Married Str8 Trio – Men and Women : Bikinis and Thongs – Part 1

Married Str8 Trio - Men Women Bikinis Thongs Part 1

We’re finally back with another conversation from the Married Str8 Trio. Sorry I’ve been slacking putting the questions together for them of late. This conversation kind of revolves around men vs women in bikini and thong wearing along with how each sex looks at each other.

What is your view on how society portrays the bodies of men and women?

The Bottom Drawer: To me society encourages women to show their bodies more than it does so for men. You just have to watch some TV or movies and you’ll see women portrayed more sexually. They’ll be down to their bra and panties before a guy is down to their underwear. Then the guy is typically in boxers while the women is in a bikini or thong cut.

Go to pretty much any clothing store’s underwear section and women have options from boyshorts, briefs, bikinis, thongs, g-string, and more. You’ll probably see the sexier ones displayed on the manikins too. Not going to see that in the men’s section and most have no men’s underwear on manikins. Even look at some of the cloths in style now. Lots of short shorts out there and the tight leggings are in now for the ladies. Not saying I want to wear short shorts or leggings, but I don’t want to wear shorts below my knees. Everything for men seems to be getting longer.

The beach is an obvious place to see how society is fine with women showing more than men. You’ll see more skin displayed on most women than men. No one thinks twice about a woman wearing a bikini at any beach, but if a guy was in a swim brief there would be double and triple takes. My view is women are encouraged while guys are not encouraged to display their bodies.

Blkmlthng: I completely agree with you The Bottom Drawer. Everything from TV, Movies, Advertisements and displays in stores accentuate a women’s physique but doesn’t do the same for males. You can visit almost any department store in the US and see manikins and displays of women’s underwear but mens’ underwear is usually in the back of a store and in boxes not easily displayed. It seems as though society views a males anatomy or physique as obscene and inappropriate. The only situation I can think of where it is “appropriate” or socially acceptable for a man to display his physique is during a bodybuilding competition.

Ron: Guys in agreement with you both. It’s not acceptable to show a man’s package though here in the UK we do have manikins with and separate groin and bottom sections for displaying underwear with bulge though we were in a department store in Lima, Peru where the manikin groin section actually had a sock stuffed into the front of the underwear to give more of a bulge! Can imagine a huge outcry if they tried that here!! I recently saw an ad though can’t remember if on TV or Facebook or where which showed a guy coming of the beach in Speedos and a guy covered his kid’s eyes as the guy passed….

Why do you think it appears to be the case that women are encouraged over men to display their bodies? Do you think it is just because of the male anatomy?

Blkmlthng: To answer this question, I think that if a men displays his body or let’s say wears swimwear or underwear that may enhance his anatomy it becomes an issue of the man being vulgar or a sexual deviant. I mean let’s look at the swimwear that is mainstream, board shorts, you can go into any men’s section of a store and easily find a pair, but a bikini brief, Speedo or thong swimwear is almost no where in sight. Slide over to the women’s section of a store and most of what you will see are two piece bikinis and even the one piece’s are low cut and rio cut to accentuate a woman’s booty. I think it has a lot to do with the male’s anatomy as to why men are discouraged in displaying their bodies. Just my thoughts….

The Bottom Drawer: For males displaying their body I do agree there is a hang up on the male’s anatomy. There is something taboo about it even though everyone knows we’ve got one. I’m thinking there is something historical with it too. Men use to be the ones in charge of TV broadcasting and advertising at least until probably a couple decades ago or so. So the media’s view was more from a guy’s perspective and thus women were portrayed sexily on TV and ads. So guess my thought is we’ve been seeing it all the time for many years everywhere, so it is ingrained in our mind that it is fine for women to show off their bodies. Basically I don’t really have a good reasoning for it. Just always has seem to be the case that women are praised for showing their body while men are condemned other than their 6-packs.

Ron: So for me it’s a historical thing. Women have always been regarded as objects of desire I suppose a deep rooted trigger for survival of the species. They have the curves and bumps that drive men to want to mate with them so displaying their bodies in skimpy attire will ignite the flame in a man. I think there is more desire for a man than a woman hence the sex bias when it comes to favouring one over the other in skimpy swimwear. The designers are very good at accentuating a woman’s body to maximum effect.

Do you think that women are really against guys wearing swim briefs or do you think the societal representation of them drives their initial view of guys and swim briefs?

Blkmlthng: I personally don’t think women are really against guys wearing swim briefs. I say this because I recently had a conversation with my wife regarding this. I was telling her that I was looking forward to us taking an adult oriented vacation (no kids) and going to an adults only type resort. I mentioned to her that I was going to wear a swim brief or a trunk type swim brief for her and she was supportive in that she indicated she would wear a skimpy swimsuit as well. If we were going on a family vacation with my kids, parents, in-laws etc I wouldn’t feel comfortable with wearing a swim brief myself and would opt for board shorts or loose swim trunks. I think you are going to find that given the right environment and location a women will respond positively to the wearing of a swim brief. Of course you are going to have a small percentage of women who don’t find it appealing and that’s ok but I think the vast majority wouldn’t be against a guy wearing a swim brief, they just won’t admit it openly! Just my thoughts.

The Bottom Drawer: If you go by a lot of the online sentiment then you would think women are against it. Like Blkmlthng, I don’t think it’s a majority that is against it. I think there are women that are fine with it, ones that tolerate it, and those against. My guess is the majority would tolerate it. If the societal representation of swim brief wasn’t a negative one then I’d think you’d see more of the tolerant ones moving to approval. Maybe also when the ones in the tolerance category saw their guy in one they would become believers too. I’m also in the boat that I have a wife that supports my wanting to wear a swim brief, but I know some that aren’t as lucky as Blkmlthng and I. In the end I don’t think women are totally against the swim brief either. I do think society influences the view some, since it influences us guys from not having the courage to wear one when we want to.

Ron: Gents. I’m in agreement with you both. I generally believe that most women tolerate swim briefs on men. Certainly in Europe where swim briefs of all ranges of skimpiness are worn on beaches and pools women would accept as normal. My wife doesn’t like the style preferring square trunks. However she knows it’s my preference to wear skimpy styles and respects.

That wraps up part 1. We’ll pick up part 2 next week.

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  1. EJ says:

    It’s women’s clothes overall, women’s clothes section is much larger than men’s. When my sons were children, I couldn’t believe how tilted a store was even for kids, but gettin back to topic, maybe there’s a feeling among marketers there aren’t enough of us out there that love wearing ‘the good stuff’ either that or women are in charge of what goes on display and feel we’re only supposed to wear ‘crappy stuff’ (only women are supposed to be sexy)

  2. T says:

    It’s a well known fact, that many women,when asked what physical attributes they look for in a man,will put having a nice bum near the top of their list.So why then do so many women react in horror to the thought of a man wearing a butt hugging speedo,seemingly preferring said butt to be concealed beneath a pair of baggy board shorts?
    I actually experienced an example of this yesterday………..
    I was standing in for a workmate who is on holiday,and at one of his regular shops,the three women and one man who work there asked me where my colleague was? When I replied that he was on holiday in Spain and (jokingly)was probably wearing a speedo,they all reacted in the same disdainful way,clutching their throats,as if I’d poisoned them, and saying “I’ll never get that image out of my head.” As you can see,the reaction was 100% negative,but I wonder if any of them were secretly pleased to have that image in their head,but went along with the general consensus of opinion for fear of ridicule?

    • I think part is the male anatomy like RT said. Then how society represents the bikinis, thongs, and swim briefs is usually in a negative manner for guys. They’re used to get a laugh in movies even children ones. People wear them as a joke or a dares in YouTube videos. When you see images of guys in swim briefs it’s usually guys with the beer bellies. Then look at how women are represented in everything. So societal representation is not helping else.

      I’m for anyone wearing what they like as long as it is respectfully done and the main goal is flaunting your stuff. Wear what is appropriate for the place and don’t cause more of a negative impact on the skimpy underwear and swimwear for us.

  3. EJ says:

    Chances are you don’t have to wonder T

  4. RT says:

    Anatomy plays big role. It is accepted for women to show their attributes. Ok for them to flaunt their curves, see the form of her breasts and butts, and even the crotch can be well outlined (don’t get me wrong, I admire their beauty and don’t like to criticize at all). Now, except for the upper body, if men wear something form fitting people stare and roll their eyes. I said this in a previous post: I guess most of us know very well female and male anatomy. What’s underneath our undies we know how it looks, in general. Then why the sense of alarm on seeing the bulge or outline of male or female parts (what? It took you by surprise to realize that human may have penises, vaginas, breasts, butts?)?

    At least the new trend seems to be more relaxed as I am seeing more men with tights and above knee, slim fit shorts (more frequent at the gym).

  5. T says:

    Hi BD. I switched on the radio this morning to listen to my regular nationwide news and sport station while driving to work and I was somewhat astonished to hear the conversation between the female co-presenter based in Manchester and another female reporter who was in Australia covering the famous cricket match between England and Australia which is called The Ashes(don’t know if you are familiar with it over in the States?). I had obviously missed their earlier conversations,however,it soon became apparent that they had been discussing a subject close to the hearts(or should that be butts?)of all your followers i.e speedos. The reporter in Australia expressed her relief that all the swimmers had departed from the ground,and I immediately realized that she was referring to some of the guys in the crowd who must have been wearing speedos on what was a boiling hot day. She then shared a few derogatory comments with her colleague back in England about “budgie smugglers” which is what speedos are known by in Australia. What really got me shouting at the radio was when she began interviewing a legendary former Australian Test cricketer called Glen McGrath. Can you guess what her first question was to this Aussie legend? No,it wasn’t what he thought of the day’s play. She asked him if he wore budgie smugglers/speedos? The guy somewhat sheepishly replied that he was more of a board shorts man. Can you imagine the outcry if a male reporter had asked a female cricket player if she wore a bikini? You can bet that the guy would have been labelled a sexist creep and would probably get suspended on the spot.
    Is it any wonder that so many guys are afraid to wear a speedo when they hear that kind of reaction from two well known radio reporters on the BBC.

    • Good example of negative media comments that hurt the image of swim briefs. Though I thought Aussies were more open to them. Guess probably like other places it depends on the area. You are probably right that a male broadcaster would get backlash or even let go for the question of swimwear choice.

      • T says:

        Sorry BD! When I mentioned the female presenter/reporter in Australia, I must have inadvertently given you the impression that she was a native Australian. She is in fact a well known English presenter who hosts,among other things,a weekly radio sports panel here in the U.K. She is over in Australia for the duration of the cricket matches and contributes live reports during the morning news and sport programme on the BBC. Hope this clears up any confusion.
        You were right about the Aussies being more open about swim briefs. Even the actors in some of their local soap operas/t v shows which get shown here in the U.K,are often seen wearing speedos during the beach scenes.

        • I probably didn’t read carefully enough! Think I read it as an Australian reporter and not just one from the BBC there. Get that now that I reread it. Haven’t heard of the Ashes before. Only know of cricket and a tad on the sport.

  6. Peterm says:

    I remember the seventies and eighties men and teens wore swim briefs with pride. I also recall bikini briefs being the only “cool” underwear to wear. Department stores proudly displayed many cuts, colors and fabrics. Jim Palmer was the epitome of masculinity in skimpy nylon bikini briefs. Tennis and basketball shorts were much shorter and jogging shorts were cut all the way up the sides for freedom of movement. Men wanted hair on there chest, sexy underwear and tight pants. The pendulum has really swung in the other direction, now men are ashamed of there manliness.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Totally agree with the afore mentioned ideas specifically with Hollywood’s portrayal of speedo wearing males. It is ALWAYS used to get a laugh or it’s the one guy in the crowd who maybe shouldn’t be in the Speedo that is and it gives it such a negative connotation. I wish for once the hero/lead would be the guy in the Speedo, then it would be perceived so much more positively. It’s very similar to tighty whities which until the mid 90’s were a commonly accepted type of undergarment men could wear. I’m 28 and married so I don’t really get as much backlash for wearing my Speedo Solars even at our country club but do wish more men would have the courage to give them a try. Mainly since America has become much more over weight I think it was natural to gravitate towards a much looser fitting style of clothing in general. I think men ridicule guys like me in swim briefs because they don’t like their gf’s/wives staring at me making them look bad so they dismiss me as gay even that I’m holding hands with my wife walking down the beach. Also I’ve noticed that much like everything else the people talking about swim briefs the most negatively are usually the ones most interested in the topic. I honestly don’t think it will get better soon but it doesn’t stop me from wearing whatever type of thongs or briefs I feel like.

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