Unrealistic Underwear Advertising

Unrealistic Underwear Advertising

This topic transpired a bit from a comment my wife made a little bit ago. She’s made it before and I’ve thought the same thing in the past. It is both in men’s and women’s underwear advertising. Why are we doing underwear advertising with photos of models dressed in ways and in places that aren’t typical of underwear wearing.

The example my wife commented on was a model in her underwear wearing matching neon yellow high top shoes. Another one was several models in their underwear outside. I’m thinking it was in a field, but it was a place you wouldn’t be in your undies with your friends. I’ve seen plenty of ads in places outside you wouldn’t be just wearing your underwear. Earlier today it was a guy in his underwear with a vest, hat, and boots sitting on rocks fishing. Anyone really do that? Yeah, I’ve seen Bear Grylls strip down to his underwear to try and keep his clothes dry when crossing frigid water. If there wasn’t cameras he probably would have gone nude. Though thinking he may have done that in an episode. I’m not a fan of these unrealistic ads. Maybe if they are for promoting a feature or name of the pair then that would be fine.

My biggest pet peeve with underwear advertising is photos at the beach. Why are they promoting wearing underwear at the beach. It’s especially annoying with pairs that are obviously just underwear. I see enough underwear sticking out of swim shorts at the beach I don’t need to see underwear advertising done on the beach.

If it isn’t just going to be shots in a studio then I want to see real world situations. Ergowear had some good male and female shots lounging around the house. A photographer I’ve been a fan of that has done work for the brand Dietz is Bikkio Photo on twitter. He’s done photos like shaving in the bathroom, which I do in my underwear. Others that come to mind, he’s done are reading on the couch, checking a smartphone in the house, and working in the kitchen. Also he’s done some great swimwear shots at pools. I’m sure there are other examples, but those are what come to mind.

Am I alone on this? What things bother you with the current advertising for men’s and/or women’s underwear or swimwear?

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  1. John says:

    I can’t say that seeing underwear photo shoots in not ordinary places bothers me. It’s an artistic expression and is designed to convey a mood. I find it kind of exciting to see what they come up with and think “would I do that?” I think from a marketing standpoint it sticks in your mind more. If you continually saw these ads in places that were day to day like shaving, etc. you wouldn’t really think twice. Put a model on a subway in crazy shoes and underwear? Makes you look twice.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Good points from a marketing perspective to try and grab the attention. I guess I’m not an artistic type person. I relate better to putting myself into the situation and I wouldn’t be able to do that with your subway example! Mainly I just care about getting an idea of how the pair looks over anything else. That goes for male or female underwear.

  2. T says:

    Have to agree with John that it doesn’t really bother me where the underwear is displayed. If I had to be slightly picky,I would say it would be nice to see the occasional “dad bod” modelling skimpy swim/underwear rather than the usual gym toned guys,just to prove that “ordinary” guys can look sexy in skimpy styles and shouldn’t feel they have to cover up just because they don’t measure up to the media’s idea of what sells men’s intimate apparel.

  3. Tacoronte says:

    I agree with the author in requesting more realistic underwear ads. I would like them to show normal people in normal places: at home (bedroom and bathroom), gym locker room, medical visit, …

    And already being famous people I only support the athletes, because some, like Rafael Nadal, David Beckham or, speaking of the past, Jim Palmer, have good advertisements of realistic underwear in dressing rooms.

    And some of Gregg Homme’s ads are elegant and realistic.

    I accept photos of models in a studio exclusively for the purpose of packaging them in underwear, but not for advertising in the press, posters or tv.

  4. DonS says:

    My viewing is mainly catalogues or websites. I don’t have any real problem with the displays on these.

    Perhaps my biggest complaint is using models that are not really suited to the style. I’m thinking of larger breasted models displaying swimwear bikinis when I thought bikinis (especially the tri-top styles) were meant for the smaller, slimmer woman to wear. Kiniki models seem to be the right size for their swimwear. They look like they can wear the bikini and get on with walking/swimming and not having to worry if they will have to push everything back in in a few minutes.

  5. Jason says:

    What always gets me is that women will buy swimwear and post photos of themselves wearing it on online shopping websites as part of the review on what they bought, but not bras & panties? Really, what’s the difference?! In some instances, the swimwear they wear is skimpier than the underwear they buy.

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