Are thongs comfortable? How can thongs be comfortable?

Are Thongs Comfortable?Women hear the are thongs comfortable and how can thongs be comfortable question often from guys. The best response they could give is you should give one a try and see. Most guys of course wouldn’t have the balls to take them up on it. Though I never asked a women the questions, I became interested in trying out a thong after I discovered they were available for guys. I’ve always admired a woman in a thong and at that time I was already into bikini underwear, so made sense to test out the thong water. I’ll give some insight on my experience with thongs, but trying a thong is the best way to get the answers.

The simple answer to the are thongs comfortable question is yes. But all thongs aren’t created equal. Some thongs are more comfortable than others. I suggest not giving up with one try and one type of thong. Fabric, cut, tail width, and size can all have factors on the fit of the thong, which all leads to comfort. I actually started off trying a g-string from Undergear (no longer in business), which I think was a polyester spandex blend. Now let me tell you that it wasn’t instant comfort, but it wasn’t instant discomfort when I first slipped them on. I did like how I looked for the most part in them, so that motivated me to see how things transpired with them. As you can see from my blog I grew to love thongs. I do prefer the look of a traditional thong, so that is the style I wear most nowadays..

Let’s go back to the factors of thong comfort now that I gave you a short background of my experience. Of course you want to pick the right size for the thong, so pay attention to the sizing chart and any reviews to help you with that. If you think the one you got is too small or large then get a different size and see if that improves the comfort. One thing I’d recommend, which is hard when you have to order online is find a soft fabric to start with. Then pay attention to the tail width. The wider it is the more fabric between the cheeks, which can affect comfort especially when first starting out. You can also try different cuts like the g-string or v-string and see if those are more comfortable for you over a traditional thong. Thongs also aren’t all cut the same for example the width of the sides or the rise can affect how the tail enters the cheeks. So if you are really interested in finding out the comfort of a thong then you should give them a try and that means a real try not just one time. They deserve more than one chance and with other chances there should be consideration of other brands, cuts, and fabrics to give them a fair try. So go out and get a thong to answer the are thongs comfortable question for yourself.

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  1. Tim says:

    Guys don’t knock thongs or G-strings unless you try them and I mean for more than a day or two, very supportive, comfortable and just better looking. I have been wearing thongs for about 30 years and it in my daily choice for underwear. I started with bikinis as a teenager 30 plus years ago and now in my late 50s it is pretty much just thongs. I don’t under stand the boxer thing and take it one step further board shorts when swimming. Beach or pool time for me is very small bikini like Speedo or Aussiebum and at times a thong.

  2. Dan says:

    I think getting the right size is very important – if you get a good fitting pair then they are even more comfortable than bikinis in my opinion

  3. Danny says:

    Just curious- what is everyone’s opinion on the best thong for daily wear… I’m making the switch from bikinis to thongs, but haven’t found just the right fit yet. I like a wider strap more than a thin string…

  4. Danny says:

    What is everyone’s recommendation for a good starter thong? I’m looking for something I can wear daily– I have tried a couple from Gary Majdell and Dominik, but they aren’t comfortable enough to wear all day . Also, I like the wide strap in back rather than just a string– thanks!

    • Check out the JM Skinz thong. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my list to try and have heard good things about it. The one I was thinking of recommending doesn’t look to be available any more. I’m a fan of Prevail Sport’s thongs and bikinis.

    • I also find microfiber or silky type materials as pretty comfy for thongs. Another thong that came to mind is the brand Fagioni thongs made out of a satin.

  5. Danny says:

    Thanks I will check those out for sure– the skinz looks like it’s gotten good reviews on Amazon

  6. Dan says:

    I would definitely recommend the skinz. The fabric is very soft not too stretchy or tight too so it gives good support in the front. The strap is nicely sized too and stretchy enough so that it fits comfortably. Good for an everyday thong or to wear or if doing something active.

  7. Danny says:

    Thanks guys– I’m going to order a Skinz today. I was hoping my Gary Majdell would loosen up in the pouch a little, but no such luck. I’ll let you know who the skinz work out

  8. Black Stallion says:

    Yes they are very comfortable, and supportive, but don’t be cheap, you will get what you pay for.

  9. EJ says:

    Thongs very comfortable it’s a preference makes things down there feel alive

  10. JESUS says:

    hola.yo prefiero un tanga con la tira de la cintura mas bien ancha como si fuese un cinturon y la tira de los glúteos cuanto mas fina mas cómodo me siento.

  11. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I’ve recently jumped back onboard the thong boat…found some really comfortable good-looking pairs too. I didn’t think I would actually since I’m so big on bikinis but I’m glad I decided to try thongs again. It totally depends on the brand/cut/style/material though as that will make or break the thong wearing experience.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Glad to hear you gave thongs another chance and found some comfortable ones. I find it nice to have an option between a bikini or thong for the day. I like having the variety of skimpy options.

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