Women Have it Figured Out: Bikinis, Thongs, Leggings

Women have it figured out: bikinis, thongs, & leggings

I think women have it figured out, they know what is comfortable and makes them feel sexy. Really women can get away with wearing such a variety of clothing types. Even men’s clothing and no one thinks much about it most of the time. Not so much for us guys.

I would say in general our clothing options are pretty limited. Just check out the size of the men’s department compared to the women’s department in a store. I’d say there is even a bigger difference in the underwear and swimwear sections. Then we don’t even have an option really for leggings other than maybe a couple for working out if lucky.

So why do I think women have it figured out with bikinis, thongs, and leggings? Because I tried them! I know what it feels like to wear them. Why did I do it? One, because I liked the look of them on women. Two, I wondered why they liked to wear them. Three, because I could. Let’s look at bikinis and thongs as underwear, then swimwear, and leggings to finish it up.

Bikini and Thong Underwear

There was a day when we could find men’s bikini and thong underwear in a brick and mortar store. There was more selection of bikinis than thongs, but we at least had a selection. Fast forward to today and you’ll be lucky to find a bikini cut. If you do it most likely will be one that doesn’t have much less in coverage than a brief. Walmart use to carry one brand of string bikinis in stores, but they seem to now just reserve it as an online option. At least I haven’t come across them locally in a long time. Women have every style available in store for their underwear choice. We are limited to boxers, boxer briefs, and regular briefs.

Luckily when I started they were available in a local store. I started off with the string bikini cut. I found out instantly why women like to wear bikinis. They’re comfortable and feel great on. Yes, they are on the sexy side. Isn’t that a good thing. Why shouldn’t one feel sexy. I liked that there wasn’t any elastic wrapped around my thigh. Then the goods are well supported and held in a smaller area.

We’ll, I couldn’t just stop at bikinis, I had to know about the so called underwear named butt floss. Why would women want to wear them. They couldn’t be comfortable or could they? I supposed women could be desperate for no underwear lines and wear something uncomfortable. My brain thought otherwise. It was college when I ordered my first thong. Yes, it was a bit of a different feel when I first pulled one on, but I really liked the look. It is true not all thongs are comfortable. Many are though and really make one feel sexy. Then they offer great support and awesome choice for warm weather, No, women don’t wear them for just no underwear lines. They wear them because thongs are comfortable.

Bikini and Thong Swimwear

I’ve never come across a bikini or thong swimsuit for guys in a store. Swim briefs at a sports store is about it for something close to them. Ok, maybe thong swimwear for women isn’t widely available in a lot of store. They’ll be a lot easier to find than men’s for sure. Swim thongs for women are definitely more acceptable in people’s eyes than for men to wear. They’re still a bit taboo, but cheeky swimwear seems to be in at least.

Since thongs aren’t wide spread let’s stick with the bikini cut. They are pretty widely worn by women in available in pretty much any store selling swimwear. Not so much for us poor guys. It’s ashamed that we’re not suppose to wear little swimsuits.

Of course, I had to test out wearing some form fitting swimwear. First time was a swim brief, but I gradually got smaller to more of a conservative bikini cut at public beaches with decent amount of people. It’s so much better than swim trunks. It feels freeing, which is probably more about breaking away from the norm and wearing what I want. There is freedom of movement in and out of the water. In my opinion they are much more comfortable over trunks in and out of the water. They’re cooler to wear and look better. I feel good in them, which along with comfort is most important.


The leggings guys can buy most likely at sports stores are typically something like running tights or bicycle tights. I don’t recall them being referred to as leggings, but I haven’t exactly checked in a long while. Some called men’s leggings meggings, which I don’t particularly like. Can’t they just be called the same for both sexes.

Leggings are out there in abundance for women. Again you can find them available in pretty much any store. Lots of different options in colors, prints, fabric blends, styles, etc. They wear them to dress up and dress down. I see lots of reviews from women that they’d love to live in them 24/7 if they could. That sounds like it equals comfort. Really they probably could pull off always wearing them.

Surprise! I had to try them, since I liked how they looked on women. Also it hit me that I’ve been technically wearing a form of leggings with my bike tights. So why not experiment with other versions. I started out with ones that are more of an exercise material for riding the spin bike, since I didn’t need padded bike ones for it. Then I thought why can’t I wear these hiking, so I did.

After that I really wanted to try something along the lines that women wore as leggings. Wasn’t as easy as a tasked as I hoped for a similar pair at a reasonably priced. So I said screw it and ended up buying a two pack of women’s off Amazon. Pretty much the same construction as the other ones I had, but a higher waist. Well, they turned me into a bit of a leggings monster or maybe more than a bit. They were/are super comfortable! No wonder women wear them all the time.

I don’t want to follow some of the other things women wear like high heel shoes (my wife doesn’t do them), but bikinis, thongs, and leggings appealed to me. Maybe I’m wired differently than a lot of guys. It is the way they fit women and me liking them in them that drove my interest. I’ve learned there is more to them than the sex appeal. First and foremost they are comfortable to wear. I feel good in them and they make me feel sexy. Aren’t guys allowed to feel sexy too?

So women aren’t exactly wearing bikinis, thongs, and leggings to appeal to men. I’m sure at times that is their goal, but generally it is probably not their main reason. Most of the time I would think they are wearing them because they are comfortable. Most people aren’t going to wear something uncomfortable unless they know it won’t be staying on long. If you haven’t given bikinis, thongs, and/or leggings a try, go give them a whirl. Women do have it figured out.

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  1. John says:

    We guys brought this situation upon ourselves. Silly school playground remarks that men make if a guy dares to wear a swimsuit that doesn’t involve carrying a gallon of water with you when you swim, or shorts that don’t cover the kneecaps, are a major deterrent to wearing briefer clothing.

  2. Dan says:

    For many years now I’ve worn bikinis, thongs and leggings. I love the look on my tan, fit body. I visit a nudist resort so I do not have any tan lines. When I wear a bikini to the beach I refuse to feel uncomfortable. Some people like the look others do not. That’s their issue not mine. In cooler weather I wear leggings on my daily walks. They fit nicely. The leggings have a low rise just inches above my penis. I’m shirtless when I walk. Yes there is a large bulge in front. No I’m not concerned about what people think. Someday men who wear bikinis, thongs and leggings will be accepted.

  3. Richard says:

    As you lament, finding thongs in retail stores may be nearly impossible these days, especially for swimwear. There was a time when it was different, at least in South Florida. Burdines, now Macy’s, had thong swimwear prominently displayed around 1990. I remember a couple walking past them on a main aisle. The man stopped to look at them and the wife was very dismissive. If memory serves me, I bought a couple thongs there. for wearing on South Beach and Fort Lauderdale beach.

  4. DonS says:

    Just one point to clarify for first-timers here, the regulars will know what is meant. In the third para where it says “Because I tried them” means tried the men’s version of these items, not the women’s version.

    I’d say that’s how the string bikini underwear started for me. It was seeing similar aged girls wearing them and how good they looked, and that they were no doubt wearing them for the sexiness, but also for comfort with less fabric than other styles, especially in humid summers at non air-conditioned schools. So I thought why not me also. It just went from there over the years.

    There are plenty of men’s underwear available via internet shopping, so I’d say the days of purchasing from a store are over. I notice that some of the women who make the men’s underwear have a great range for men, but their women’s range is very minimal. Have a look at UK based Jovanadesign’s three women’s g-strings (same design, just differing in front panel size), and US based SWIC’s women’s range is similarly lacking. They’d rather focus on men’s underwear, there’s more challenge. UK based Kiniki offers women’s swimwear, but won’t move into women’s underwear (ever, judging by their response to me).

  5. Yarborough says:

    Thanks for writing on The Bottom Drawer. I too love wearing swim briefs, leggings and thongs. Most people would wear these items, but they are not going to do it in public. I believe times will change. I Am seeing a lot more ads on Face Book advertising mens leggings , thongs and swim briefs. I think by doing this , it will help change people’s minds on what they could wear and be comfortable in what they choose to wear. I have be wearing these items for a long time (my teenage years). Keep writing on this project. We need to get more people involved. Thanks Tommy.

  6. T says:

    How often do you hear of women returning the underwear that their husbands/boyfriends have bought them, especially on special days like Christmas, birthdays and Valentine. Most are probably due to being the wrong size, but I suspect many a thong or other skimpy piece of lingerie is returned because they’re not practical for everyday wear or just downright uncomfortable.Women tend to know what they want and what suits them and what doesn’t. Men, on the other hand, tend not to give their underwear/swimwear much thought and probably rely on their other half to buy their more intimate garments. I don’t imagine there are many men who bother returning the underwear that they receive on the days I mentioned and feel obliged to wear them to please the purchaser.
    Hard to see a return to the days when men’s skimpy undies and swimwear were readily available in high street stores, but at least we have plenty of choice online and proves that there are still sufficient numbers of men who are not content to settle for the limited styles in the local shops.

  7. Dave says:

    Fully agree with article and the comments. We as males doing this to ourselfs, making fun of something different leads to not have enough courage to try anything new in the future. But with wider acceptance of gender neutrality and breaking it`s borders it will change. I think that a little shift from the past standards is already there. The biggest problem what I see is complete lack of visibility of these garments when you are not actively searching for them. Big brands are afraid to come with something new except the fashion shows. Smaller brands are not visible enough. It`s just couple of years that leggings on women was consider as a fashion faux pas when it`s visible because it was basically underwear. And now? Leggings everywhere. Women had enough courage to wear them against the fashion rules and set up the new standard. Why as men we are so affraid to do the same? I have no clue, but if we continue this way no other options left for us. Standard opinion on male fashion is to not to be too feminine. But too skinny clothes are considered feminine, also too baggy is feminine, too revealing is also feminine as too much covering. Colors are also reserved for women, shiny materials, see thru materials and so on. With that you end up with blue regular jeans and black cotton tshirt which is only acceptable by majority. Personally I have no idea how to change that, but with lof of influence it could happen quite fast as with mentioned womens leggings. So maybe social networks? Influencers? Podcast? What is your opinion?


  8. Yarborough says:

    I am not going to use the three letter word, let’s just say different. I am not different, I just like wearing leggings and speedos. When wearing these items a lot person say you are different. As I get older I feel more comfortable wearing these items. I like how they feel. I hope stores will start putting these items in stores, I don’t like shopping on line. Thank everyone for interest in mens wants and change by giving us choices in what we want to wear. Tommy .

    • Samuel says:

      Women can’t have the fun all the time. I have been wearing women leggings for about 3 years now. I go to my local thrift store to the women’s department and go though the leggings and tights. You can pick them up on the cheap. Danskin are the best in the fitting my waste. Now while you are at thrift store look at the womens swimming bikini bottoms. You can find bottoms for about $5.00 to $7.00 and they fit like you had worn them for years. Its a very slow up hill with us men wearing thongs, bikini bottoms, bathers, G stings and leggings/ tights here in the USA. As I get older I do find that wearing leggings in public is getting easier. Thongs are most with leggings. I also remember buying my first sting bikinis at the only at Kmart stores. Like I said women can’t have all the fun.

  9. Jason says:

    Last weekend I went to the local Wal Mart and, just as you said, the women’s underwear section had thongs, bikinis, string bikinis, g-strings, every style you can think of, but in the men’s underwear section, there’s only two choices- Boxers or Y-front briefs. I’m old enough to remember the days when the men’s underwear section at the local department stores had not only boxers and Y-fronts, but bikini, string bikinis, and thongs with more than one brand to choose from. Now you can only buy non-conventional men’s underwear online, or at adult stores, where the selection is very small and VERY expensive!

  10. Yarborough says:

    I remember years ago, sometime in the 70s, a upscale mens store sold mens panty hose. I brought pair to see how I liked them. I liked them and wore them a lot. My wife didn’t think they were appropriate for me to wear them, so I put that notion of wearing leggings out of my mine. I do wear leggings around the house and outside when walking at home. I too try to find women’s swim briefs in stores, since you can’t buy these styles in men’s stores. I like my Speedos. They are more popular in sporting goods stores. I too like these items and wish more people would except this kind of practice in men wearing this type of clothing.

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