Review: AliExpress Brave Person Thong B1143

AliExpress Brave Person Thong B1143This is the last of three thongs I bought off AliExpress from the store Brave Person Official Store. This one is branded Brave Person on the left side. This is a tight fitting thong, but I don’t mind that. Sometimes it is nice to be held tight with little movement. It’s made of a clingy fabric made from nylon and spandex. This seems to be a well constructed thong, but time will tell.

The width of the pouch is right on where I like it, which I’ll call moderate coverage. It has a centered flat seamed pouch. That’s another thing I like to see with my pouches. It offers excellent support and I would wear it for any activity without worries of bouncing too much.

With the tightness of this thong you know you got a thong on. It typically is a comfortable knowing, but I have had times I needed to adjust. I guess getting the adjustment right when you pull them up each time is key. The tail on these is about 7/8″. The sides measure about 1 1/8″ wide.

There are a couple of issues so far with the thong, but neither really matter to me. The first is the care/size tag wore off after one washing. The other is the branding on the left hip is about off after three washings. Nothing major but something to be aware of. As with all underwear, but especially ones from China pay attention to the sizing chart.

I could go either way with buying another pair. They have these regular priced at $5, but probably could get them for $4 or less. The other two pairs I got I’d probably go for first and they are slightly cheaper. Would also consider ordering the next size up of this thong from what I ordered to see how the fit of them are compared to the ones that should be my size.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Tail Comfort: 3.0
Recommendation: No thong up

Pros: Great support, nice thong cut
Cons: Tail can be bothersome if not adjusted right, maybe too tight fitting for some

Additional Photos
AliExpress Brave Person Thong (B1143) FrontAliExpress Brave Person Thong (B1143) BackAliExpress Brave Person Thong (B1143) Pouch
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  1. Tim H. says:

    I really like the collection of thongs at AliExpress. I’ve ordered a few recently which are of the g-string variety. They’re my favorites.
    I would love to wear a g-string thong outside around my house. I live in NC and the law states, as best I can understand it, that as long as the genitals are covered, wearing a thong in NC is legal with the possible exception of community standards found in specific locales. Does anyone have any updated information about thonging in public in NC?

    • I don’t know for sure, but you probably will have to look into the laws at the local level of where you want to wear a thong. I know people said the Outer Banks is a good place to wear a thong. I think most head away from the crowded areas and head south down into the National Seashore area where it is less populated with beach goers. If you are looking to wear them at the house you should check the local laws where you live. Probably won’t be a problem unless someone complains about it.

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