Thongs and Bikinis for All

Thongs and Bikinis for All

I started this blog because of my passion for bikinis and thongs. They seem to be always on my mind. It’s hard to believe such a basic everyday thing like underwear can really drive you. It’s a shame so many of both sexes are missing out.

We know they aren’t popular with guys, but I notice a lot of females that wear fuller styles. Maybe they have skimpier ones, but why not always wear them. Do they rather show underwear lines of fuller styles over bikinis? I’m assuming they aren’t into thongs, since my noticing is based on visible underwear lines. Don’t sacrifice your underwear because you don’t want your skimpier styles showing through your clothes. Wear the ones that make you feel good, which in my opinion are bikinis and thongs.

There is just something about wearing a fun pair of sexy underwear that makes the start of one’s day so much better. Then realizing during the day you have them on can give you a bit of a smile and confidence boost. It’s not always about how they look on you; it is about how they feel on. I have pairs I don’t really like how they look, but I do love how they fit and feel on. Then there are the pairs I love how they look on me, but just aren’t comfortable for all day wear.

Underwear is first for yourself, so why aren’t we all having fun with it. We can be wild with it, since normally few people are going to see it. Doesn’t everyone want to feel sexy? My wife has gotten me to try to remember to match my underwear for the occasion. So for family trips to the zoo, I go for my animal prints. Holidays I aim for a color that goes along with it, since not many offer prints for them. One occasion a lot of ladies do pull out something special to wear is date night. For me it would probably be along the lines of a thong. You have to feel sexy with your special someone even if your kids are going to spoil a chance for a night cap. Those are a few ways to have added fun with your undies. Really why not go for the sexy feeling more often.

Undies bring so much more than your base layer. They can be a way to define your mood, change your mood, boost your confidence, feel sexy about yourself, just for having some fun, and much more. Ditch the oversized underwear and try the revealing bikinis and thongs. The right pairs are truly comfortable and bring more to the table than their excess fabric counterparts. We all deserve to wear bikinis and thongs no matter what.

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  1. bc says:

    Very well said, wear what makes you feel good.

  2. David says:

    I like to wear my minimals with my jeans. Several would rather go commando, but I would want my item covered and supported. I used to wear different colors, but have settled on black. Wear what makes you happy!

  3. Greg says:

    You are so right, Nate. I love the feel of wearing a thong as I go about my daily walks and visits to stores or restaurants. Even though I own plenty of thongs, I enjoy adding more to the collection. Right now I am anticipating the arrival of two more thongs from Skinz. They are due any day now, and I love the excitement of opening the bag to try them on.

  4. T says:

    Hi Nate. I hope I’m right in assuming that the hot selection of undies in the picture at the top of this post are from your own collection? If so,I would say it’s a classic example of how you should never judge a book by its cover. Let me explain…………
    If I was to walk past a washing line and see those undies hanging in a row,I would more than likely(and wrongly) assume that the wearer was a real exhibitionist and extrovert who loves to show off his gym toned body. Now with all due respect to you,Nate,we could never accuse you of being a raging extrovert who loves nothing more that parading around a packed locker room or beach with your butt cheeks exposed in a cheeky “Make America Great Again” thong!
    I use our dear friend as an example of how an outwardly shy and slightly reserved family man can have a burning passion for what society would label “strippers” underwear.
    In my case,I’m sure most of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis would be shocked if they knew that the mild mannered,gentle giant they say hello to, is wearing a Gregg Homme g-string underneath his trousers!(although some of them do)lol.
    As Nate says “we can be wild” with our underwear and it makes us feel sexy! So for anyone reading this who has yet to drop their boring,drab boxers,don’t delay any longer. Get yourself a butt revealing thong or whatever takes your fancy,and prepare to brighten up your life(and washing line)!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You would be right those are some pairs from many in my drawer. You’d be right that there would be some jaw dropping if people knew what was under my clothes. It’s probably the case for a majority of the guys wearing skimpy underwear. Many would be surprised to see me wearing a swim brief too. So far I haven’t ran into anyone I’ve known. I do wonder if I do if the person would say anything about it or just act normal and carry on a normal conversation as if I was wearing trunks.

      • eric says:

        love those thongs you have dang i can’t get my prevail sport med thong anymore.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          I’ve been missing prevail sport too. Was hoping someone would take them over, which at one point a message on their site made it sound like it might happen. Guess can still hope it happens. I did buy several pairs before they closed to have a bit of a stash of some of their underwear. Wishing I picked up a swimsuit lately from them too, since I’ve been itching to add a new suit to my drawer.

  5. DonS says:

    I quite agree with all you have written. I’d like to add another angle to this: that of cost. It’s not like boxers are so much cheaper compared to other styles if bought from the same supplier. For example, Kiniki boxers, g-strings and tangas are GBP 8-10 at half price, and Groovin Store items are around USD 17 for their items. So if comparing like-for like, there is really nothing to be saved by buying boxers. String bikinis and g-strings are just as cheap, plus offer the benefits you have mentioned.

    Having had a look at the suppliers photos, again the age-old question arises. Why boxer underwear has to cover so much skin when underpants are items to be worn under other clothing.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I think the ones wearing the full styles are not buying them in singles or at least a good portion are not. They buy the multi-packs that probably cost $15 to $20 for 3 to 5 pairs or maybe more pairs. Guess I haven’t paid much attention to what you can buy in a local store very often. Only now and then look to see if any bikinis or thongs are available. You are correct in that if you are buying them from brands like Kiniki then there isn’t much of a price different between styles. I couldn’t even wear boxers for a half day when I tried a pair in my early teens. Don’t recall wearing them very long at all. Was probably more interested in trying the skimpier styles at the time.

  6. Jr2 says:

    I totally agree, switching to bikinis and thongs was a great change. From picking out which pair to wear to wearing them throughout day certainly adds some excitement to my day. I have a couple pairs a boxer briefs , but they seem to stay at bottom of the drawer. I think if more people tried them they too would wonder why they didn’t make the change sooner. Plus shopping for bikinis and thongs are certainly more exciting to.

  7. David_nc says:

    You have very nice collection on display there. I’m still glad to say that my thongs are part of my daily wear. I agree with you that my underwear is for me (and my wife) not necessarily how they look on me but how they make me feel. In the hot summer it is much cooler with less material and I will say a little naughty knowing I’m wearing something outside society’s norm. My wife wears full cut panties, yes my underwear is skimpier than hers. I’ve mentioned buying her some thongs but she wants to lose a little of post pregnancy weight first. So hopefully she’ll be wearing them with me before too long and if she chooses not to, oh well I’ll still be in mine.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks, there are more in the drawer. Glad to hear the thongs are back to part of your daily wear. Hopefully the wife will join in occasionally soon or at least head towards bikini/string bikini styles.

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