What is cheeky underwear? Bikini, thong, neither?

What is cheeky underwear?

Cheeky underwear seems to have become popular especially in women’s underwear in the past few years. It’s kind of funny that the complaints about underwear riding up between the cheeks has become something that is in style. It’s kind of a compromise to a thong. Well at least some of them would be.

What is cheeky underwear? I’d generally state it as a pair of underwear that has some slippage between the butt cheeks. It’s the feeling of a start of a wedgie at least. Not all cheeky styles have the same amount of slippage between the cheeks. Some are designed with almost a thong look while others are along a brazilian/half back or even a bikini looking back. The back of the pair starts wide at the top and then starts to narrow quickly at a given point, which results in showing some cheek action.

Cheeky underwear probably could be its own style category though I think most pairs fit into one of the traditional ones. It seems that they are making any style into a cheeky cut. You have briefs that look like a normal brief until like the bottom half narrows quickly to more of a bikini back. Even women’s boy shorts are made to be cheeky. Some places call cheeky bikinis, cheekinis. The cheeky pair I have I’d place with thongs, since it has quite a bit of between the cheek action. About the bottom half the pair is between the cheeks and then it widens quickly. It’s a nice way to give me a slight change from my main selection of bikinis and thongs.

It seems the verge of a wedgie has become a sexy thing. Some underwear riding up the cheeks a bit has given us some empowerment instead of annoyance. It is great to have a reminder you have some sexy underwear on under your clothes. Whether it is a brief, bikini, thong-like cheekiness is an in thing now. It’s time to show some extra cheek with your preferred styles that aren’t thongs. Thong wearers already know how to do cheekie. Do you consider cheeky underwear as its on style or are they a subgroup of existing styles? Do you have a different definition for cheeky underwear?

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  1. Joseit says:

    Cheeky is an overgrown thong or is cheeky a bikini that had some surgery. I have all three styles and wear according to my mood.

  2. Eric says:

    I don’t have any but was looking into trying a pair. I have a trunk that has a back center seam that pulls it deeper between the cheeks but still stays below them.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I have a few made by CM, I forget where I bought them. They have a great barely-there feeling and are also good for travel as they rinse out and dry quickly.

  4. T says:

    Have seen several guys wearing this style on social media sites,but I have to say I’m not a fan. I guess they fall somewhere between a thong and a halfback bikini,but for a g-string devotee like me,there is just too much material for my liking. But each to their own!

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    I have two fake (Aliexpress) Joe Snyder one’s. Back look good but can’t be worn as the pouch is ouch. Almost none existent.

    So it was a disappointment. Although I think if pouch was bigger it would be a great pair.

    Again it’s a knock off so can’t blame JS.

  6. JR2 says:

    I think it could be a subgroup , though which one? It has the characteristics of both. I only have tried the cheekini from skinzwear . I like them , they are comfortable , these do don’t really have the wedgie feel to them. I will certainly be looking to add some more of this style to the collection.

  7. DonS says:

    The websites I have seen with them refer to them as a style of their own. They don’t look like much to me, but have not tried any yet. I doubt I’ll be doing so.

  8. David_nc says:

    I tried the Daniel Alexander risky boxer which is a cheeky style and I think it is it’s own category. I’m sure each brand that makes a cheeky style for men has their own varying degrees of bum exposure so if it is a style you are thinking about you may have to try different ones. I didn’t love the DA risky boxer but I didn’t hate it either. I personally fall into the category that I either want a bikini or I want a thong. With the cheeky, for me, at first it felt a little like a wedgie but after wearing it longer it didn’t feel uncomfortable or wedgie like. Luckily the material on the DA is nice so that probably added to the comfort level. Again for me only, I own one and unless I find one on a great sale I probably won’t add another to my collection – I prefer either a bikini or a thong, I am also on the fence with half back bikinis, but that is another topic. Also, when I was looking at different cheeky underwear to give them a try I didn’t like that CoverMale referred to them as lingerie; does it bother others when men’s underwear is referred to as lingerie or panties? Again another topic not for the particular thread.

  9. Danny says:

    I’d like to try a pair, but none of them seem to get great reviews. It would be nice to find one that looks almost like a full cut brief, with just a surprise bit of cheek at the bottom.

  10. Danny says:

    I ended up buying a pair from ikingsky. I’ve had good luck with the thongs, so hopefully this will be the same.

  11. Jordan says:

    In cheeky swimsuits, I only know of two brands that make this shape: Manstore and Rufskin. They are expensive and they only offer a few models. In cheeky underwear I tried several Chinese brands and I recommend Trendy in mini-shorties and JorionMia in thin bikinis (which can be worn as a wedgie). I ordered a modal Cmemin mini-shorty that looks good but I haven’t received it yet.

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