AussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief

AussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim BriefThese AussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 swim briefs are pretty much the same cut as their Classic 1.5 swim brief that I reviewed already. The two differences are that it doesn’t have elastic in the waist and it has what they call a wonderjock. Now what drew me to get this pair was the color combinations. I like the accents on the hips. I chose the color Maroubra, since I like the color red. These ones have a blue and white accent on the hips. They have a few other colors you can check out. These are made of of 100% nylon, so it is not a stretchy material and I ordered a large instead of a medium based on recommendations. That was the right decision for me, since they fit great in the bigger size. With lighter colors you’ll have to watch out for transparency, since the nylon is a thinner fabric than most lycra suits. AussieBum does give a sheer rating for their colors.

The frontal and back coverage are pretty much full, but the sides are 1 1/2″ to give you some freedom of movement and the opportunity for some extra tanness. The brief has a flat front wide V-pouch, which is two layers of nylon. The back is just one layer. There is an AussieBum tag on the left hip seam. You can get the AussieBum logo on the front or back, but I chose not to. They are made in Australia and are to be cold rinse after use. They can be gentle machine or hand wash in cold water and hung to dry.

Again I like the cut of these swim briefs, but I don’t like not having elastic in the waistband. It means you have to rely on the drawstring to keep them up. The leg elastic helps some, but not going to help enough. I find it a little hard to get them tied to a good tightness and the drawstring is a bit slick, so it could loosen over time. Now the wonderjock is there to enhance your equipment. The front pouch has a built in pouch in it where you are suppose to put your package in, which then lifts you up and out. I personally probably won’t use the pouch, since it fits just fine without using it. If I decide otherwise it will be there waiting for me.

I really like the color and the cut of these, but I’m seeing these as a sunning swim brief over hitting the water wearing them. The concern with them is the drawstring loosening or coming untied and showing a little more than I intend to.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up*

Pros: I like the color combinations; light material; dries fast
Cons: no elastic in waistband, drawstring slippery material

*I decided on no thongs as a swim brief, since I wouldn’t trust the string to stay tied and keep the swim brief on in the water. As a sunning swimsuit I’d say it would be great, since there would be less concern about them coming untied. I’d give it one thong up for a sunning brief. Would be two for both if it had elastic in the waistband. With that said, I did buy another because I like the color combinations and will use for private or sunning wear.

Additional Photos
AussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief FrontAussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief BackAussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief PouchAussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief Wonderjock
What do you rate the AussieBum WJ Loose 1.5 Swim Brief?

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  1. Frankie says:

    Hey thank you for your review. I was wondering whether to get a pair because they are on sale but I decided not to after reading your review. I was concerned about the swim trunk coming loose without the elastic band as I use it mainly for swimming. I wish they offer the same design with the elastic band because I really love the design.

  2. John says:

    I’m an older retired guy who likes to swim in the y pool. On Sunday’s it’s guys only, yes you read right, and some guys take to letting the swimsuit fall off. I think it’s nice that no man has ever complained. I wear the Aussiebum loose and trust me it’s loose. Either my c*** will make an escape or my c*** will take one of my nuts along for some air. Or more often than not, all the boys will get loose and who the hell cares.

    • Thomas says:

      I know this post is a little old, but can I ask what Y has men only Sunday’s? If suits are still known Tom”fall off” and it’s no big thing, I would love to swim there. Not for any kind of sexual reasons, just the freedom of swimming naturally.

  3. Black Stallion says:

    if you get the right size, it wont come off.
    Ive never had an issue with mine coming off, and it does have a drawstring.

  4. Todd says:

    I couldn’t agree with John more. I too am an older retired guy who swims in the pool at the Y when it’s men only. Yeah, I thought those days were long gone but they’re not. And here too no man has ever complained. I used to wear an Aussiebums when I got tired of my c*** getting squashed. I would get a hard on regularly and the suit didn’t have a chance. It is called loose for a reason. I now wear Aussiebums The Cup. We will see how that works.

  5. Stuart says:

    I’ve been buying these Aussiebum Loose 1.5″ WJ swimming briefs for years. It is absolute nonsense that your privates will escape at least in pool or river or ocean (though I’ve never worn amongst the breaking surf/waves). The non elastic part is the drawstring around the waist, so in reality you can make them even more secure that elastic types by tightening the drawstring more, but that would be uncomfortable. Only on a few occasions have I had the drawstring loosen in the pool, perhaps just 4% of the time, it’s probably due to me not tightening the knot in the drawstring sufficiently in the first place, as if you do not tighten the knot tight it can tend to work loose over time, but that’s never been a real issue. The thing i like about these swimming briefs are that they are more comfortable than most because they don’t squash for privates, yes your c*** size is slightly more obvious wearing these but I don’t mind that. As for uncomfortable Aussiebum swimwear I find the WJ 1.5″ swimwear uncomfortable, that are too tight everywhere in comparison to the same size as the WJ loose.

  6. Jeff says:

    I have had Aussibums for years, love the way they feel, but it was my son (14) who got me to try the WJ range he got me to buy him some 1.5 loose WJ last year he loved them. I saw how good he looked in them and got some myself. Like the fit and the WJ system helps when you get to 40. the only drawback is if you wear them under office pants dont put the junk in the pouch, just wear like standard aussiebum’s. neither my son or myself have had an issue with the wait tie loosening but we both double tie them, we spend a whole day at the beach without needing to re-tie. another advantage is with the WJ lifting the junk, if you cycle it reduces the risk of the junk getting crushed My wife , son and I cycle a lot during the summer and found these a lot better.

    still love the classic aussiebums and have one pair 12 years old and still going strong. but will be buying more WJ’s for next year.

    anyone wear their aussiebum WJ swimmers as underwear?, my son does and finds them great. he swims a lot and says the convenience of being prepared for a swim and the fact they dry so fast makes it so he does not need to carry a towel around. he uses them to sleep in too but he tells me the junk has to come out of the pouch for sleeping.

    as the WJ lifts the junk they keep you cooler than having it between the thighs sweating! excellent product all men should try and some boys too the XS size fits my son perfectly he is a 28″ waist.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with WJ Loose fit. I haven’t tried to wear them to the beach or in the water yet. Didn’t want to test out how well my tying skills are in public view! Will do the double knotting if I do. I have worn their Surge swim brief (basically the same as the 1.5 Classic) to the beach and do really enjoy them. I haven’t worn any of their swimwear as underwear or to sleep in either. I can see the fabric would work well for it with them being light weight and breathable.

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