Bikinis and Thongs with Waistbands or Without

Bikinis and Thongs with waistband or without

Some of you probably already know my answer to the title of my post for me. I for one do not like bikinis and thongs with the waistbands (you know the elastic only ones). I especially dislike ones blaring the brand name on them. Now I have bought ones with the waistbands, but they have to meet certain criterion. First something with them must have grabbed my attention if I’m considering them. They’d most likely have no branding or it has to be pretty subtle. Then they need to be at least under 3/4″ or maybe even 1/2″ or under.

So why am I not a fan of them? For me I find the bikinis and thongs that do not feature the waistband look better. I feel they are more sleek and accentuate the body better. You typically get the fabric look all the way around not just the pouch and rear, which I feel is aesthetically better looking. Waistbands make me think of briefs and I’m obviously not a fan of them. I find there is more squeeze around the waist than I want especially when the waistband is wide.

I did start out my bikini journey with pairs with waistbands. That is what I found locally and they did get me hooked on them. My first pair or package of pairs had a fairly wide waistband, which is when I decided I liked narrow ones. Shortly after the first I went back and got I believe the Hanes string bikini brand with over half the width waistband of the first. I’m pretty sure my favorite brand from the local store was called Brut. They had plain white waistbands and I found them very comfortable. If they were still available I could still see me pulling them out of the drawer.

So I’m not totally against the elastic only waistbands. I’m just very picky with those styles. Right now I can only think of one pair in my drawer with a waistband that I wear regularly. The other ones will probably be purged once I get around to that task. Do you prefer one over the other or do you have a mixture of both? Do you like the bold branding or not?

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  1. T says:

    Thick waistbands haven’t been an issue for me since I switched almost exclusively to wearing g-strings,but in my thong and bikini wearing days I definitely preferred narrow waistbands. I disliked the thicker style because they tended to leave a large imprint right round my body after I took them off. Nowadays my rule of thumb is the narrower the waistband,the sexier it looks, which probably explains my liking for g-strings.
    Also felt the same way about jockstraps Didn’t like the ones with large waistbands and thick under straps as they were too noticeable under trousers and shorts.

  2. DonS says:

    I prefer a narrow waistband as that goes with my “minimal fabric is better” policy. The broader waistbands could be a bit tight at times, and poorer ones could fold over, which just made the issue worse. So elastic only bands are OK for me, as long as they are narrow.

    I avoid anything with names on the bands. Even some women’s brands here have printing on the waistbands; I think that looks tacky.

  3. John says:

    I prefer a narrower waist band as well. About 1” max. Anything larger and it looks out of scale and fits too tightly. I don’t tend to go for the styles with no waistband though. I find they don’t have the strength to stay in place well enough.

  4. Greg says:

    I don’t care for the brand name showing, and I prefer the narrow waistband over the wide.

  5. RJ says:

    Seems like a consensus is building. Prefer the narrow sides as well, particularly if as a string. Don’t like the tight feel that the wide waist band creates, nor the mark around the middle that it also seems to leave.

  6. EJ says:

    It’s no secret I’m into minimal coverage- including the waistband thinner the better- I can live with a small label on the pouch or on a thin waistband.It looks out of proportion to have a thong or a string bikini with those bigger waistbands and T brought up how the bigger ones leave impressions on the hips.Thinner=comfort

  7. Mike says:

    I prefer thongs without the band however, I’ve found that thongs with waistbands are better suited for wearing under leggings for running and workouts. The obvious reason being that they don’t move or chafe. But like the rest of you, the band can’t be more than an inch wide though. Clever and Ergowear make these well but they can be a bit pricy. There’s cheaper models on Amazon (Muscle Mate) that are actually decent and hold up well. Hope this helps!

  8. DrMarkin says:

    I prefer no waistband. I wear g-strings almost exclusively, but have tried wearing a c-string (no side straps or bands) a few times. The c-strings are tricky to keep on, though. I have also tried pouches and those have to be the absolute smallest ever!

    • T says:

      Hi Doc. I think it was Black Stallion who posted a great tip on how to keep a c-string on. If you put a c*** ring over your balls and then put the c-string through the c*** ring it should stay on. I tried it and it worked perfectly.Let us know how you get on.

  9. Kally says:

    Narrow for me.

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