Married Str8 Trio – Our Wives and Our Underwear

Married Str8 Trio Our Wives and Our Underwear

Married Str8 Trio is back with a little conversation on our underwear experience with our wives.

When did your wife discover you wore skimpy underwear? From the beginning or did you make the switch at some point in your relationship?

The Bottom Drawer: I had already been wearing bikinis and thongs for over 10 years before I met my wife, so I had no other options in my drawer. They were and still are of course ‘normal’ underwear for me. So my wife was introduced to the skimpy underwear from the get go. I don’t recall if the first reveal was a thong or a bikini though. Either way it was way skimpier than the norm.

Blkmlthng: It was probably 6 months or just shy of a year of being married that she discovered that I preferred skimpy styles of men’s underwear. Before I met my wife, I had been wearing men’s thongs, string bikinis and bikini briefs off and on since my college days in 2000/2001 but would wear boxer briefs mostly to confirm to what I thought was appropriate and what women wanted their man to wear. Nowadays my thongs, g-strings, string bikinis and bikini briefs greatly outweigh my boxer briefs. I’m in a very fortunate situation in that my wife enjoys me wearing thongs, g-strings and string bikinis for men. When we first got married I surprised her one night by wearing a gstring and she loved it! Though not the only type of underwear I wear, I do wear men’s thongs, gstrings, bikini briefs and string bikinis often as daily underwear. We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and took a trip. Her request was for me to wear nothing but thongs or gstrings which I was happy to comply and packed nothing but these underwear for the trip! While out to dinner she talked about how she never thought she would marry a guy who would enjoy wearing such underwear and that I exude so much confidence in them! Having a wife who enjoys seeing you in such underwear is just icing on the cake!

Ron: I think it was a surprise to my wife that I wore skimpy underwear and swimwear when we first met as I’m a lot older. I’ve always worn it pre-days of my first wife so wasn’t about to change. While my wife now, doesn’t like my skimpy styles she accepts them though I still order the occasional trunk style for her benefit.

What was her initial reaction? Has her view of them changed over time?

Blkmlthng: Her first reaction was very positive. She really made me feel good about myself and it was an added bonus that she found my underwear sexy and appealing to her. She still enjoys seeing me in my undies the other day I was changing my clothes from work as I was pulling my pants down she said to me, “oh let me see (referring to my underwear) those are cute I like you in those!” I was wearing a coral color Cocksox string bikini brief.

Ron: When we first moved in together we were still in the ‘getting to know each other ‘ phase and she accepted them without any hint of her true feelings though as time went on she stated her true dislike. However now she’s accepted that I’m not going to change and leaves me to wear them but with the odd derogatory comment.

The Bottom Drawer: I don’t remember my wife’s initial reaction to the first time finding out I wore bikinis and thongs. I know it wasn’t a negative one. So far her view of them hasn’t changed. She has always been interested in what I’ve got on. Has to check the rear to see if it is a bikini or thong. I do remember when I brought up my interest in swim briefs/bikinis, she had to have me model some for her.

Were you surprised with her reaction?

The Bottom Drawer: I wasn’t really surprised with the reaction I got from the underwear, since it isn’t anything I’m really putting on display for everyone. Plus my previous relationship was positive towards my underwear choice. Probably say I was more surprised with the support of wearing a bikini swimsuit if I so wanted. At the time I brought that up to her, my most conservative swim brief was a Speedo Solar.

Ron: To be honest I was initially pleasantly surprised -at last someone close to me who supported me in my choice of underwear and swimwear. As time went on it turned out she was no different in her dislike of the tiny garments but as I’ve said she now tolerates.

Blkmlthng: I was surprised at her reaction. She was the first women who saw my true choice of underwear. All the women of my past just saw me in either boxers or boxer briefs aka my safe underwear lol. Once she gave me her positive response to my true choice of underwear it helped me to continue to wear what I truly enjoy. She always says it was my confidence in wearing a men’s thong or g-string that impressed her as she never thought she would date let alone marry a guy who wear such sexy men’s underwear.

Does your wife ever purchase or gift underwear to you?

Blkmlthng: She has in the past. After I surprised her by wearing a black g-string male tuxedo outfit one night, she purchased me a leopard male power g-string. Recently I made a purchase to Gregg Homme and they sent a catalog of their new items. She went through the catalog and picked out some things she would like to see me in. I’m sure I will be getting a package in the mail at some point!

The Bottom Drawer: She has before, but not very often. I think part of that is due to me being the one that normally gets the mail and packages. Hard for her to buy them for a gift or a surprise. She’d have to send them somewhere else to do that and guess figures I’d prefer not to have relatives know my underwear preference if they checked out the company.

That’s a wrap on this one. If you have any ideas for topics you’d like us to discuss, feel free to send them to me and I’ll see if I can come up with something. How’s your underwear experience been with your significant other?

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  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    I must say I like this quarterly Thong lifestyle blog post hehe, Being single and new to thong wearing. My thoughts is always that of ‘What would a love interest say, or worse will my future wife think?’

    Being as it may, I love thongs on both male and women as it is just sexy with added freedom and comfort. @Blkmlthong, out of the lot I would want a wife as enthusiastic and “into it” as yours. Who communicates her liking and also asks you ‘let me see’. I hope you show her much the same when it comes to her underwear and lingerie choices. One thing that sticks with me is the confidence factor. Reading this, makes me believe that regardless of love interests or potential back lash as long as I am confident in my thongs, someone will be attracted to me in one or even compromise their own inhibitions.

    This true for Ron as well. He had known himself, and is so secure in his underwear choice that even with his wife’s dislike- she accepts him for who he is.

    Then on the other end, BD you have a supporting wife which is ideal. Yet you are more a ‘choice wearer’ and ‘it is for me’ kind of guy. Which is evident in your choice as to when you go skimpy in public. To me shows respect but also you are very conscious of the environment- and I think here is where we share a common view point.

    At home though, I would want Blkmlthong’s support and cheerleader!!!!

    These three different perspectives and realities are so crucial to all thongs wearers, couples and those new to thongs, strings, bikini’s. So thank you gents for sharing your experience and providing discussion points for others.

    Looking forward to next quarter hahaha.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I wish we were doing quarterly Married Str8 Trios, but more like twice a year this year. Will keep trying to come up with topics for us to do. You did a great round up of us. Thanks for your positive feedback on the post.

      • SM_Thongguy says:

        We must always commend your efforts and also for you guys providing insight.

        No pressure, just do it as it come naturally.

  2. Dr. Markin says:

    My wife actually bought my first skimpy swimsuit when we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. It was a very small Italian cut bikini with narrow sides and a half back. I reluctantly wore it to the beach and was surprised at how comfortable it was. She then started ordering me thongs & g-stringsexclusively. I ordered a few bikinis myself to wear at the beaches where thongs and g-strings weren’t appropriate.

    I’ve stated in a previous post that I’ve got one friend (coworker) who started wearing thongs & g-strings.

    The skimpiest my wife bought was a drawstring pouch with no sides or back. I wore it several times, but I always have the feeling it is about to come off, so it’s not comfortable. Another I have issue with is a “one-sided” thong that has only one side strap. I wear it on occasion, but don’t like the fact I have to worry about it working it’s way down.

    I wear white scrubs a lot and have recently started wearing boxers under them as i discovered recently that the nurses I work with have been taking bets on what color thong or g-string I will be wearing when I come to work each day.

  3. T says:

    Such a shame you felt it necessary to ditch your sexy thongs and g-strings for boring boxers at work just because the nurses were having some lighthearted fun at your expense.Now they will think you were ashamed of your underwear choice.

  4. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I love this thread you’ve got going here BD…it’s nice to hear how it is for married guys that wear men’s bikinis and thongs. I hope to marry a woman that has similar qualities; aka a woman that likes seeing me in sexy bikinis and thongs. My ex girlfriend knew that I liked wearing bikini briefs and was very accepting of it, but sadly we are not together anymore. Sometimes I worry that I missed ‘the one’!!?? However I am still holding out for hope that I’ll meet a girl that likes ‘my fashion sense’ ; ) I do admit to conforming to boxer briefs at times though like Blkmlthng did before he was married.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks! I’d recommend allowing the next girlfriend see your bikini and/or thong preference from the get go and not conform to the norm. The right one should be accepting of your underwear choice. You should get rid of the boxer briefs, so you can’t confirm.

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Such great insights from the married arena. And so amazing that you have found women who not only like you in sexy underwear but also buys for you.

    Dr M you are a lucky man. I do agree with you on the pouch and one sided thongs. If comfort is being challenged, then it’s not worth it. At the end of the day we all like the sex appeal and sexy feeling but we choose bikini, thongs and strings based on comfort and freedom feeling as main benefits.

  6. DonS says:

    I had one girl friend who claimed of my cotton string bikini that “there’s not much to your jocks”. This was a late 1980’s style string bikini. It was actually briefer than her style at the time (bikini briefs). However, she said this in a positive way and accepted that this was my choice of underwear, which was also very common with younger men at that time. I think she may have tried string bikinis before I met her, but had rejected them for some reason (maybe religious). Anyway, she had no issue with what I wore. The only thing she stated was that I would buy what I wanted, and she’d buy what she preferred – in other words, she did not want me buying any supposedly sexy, but probably uncomfortable, styles for her.

    The current one has no problem with what I wear now. She is a slim woman herself and is quite happy in string bikinis. Never seen her in a thong or G-string though. But then I wear my G-strings for comfort, not to be sexy.

  7. Tacoronte says:

    Suggestion of next topic for Married Str8 Trio:
    Why a girl can wear a thong since she was 14 years old without family problems and a boy would have to give many explanations for doing the same

  8. Dan Par says:

    I started wearing bikini swimwear in my early 20s. I liked the look and continue wearing both bikini and thong swimwear and underwear. When my wife found out she was not pleased. My wife never got into the look on me. Thus, I go to the beach alone so I can enjoy wearing bikinis and thongs. I will never stop. The look is so cool ?.

  9. Bill says:

    My wife loves me in bikinis or thongs. She has bought them for me as gifts. When I first met her I was wearing boxers all the time. But I began to have a lot of pain in my testicles. The pain and discomfort was unbearable no matter what I was doing. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I went to the doctor. After she examined me she left the room for a minute and came back holding a thong. She had me to put it on to see if the pain went away and it did. She told me if I continued to wear boxers I’d have to wear a thong underneath them for the pain or else I could risk losing my testicles. She had treated other guys before and kept some thongs in her office for her patients that needed them. So I bought a whole collection of bikinis and thongs and my future wife fell in love with them from the start. Guys at the gym will ask me about wearing thongs and I explain to them why and have converted several of them to wearing thongs and bikinis. I’m so glad I found this page to share my experiences with me undies. Thanks!!!!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Bill, Thanks for sharing how you got into thongs and bikinis. Always good to hear of a supportive wife too.

    • T says:

      Wow! Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a doctor who keeps a collection of thongs in her office specifically for guys with problems with their testicles. Obviously it cured Bill’s condition, and set him off on a journey of discovery into the world of skimpy thongs and bikinis,but I can’t help thinking that maybe the doc had a little kink about guys in thongs,or maybe she was also a part time agent for a sexy underwear company and this was a lucrative side line. At least Bill had no reason to feel shy about wearing a thong to future consultations at the doctor’s surgery(lol).

  10. DanPar says:

    Interesting ? thong story. My cousin is a urologist. I don’t believe he keeps thongs at the office but who knows…

    Married or not I believe we as men and women have a right to wear (or not) thongs and bikinis as we see fit. Some woman are conflicted ? about what men should wear as underwear and swimwear. For me the choice is ours to make.

  11. Jason says:

    I have been married twice and dated 5 other women, and none of them saw my choice of underwear as a “deal-breaker”

    In fact, some of them commented that it showed them that I was confident and secure in myself to wear bikinis and thongs, even though I always have been a large-framed man. Women admire men that are confident and secure in themselves.

  12. Jason says:

    Women don’t care about what men think of the panties they wear, and why should we? I wonder what the deal is with women’s hang-ups concerning the underwear that their men wear? I often wonder why men in Western culture give women so much power and control over their lives?

  13. Jason says:

    If my woman surprised me with the gift of a thong, or a bikini for me to wear for her delight and pleasure, it would make my day! I have only had one woman present me with a thong, it was a novelty thong that she purchased at an adult toy & video store. It had tear-away sides.

  14. Aberman says:

    When I was married to my lovely wife she liked my skimpy underwear when we first got together . We didn’t really talk about it but she accepted it as a “ harmless thing “ . Sadly she passed away . Now I have a very pretty girlfriend who wears thongs for me but doesn’t like me in them …. She likes me in hipsters … I go along with that because that’s what she finds sexy …. So my thongs and bikinis are for my solo beach visits and my everyday underwear has moved towards tangas …..

  15. Kai says:

    “While out to dinner she talked about how she never thought she would marry a guy who would enjoy wearing such underwear and that I exude so much confidence in them! Having a wife who enjoys seeing you in such underwear is just icing on the cake!”

    This is awesome I can’t wait to find mine

    • SM_Thongguy says:

      Hi Kai

      I concur. But out the gate I’m showing and explain this is me and my underwear choices.

      Not changing.

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