Change Underwear with the Seasons

Change underwear with the seasons

This is one that I’ve had for an idea for a while and David_NC a while ago suggested a similar idea. His message got me thinking better to expand upon my initial thought on this subject. Some of us are just one style wearers while others do the realm from trunks to g-strings. Then some are into bikinis and thongs like me. So another factor that we have to look at is the fabric we choose with the style. So the question is do you change your underwear selections based on the time of year?

I would have to say there are some underwear changes for me based on the time of year. Specifically, the change for me happens in summer when it is hot. Summer becomes thong underwear time more often than bikinis for me. It’s a great choice to beat the heat down below the belt. This summer it has been pretty close to solely thong wearing for me. I’m sure I’ll be mixing it up again with bikinis when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Now fabrics do play a role in my underwear choice too. I have some that I find are on the warm side, so I avoid those pairs during warm weather. I also like fabrics that dry quicker in summer. If I get sweaty, I don’t want them damp while I’m doing something like yard work off and on. Cotton is an example of fabric I do not normally choose to wear in summer. I save cotton for the cooler time of year in both bikinis and thongs. Some of the heavier lycra blends I find don’t breathe well in summer and also are reserved for cooler times. Probably figured it out that I go for lighter fabrics during the summer. My thong discovery this year of the Doreanse Aire thong is one great example of a summer thong for me. Between the style cut and the fabric it kept me nice and cool. One other thong I enjoyed this summer and last is the Intymen sports thong with it’s sport mesh fabric. Another nice breathable summer thong.

So do you break out the long johns in the winter or stick to your skimpy underwear styles? Maybe you wear your skimpy underwear under the long johns. Do you have summer and winter fabric options? Or do you just wear whatever speaks to you year round?

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  1. Kyle says:

    I’m with you, thongs are a summer thing for me too. I also tend to go commando in summer. Bikini briefs the rest of the year.

  2. T says:

    I don’t know if I have masochistic tendencies,but whatever the weather here,even if the snow is thick on the ground and the icy wind would cut you in two,I wear g-strings 99% of the time. And on the very rare occasions when I wear something different,it is not weather related.

  3. Greg says:

    Being the thong addict that I am, I do wear them all year ’round. If it is extremely cold in the winter, I will pull on a pair of long-johns over a thong to walk the dog or snow blow the driveway.

  4. David_NC says:

    I added thongs back to normal daily wear this year, unfortunately I hadn’t bought in any in a while. This summer was rather warm and humid here in the south, temps hovered around 98 with humidity reaching 105. Like most I’m working from home to underwear didn’t really cross my mind. One day I grab my favorite CK 100% cotton black thong, ran several errands and before to long I was sweating. The material was damp and after several hours started to feel uncomfortable. Flash forward several weeks and I grabbed a polyester thong by Undergear, went to the hardware store and came home and began working in the yard, sweating a lot, but never got uncomfortable because the material didn’t hold the moisture. I mentioned to Nate that I’d reserve the cotton thongs for winter. With that said, I’m still trying to expand my thong collection so if anyone has brands/materials they recommend (poly blend, nylon, other) please share your experiences.

    • DonS says:

      The only difference for me is that in winter I tend to wear the solid fabric g-strings with the mesh ones kept for the warmer weather. I wear the same nylon/Lycra string bikinis year round.

    • DonS says:

      I noticed that Kiniki pushed the wicking effect of the fabric when they were pushing their polyester lines, helping with dryness, but with the introduction of the modal fabric this fabric was something that was far better than cotton at moisture absorption.

      Are their products underwear or incontinence pads.

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Great topic

    I am still a Part time thong wearer. Whilst working from home afforded me to wear thongs daily the last couple of months. I do follow the weather patterns.

    We usually experience four seasons in one week. So there are days a boxer brief is ideal but usually after one day I feel it’s too much material..

    Definitely agree more fabric in underwear choice depends on the weather at hand.

    The density of the fabric also plays a big role.

  6. Tacoronte says:

    I am one of those who changes underwear depending on whether it is summer or winter.

    In summer thongs and string bikinis.
    In winter, briefs and some bikinis.

    Never boxers or boxerbriefs.

  7. JR2 says:

    For the most part I keep the same routine of wearing thongs and string bikinis. I do though usually keep my lighter weight ones for the summer months. I have a some bikinis and thongs that are made out neoprene that are perfect for wearing in colder temps. When I do wear long johns, I still wear my skimpy underwear underneath them.

  8. Jeff says:

    I seem to be opposite of most here. I’ve been wearing cotton bikinis and briefs in the heat and then usually thongs of any sort in the winter underneath running leggings I wear as long underwear.

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