Married Str8 Trio – Men and Women Bikinis and Thongs – Part 2

Married Str8 Trio - Men Women Bikinis Thongs Part 2

Here we go with Part 2 of our conversation we started last week with the Married Str8 Trio. Read Part 1 here.

We agreed that women aren’t exactly anti swim briefs, but do you think they would admire a guy in a swim brief like guys do a woman in a bikini?

Ron: For me it comes back to the legacy of times when women were held up to be objects of sexual desire and over the years they have capitalised on this by accentuating their curves. With this comes the minimalising of their bikinis to the tiniest scraps of fabric barely enough to cover. Which for me is fine. So heterosexual men will lap this up. I still think that women like men in brief bikinis but are afraid to go against the tide of current thinking in fashion. Back to Europe; where there must be a good resistance to this albeit with the major fashion houses being in Paris and Milan, as beaches in Europe still display a good selection of men in varying degrees of brief swimwear. So to answer the question I believe women still admire a reasonably slim man in a bikini.

The Bottom Drawer: I agree with Ron that I believe women do admire guys in swim briefs. Now it may not be as many women as guys admire women in a bikini. I think society’s view of the swim brief has some dampening effect on women’s views of them. Also not sure if women are wired the same with the visual like guys. Though doesn’t seem to be the case with my wife, so maybe they’re not as obvious and open about it as guys.

Blkmlthng: I agree with both of you. I don’t think we will ever get to the point where a man in a bikini swim brief will ever be the societal norm. I do think that we are getting back to an era where men’s clothes are becoming increasingly more fitted and shorter. Example of this is shorts, it is so hard to find shorts that come to your knees or below for a man. I myself have shorts that come above my knee and I’m ok with that and while I was out the other weekend, I notice several men wearing the same length of shorts as me. I do feel that if men were more confident in wearing swim briefs, it would change the stigma greatly. I know my wife wouldn’t mind me wearing a swim brief but it would depend on the location.

I think this conversation revolves/relates somewhat around this question. Do you think men objectify women more than women objectify men?

The Bottom Drawer: I would tend to agree with that men do. At least men more openly objectify women or maybe it just seems like that because I am a guy. I believe media/society in general tends to objectify women more than men also.

Ron: Absolutely. I think it’s a historical issue from times not too long ago when women have been regarded as a man’s property with the expectation that she dresses well or her man and that he can show her off in public. For her to dress erotically or sensually and let other men see what they can’t have.
I’m fortunate in that my wife has no objection to wearing very skimpy revealing bikinis in the beach though not in a exhibitionist way more that she has no inhibitions and knows that I approve. Sure I’ve seen men looking and I’m not insecure about this. So definitely men objectification women more.

Blkmlthng: I agree with both of you. I personally think men and women objective the opposite sex equally, its just men who do it more openly than women. We see this in movies, TV, social media etc. I think this plays a part in why it appears that men objectify women more.

Do you believe this leads to why it is more acceptable for women to wear bikinis and thongs over men?

Ron: I believe that it’s more acceptable because of the gay connotation for men wearing thongs and that the general acceptance is for women

Blkmlthng: A man may be cautious to wear a thong for fear of being ridiculed or lumped into a category he may not fit into. A women is more accepted in a bikini as that is a societal norm as a man in board shorts or swim trunks is a societal norm.

The Bottom Drawer: I think the way society and the media portray men and women in skimpy swimwear does push the view that it is more acceptable for women to wear the bikinis and thongs than the guys. Most times you see a guy in a swim brief or thong it is to get a laugh. Women on the other hand is to grab your attention. So I see women more used for objectification in this manner than guys.

That is a wrap on this conversation. Do you have ideas of topics you like us to talk about. Comment below or send me a message.

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  1. T says:

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you have come across the recent ads posted by a ladies clothing firm called Suistudio? Apparently they have caused quite a storm in the media due to the fact that the women in the ads are dressed in very smart suits and are very much to the fore,but all the men in the pictures are totally naked and are posing in a very submissive way. One picture actually has a naked guy lying on his back on a couch with his privates barely covered by the high heeled foot of the female model towering over him.
    It’s not the first time that naked men have been objectified in this way,but these pictures definitely turn the tables on the all too familiar stereotypical use of women as mere decorative objects in male fashion adverts.

    • T, I did see some of those photos earlier this week on Twitter. They are definitely attention grabbing. I was thinking more the bikini or thong route than nudity with the objectifying. But the is a good reversal example.

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