What kind of guy wears bikinis and thongs?

What kind of guy wears bikinis and thongs?

Does it take a particular type of guy to wear bikinis and/or thongs? I’d say sort of. Since starting blogging several years ago, I’ve talked to many guys over the years. We’ve all come from different walks of life. Some guys would be perceived as moncho while others not so. There’s not just one common sexual orientation. So the type of guy isn’t defined by certain categories that get stereotyped. There are some things that I think guys into bikinis and thongs have, but not really a particular type of guy.

First I think there is curiosity. We wonder what it would be like to wear a bikini and/or thong. With my admiration of women in them, I got very curious what it was like to wear sexy cut underwear. When I saw bikinis were available for guys I had to try them. Then I wondered about thongs after getting my hands on string bikinis and loved their fit and look. I’m still curious and try new brands, different fabrics and cuts of bikinis and thongs.

To some extent there has to be confidence. I know bikinis and thongs instill confidence in the wearer, but the guy has to have some. I mean you’re going against the norm in underwear, in which there are very strong stereotypes that bikinis and thongs are women’s underwear. Wearing bikini and thong swimsuits requires confidence, since most likely you’ll be the only guy in them. There might not be a lot of confidence in the beginning, but it grows over time. When you’ve worn them long enough and they are the norm in underwear for you that confidence grows.

I’d say guy bikini and thong wears are adventurous with a bit of risk taking. You have to be a little daring when going against the norm. For example on the extreme side, do you consider jumping out of a plane a norm? I wouldn’t and I’m not adventurous enough for that. I would say there are less people interested in that than are interested in it. So when you go against a norm I believe you have to have some adventurousness in you or maybe we’re more daring. The risk taking part is fairly low with underwear, but higher with swimwear. Really the risk is only being seen wearing them and probably more so by someone you know. You’re running the potential risk of being the butt end of a joke. I’m sure most of us heard many of the jokes that can be made about wearing underwear and swimwear against the norm. They’re always related to the stereotypes that are associated with them. There is more of a risk with swimwear than underwear with someone saying something negative about it. So far I’ve had no issues with wearing my swim briefs in public and not many know of my bikini and thong underwear. Guess I’m low on my adventureness and risk taking.

What other traits do you think most guys into skimpy underwear have?

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    No pun intended.
    You’ve got to have Balls.
    Look, simply put, you’ve got to have courage, confidence, and the balls.
    When I wear my skimpy bikinis, I hear the jokes, as well as the compliments. The jokes usually come from the guys, who deep down really lack the confidence, courage, and gusto.
    No pun intended, but a lot of guys today are “sissies”, in that they lack simple courage, confidence, and balls.
    I’m not trying to make this a pervy subject, but you know it all boils down to how confident you are in being you, and what you got.
    Now I’m 43 and what I have took time to develope, and yes I wish I had what I have now, then.

  2. T says:

    From a purely practical point,you probably need access to the internet and online shopping. Unless you are lucky enough to have a specialist underwear/swimwear store in your area,then your chances of walking into a department store on the high street and finding a selection of thongs,bikinis and g-strings for men are slim,to say the least. This would partly explain why so many guys wear dull boxers and boxer briefs,because that is all they,or whoever buys their underwear,see in the shops.
    The same goes for swimwear. You’ll be lucky to find a speedo among the rows of baggy board shorts,but go to a country like Italy and you’ll find speedos for sale in supermarkets and souvenir shops as well as regular menswear stores. That availability must be part of the reason that speedo type swimwear is still so popular with the local men.

    When it comes to the type of guys who do seek out the skimpier styles,if you take the followers of this blog as an example,you will find a group of guys of varying ages,sexuality,ethnic origins etc who might only have one thing in common,which is their mutual love of this blog’s subject matter.

    Nate is right when he mentions you have to be curious to begin with,then confident when you’ve made that choice,and then daring when it comes to being open with other people.
    There are a few newcomers to this blog who have tentatively negotiated their way along the journey to becoming more open and confident about their choices,but not every individual will necessarily reach the point where they would like to be. I’m sure there will be guys who regularly follow this blog who would love to wear a thong at the beach,or hang out their g-strings on their washing lines,but for various reasons,will never see that dream become a reality. Now I totally understand that local bylaws(banning thongs),hostile neighbours,peer pressure and volatile domestic situations,to name a few,would all prohibit someone from realizing their dream,but for those who are only being held back by their own lack of confidence,I would say give it a try. Believe me,there will come a time when you’ll look back and say “why did I let what others might think stop me from doing what I want?”

    Hopefully the ongoing support and encouragement found within this blog will help a few more guys achieve their goals.

  3. DrMarkin says:

    Crazy how a lot of people still think only gay guys wear thongs & speedos. They’re my fav and all of our friends have become accustomed to seeing me in g-strings at events where there are no children present. I had to have confidence when I started wearing them. My wife bought my first speedo. It was an Italian cut with a narrow pouch. When I first put it on, I felt completely exposed, but I wore it to the beach that day and never looked back. I tried my first thing shortly after that. It was from Prevail Sport and had an unlined pouch. My wife then purchased an unlined white g-string with a very tiny pouch. The first time I saw it I wondered how I could stuff everything inside it and still be legal! But, it worked and it was one of my favs until it wore out. I had to draw the line on c-strings and pouches, though: they simply don’t stay on and can lead to “embarrassing incidents”. I’m an exhibitionist, but I am not a flasher! I tried wearing a pouch on a friend’s boat. Needless to say, I wore my shorts most of the day. I had better success with the c-string until we started playing volleyball. Do any of you guys have a better way of wearing them so they’ll stay on? My absolute favorite is a yellow unlined g-string with clips at the pouch. It is super comfortable and I can wear it all day with no issues. I once had a friend ask if I’ve ever gotten sunburned cheeks and the answer is “no”. I’m Italian, so I’m naturally dark. Anyway, great post! I’m no Adonis, but I feel less is more when in the sun. I will be sad to have to put it all away since fall is officially here.

    • T says:

      Hi Dr.

      I’m sure you’ve been told before that you are lucky to have such a liberal minded wife who actively encourages you to wear your skimpiest undies and swimsuits. Too many women are scared to admit that they like to see guys in speedos or butt revealing thongs.

      I didn’t realize you were Italian,but it goes without saying that lots of Italian guys are not shy about baring their bodies in revealing speedos.

      Had to laugh at the image of you playing volleyball in a c-string. They are definitely not made to be worn during active sports,but are great for sunbathing when you can’t be completely naked. On my most recent trip to Sicily,I got swamped by a huge wave at the nudist zone and my c-string(which I wasn’t wearing at the time), was washed away along with my Italian phrasebook(lol). The best,and possibly the only way to keep one on is to wear a cock ring and loop the tail through it before pulling it up between your butt cheeks. I’m sure I saw that tip on this blog some time ago,and it definitely works.

    • Black Stallion says:

      Those c strings aren’t very practical, but I have found that of you wear a c ring below the base, that will keep the c string securely in place.

  4. Greg says:

    My journey into thong wearing began when I received a catalog in the mail that was full of products of various interests that you could contact for more information. That is where I discovered Prevail Sport, so I sent a request for their catalog. Through the years I became a confirmed thong addict thanks to Prevail.
    My curiosity began when I would occasionally go into a “gentleman’s club” to watch scantily-clad women. That was where I got my first good look at thongs, and became an instant fan. The women didn’t seem bothered by the strap disappearing into their crack, and I grew very curious about trying a thong.
    I am now in my retirement years, but my love for thongs has not diminished at all. I wouldn’t wear a thong in a public setting, such as the beach, but I enjoy feeling sexy while having one on while going about my daily business. Nobody can see my thong underneath my clothing anyway, so no one knows about my naughty little secret.

    • T says:

      Hi Greg,

      I would have thought your occasional visits to a “gentlemen’s club” to watch near naked women gyrate in front of you would have been more of a “naughty little secret” than your thong wearing,but each to their own(lol). I do agree about the mail order catalogues opening up the possibilities for new and exciting purchases.The Kiniki brochures certainly had that effect on me.

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Great post

    I’d go with athletic, sex appeal and body positive for myself.

    I’ve seen a few guys mention and post that they do it for themselves. How they look and feel makes it a top choice.

    Including comfort in the hot days, or flexibility for certain activities.

  6. DonFile says:

    As a previous poster noted, it’s hard to find good men’s bikini’s and thongs. When my wife saw what was out there she said that the women’s department had a much bigger selection. So I stared wearing women’s bikini’s and thongs. The work wonderfully for me. I love how they feel and the quality and selection are fantastic. You have to be careful to find pairs that work to hold everything in but when you find something that works, stick with them and get more before they change the style.

    Around the pool I wear my speedo, it took awhile for people to get used to it but now it’s just normal and no one cares anymore.

  7. emmanuel says:

    What bikini and thong are in the pic? Could you show links to buy?
    I like them.

  8. DonS says:

    One aspect I haven’t seen mentioned is that of body size/shape. We here cover the range of male fitness and body build, so anyone who thinks a man must be a body-builder, or a slob, to wear such underwear styles is clearly mistaken. Plus we know there are going to be wearers of these underwear and swimwear styles who don’t read this forum yet, who are likewise going to be all possible shapes. I’d say it takes someone who appreciates his body build, whatever it might be, to wear the skimpier styles of underwear.

    With swimwear, it needs to be all the above plus the guts to show the body in all its imperfections.

  9. David_nc says:

    Well like you said, the guy that has confidence. As others mentioned they can be well built and physically fit to the average body to even someone with extra weight. But they all have confidence in themselves to wear what makes them comfortable. They know that men are allowed to feel sexy, they are allowed to show off a little, and that their underwear doesn’t defy them. No matter your walk of life underwear should be more than just the first layer you put on.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I haven’t posted anything to this site for some time but I’m glad you’re still here. I only wear briefs or thongs. I used to live in California where in general it wasn’t a problem, although I had friends who would not go to the beach with me or invite them to their pool. I’m not living in Uruguay, which although is a pretty liberal place, men’s swimwear tastes are as conservative as they are in the US. Nobody has said anything to me, maybe because Brazil is right next door and while Uruguayans on the whole don’t wear them, they know others do. I’ve always enjoyed the comfort of a brief. I find beach shorts uncomfortable.

    I got accustomed to wearing briefs when I visited Europe as a younger man and I’ve never gone away from that habit. I’ve been reading articles about how their making a comeback. I hope so.

    • T says:

      Hi Jonathan. It’s always good to have someone return to the fold.Have to say I was shocked to read that some of your so called friends refused to go to the beach with you or invite you to their pools because you like to wear briefs or a thong instead of the dreaded board shorts. Sounds like they might have been jealous of the attention you would receive from the people who like to see a guy wearing something that makes him stand out from the sheep. And as you say,you find briefs more comfortable than beach shorts,so why compromise to fit in with your narrow minded pals?

  11. Jonathan says:

    I was never shocked or offended really. And it was never a “if you want to wear that you can’t come” it was more of “what will you wear?”. Anyway, nice to see that you’re still here.

  12. Danny says:

    I think a lot of younger guys don’t differentiate between bikini vs full briefs. Most people my age, 42, hear the word “brief” and think of the giant oversized tighty-Whiteys, which used to be so common. Back then, those of us who wore bikinis in school really stood out.
    These days, there doesn’t seem to be as much difference between a brief and a bikini. Unless you go all the way to a string bikini.
    At my gym, most young people are wearing trunks or of long-leg boxer briefs. Most of the guys over 35 are wearing low rise briefs or occasionally bikini style underwear. In dark colors.

  13. swimmer78 says:

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum so I’m a little late on this discussion but this is a great topic. You nailed it about having confidence, curiosity and being daring. Those qualities are certainly requisite for experimenting bikini briefs and thongs, especially as you said with swimwear. We are basically defying gender norms engrained in our culture and risk being stereotyped for the skimpy styles we like to wear.    

    I’d say the kind of guy who wears these styles is secure in his masculinity and sexuality, whether he is straight, gay or somewhere in between.  He is at ease with who he is and his choices or is at least working to become that way. He is also comfortable enough with his body image. He doesn’t seek or need the approval of others. Although our culture says so, your choice in underwear/swimwear does not define your masculinity. One can still be “manly” and wear speedos, bikinis and thongs.

    Now those are obviously high ideals. In reality many of us struggle internally with the courage to wear bikinis/thongs without fear of judgement or ridicule. Some guys have a spouse or partner that doesn’t approve and this makes it very difficult. I’m lucky that my wife is cool with my underwear and swimwear choices. For me wearing swim briefs has been a journey for the last 5 years. I’m in a conservative part of the country and I still have to work up the courage to don them at public beaches. I hope to eventually get to the point where I don’t think twice about it. I also try not to be shy changing in the locker room where I swim. It’s a process and a journey.

    I wear bikinis and briefs for myself. I like the comfort and lift they give my manhood and the way they make me feel sexy. Men should be allowed to express our sexuality and wear what we want.

    I swim regularly and speedos are by far the best thing to wear in the water. Where we live its warm most of the year and bikini underwear make the most sense to wear in that climate. I don’t have any thong underwear yet but hopefully will buy my first pair soon.

    • T says:

      Welcome to the blog. Always good to hear the experiences of new followers. I’m sure you will enjoy going back through the extensive list of previous topics here and also on the forum,which you can join via the link at the top of this page. On the subject of buying your first thong underwear,Nate(the founder of this blog),is the perfect guy to advise on what might best suit you,and by coincidence,has just posted his top 5 favourite thongs.

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