge feeling and its a good feeling. I guess the microfiber is the reason.

    Been thinking about getting a few cheecky thong/bikini online for a while now. Today’s post just convinced me.

    Thanks for that ?

    • T says:

      Hi SM. Have to admit to being saddened by your use of a four letter word in your post. That word being “can’t.” Part of the joys of being involved with TBD community is that we can encourage each other to be more confident about proclaiming to those around us that we are proud to wear undies that are “different” to the “norm” and not to feel ashamed for wearing a thong. I DO understand your reluctance to strip down to a thong in a crowded locker room,but you might just encourage a fellow gym goer to follow your example on his next visit. Give it a try!

  4. James says:

    I love both and enjoy wearing them it’s a bit of fun to know you are wearing them under your clothes and no one knows that u are

  5. Bikini Obsessed says:

    As much of a bikini fan that I am, some thongs and gstrings feel awesome to wear. I don’t think I could be a daily thong wearer though. I agree with BD about a 1′ or less sides for bikinis. Narrower side straps the better. To me that’s always been the truer definition of a bikini. It’s hard to find that classic high cut narrow side bikini. I could be wrong but that particular style is in danger of extinction (at least in dept stores) Also it seems like thongs are really being pushed for men judging by all the guys in thongs on my underwear Instagram page. I still think I like how a bikini hugs your butt. It’s a special feeling : ) If the thong is comfortable then that can feel good too. I have some cheeky briefs which are cool to wear but I think they look better from the front than the back. It seems like my butt looks better in full thong/gstring or full bikini covering.

  6. Funderwear says:

    I’m more of a bikini guy but I love both. I personally change underwear throughout the day and depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing determines what I wear. In general I wear bikinis under regular pants or jeans and thongs or strings under lounge wear or active wear.

  7. nameless says:

    I’m a bikini guy. I wear bikini briefs because it provide more coverage for the backside. I like wearing bikini briefs under my dress pants to hide my man parts when I’m at work.

  8. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi T

    I agree with you fully. Personally I am not on that level yet so hence the usage of the dreaded 4 letter word.

  9. JR says:

    I am a fan of both! I as well like the skinnier sides on my bikinis and thongs as well. Lately I been wearing more cheekier string bikinis .

  10. Adamas says:

    I used to exclusively wear trunks. My wife likes them much better on me than briefs/bikinis Then I started to wear briefs and now mostly bikinis with smaller side straps (even string sided). Bikinis are so comfy and work very well on my slender body frame.

    Gregg Homme (GH) is my new favorite underwear. I was heavily into Andrew Christian (AC). AC makes some cool underwear but they don’t have skimpy bikini styles like GH. And GH has some really cool, sexy fetish themed stuff.

    My favorite material is perforated stretch mesh, which is a very breathable and comfortable fabric. It’s also a very durable fabric. I also like microfiber and micro modal, all with some stretch.

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