Men’s Underwear and Swimwear Advertising Suggestion

Men's Underwear Swimwear Advertising SuggestionThere is one thing I really would like to see in the underwear and swimwear marketing for men. I’d like to see the advertising containing both men and women models in the photography. I think having both would help portray the message that it is fine for a straight guy to wear sexy underwear and swimwear. Since starting blogging, I’ve been paying more attention to a wider range of brands’ and retailers’ advertising instead of just paying attention to my core companies and brands I like. This is especially true in the social media area. To me it seems there isn’t enough ads focusing on the straight guy’s perspective.

I know a lot of the women’s underwear and swimwear advertising is all female, but to me all men doesn’t work for marketing to the straight guy. Some I think is fine all depending on the poses, but I really believe that having a female in the ads would help with the stereotype that bikinis, thongs, and other stylish underwear isn’t for the straight guy. A woman in the ads would give you the subliminal message that hey look there is a woman with that guy who is in some sexy underwear maybe my wife or girlfriend would like to see me in a pair of those. Maybe not quite like that, but I feel that a woman in the ad can give the impression that women might like their guy to try something different than the boring boxers and briefs at the department store.

I know having a women in the ad wearing underwear or swimwear with the guy will definitely get a straight guy’s attention. Probably be the woman he notices first, but hopefully that will bring his eyes to noticed that the guy is in some underwear/swimwear too and not what you typically picture a guy in. The more it’s seen the more it should start piquing one’s interesting.

I have seen a few places that have had male and female models in their photography. One brand is Dietz, which I’ve seen a few shots of what I’d like to see more of. Then recently Great Deals Distributions Inc (GDD) had a few promos for the Ergowear Max Suave Gold Edition featuring a woman in the photo with the guy wearing a pair of undies.

Anyone else agree with my thought process?

Here’s some examples of the advertising I’d like to see more of.

Example of a tweets from GDD

Here’s some photos from Dietz from Tumblr.

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  1. Blkmlthng says:

    I am so appreciative of your blog and your perspective on this matter! As a straight married male who happens to wear men’s string bikinis, thongs and G-strings for men, the advertising tends to assume that straight men don’t wear such sexy underwear. I have long thought and hoped such brands that make these types of underwear for men would include women in the advertisements, I’m glad to see the ones you have shared in your post have chosen to do so. Advertising like this does so much for those of us who may feel we are the only ones who wear such underwear because it’s comfortable, provides support, is masculine and sexy. Not only do I wear them for these reasons but my wife enjoys seeing me in such styles. Kudos to you for posting about this topic and I’m glad I stumbled across your blog and post as I thought I was the only guy like me out here who wears such underwear!

    • Glad you stumbled upon my blog. I’m here to be that voice of the straight thong and bikini wearer and hopefully to get others on the fence to give them a try. There are others of of us out there. I keep in-touch with some and have had comments from others. That’s good to hear your wife likes to see you in them. I’ve had some guys that said their wives aren’t that keen on them wearing them. Hopefully we start seeing more of this type of advertising.

      • Blkmlthng says:

        Keep up what you are doing! It’s refreshing. I had the chance to look through some of your other posts and noticed that Prevail Sport is one of your favorites. Which style is your favorite and why? It actually is one of my favorites as well! I had been interested in ordering from them for many years but finally decided to order some various styles earlier this year such as the Rio Brief, String Brief, Power Lifter Brief and various thong styles. I like both the Brazilian and European seats and I love how they provide support and hold you in the front. I’m actually wore a Prevail Sport String Brief today at the office under some dress pants. Typically a men’s string bikini, thong or even a G-string are apart of my daily underwear. Unlike you I keep my underwear in the top drawer and have over a 100 pairs in my collection. Next to prevail sport some of my other favorite brands for men’s thongs, string bikinis and g-strings are Obviously, Cocksox, N2N, Cover Male and Gregg Homme. Hopefully through your blog I can learn about some other brands and styles that I may not have been aware of.

        • The plan is to keep plugging away at producing content as time permits. The positive comments I get help keep me motivated. The string brief is my favorite style from Prevail Sport. It’s the right snugness and right amount of coverage (or non-coverage) and great fit all the way around. Also like the string thong brief, rio brief, and zealand brief. Pretty much like all I’ve tried. Been buying from them for a long time and pretty much my go to place for bikinis and thongs. Most of my reviews are from a select few brands right now. I’m starting to branch out some now that I started blogging. I’ve come across quite a few new brands to me, since I started. The brand Dietz was my first new brand to branch out to and just recently purchased a N2N Vintage G-String that my readers voted as my next purchase to buy and review. Hope to have that done by year end.

          • Blkmlthng says:

            That’s cool! Yeah I like Prevail Sport and for the most part I have been pleased with the items I have received. I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing as you are the voice to a lot of guys who may be like myself straight but enjoy skimpy me a underwear. According to some and some manufacturers only certain demographics of men wear string bikinis and thongs. I for one am a heterosexual, married black male who feels underrepresented in this regard. I’m sure there are more men out there like me but it seems few and far between so I’m glad to have ran across your blog and look forward to visiting it from time to time. I can’t wait to hear your review on the N2N Vintage G, I have these as well as the string bikini style and they are great! I believe you will like the softness of the material, the fit and overall support they offer!

            • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m not meeting my weekly posting goal, but getting them out as time permits. I’m hoping my blog will get other straight guys into wearing them especially those on the fence. One of my most popular post is “Do straight guys wear bikinis and/or thongs?” So maybe it is working. I’ve come across more straight guys that wear them, since starting my blog than just surfing the web for like minded guys. I’ve worn the N2N Vintage G-String once, but like to wear things a few times before reviewing. The fabric is definitely a great feature of it though.

  2. Blkmlthng says:

    No problem! I really like how you are bringing awareness to men’s sexy underwear! Maybe one day I will have the guts to wear a speedo style swimsuit or even a thong to the beach but I wouldn’t hold my breath…lol…for now I will stick with the men’s skimpy underwear. Ironically that’s how I came across your blog in my quest to find like minded guys who wear the skimpy men’s underwear for reasons I do. It’s great to know their are other straight guys out there that enjoy wearing such gear! Have you ever thought of doing a poll to get demographics of men’s thong wearers and then post the results maybe to Twitter or Facebook to drum up conversation?

    • Wish I had the guts to wear a swim brief all the time. I probably won’t be breaking out a swim thong. Feel more free in a swim brief over trunks though. Maybe one of these days some thing in me will just click and say I don’t care and the swim brief will become regular swimwear for me. Not sure it’s going to happen, since been waiting a long time for the click. I’d like to do more polls, but haven’t taken the time to come up with anything. Thought about doing surveys too, which might work well with demographics and who is a thong and/or bikini wearer.

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