Bodysuits for the Guys

I was interacting with Leandro from Tigerheat Productions about a bodysuit he has come up with and I realized I never discussed the topic here. So I thought it is time to cover them. I did write a post for Underwear News Briefs on them in the past. Read it here.

Bodysuits are something that most probably think less about for guys even more so than bikinis and thongs. If you look at them as underwear and an undershirt in one then you can see an advantage for them. Your undershirt won’t be coming untucked if it is part of a bodysuit. I have tried both thong cut and bikini/brief cut bodysuits though it has been quite a while. They became more of a sleepwear option for me though. I suppose I could see them work probably for exercising too.

My problem with them for all day wear is being able to go to the bathroom. Depending on the bodysuit they aren’t made that easy to allow you to do so. A couple I tried you’d either have to slip yourself out the side to pee or take your shirt off too. For number two, you have to do the shirt removal method to slip the bodysuits top off to pull them down. Then I found a pair with snaps in the crotch. That helps with number two, but if you unsnapped them at a urinal you’d probably look silly trying to get them resnap. Guess slipping out the side would make the snap one better for everyday wear. So the ones I tried just seemed like better choice for short time wear or as PJs.

Bodysuits seemed to have evolved, since I last tried one. I have seen some different bodysuits over the past year or so. Some have been made to look more like a tight fitting t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, and even ones that had hoods. Some designed with exercise in mind. Others inspired by showing what you got. Probably the brand I’ve seen the biggest expansion in bodysuits is Body Aware. Their YogaAware Bodysuit is one that tempts me to really give a bodysuit another try even though it wouldn’t be easy for using a bathroom. Rufskin’s Dive looks like it would be a great option for workouts. Doesn’t look like Pistol Pete offers the ones they had that really looked like shirts though Body Aware recently added one that has a regular tank top look called Simply Stripes Bodysuit.

If you liked the 80s thong bodysuit the ladies wore as exercise outfits then Leandro from Tigerheat Productions has one in a similar fashion for us guys. Here’s what he says about his bodysuit.

The idea around that model definitely comes from the vintage world, especially from the man bathing suits of the 30’s, a touch of circus feeling along with wrestlers of the 80’s but definitely in a modern way. Considering the strong enterance that the female bodysuit made in these last 5 years (with a very sexy American Apparel image), I wanted to give something similar for guys and men.
The difference with the most man bodysuits you can find on web is that it’s surely higher cut on the crotch and it exposes the chest more (thinner straps and lower cut); the purpose of my bodysuit, shaping the body form so good, is to feel sexy (for a man of EVERY AGE – I tried it on and looks great also on 50 years old guy) and edgy at the same time.

This one definitely allows you to show things off. If you are interested in Leandro’s bodysuit, then contact him through Facebook or email him at [email protected].

Have you tried a bodysuit? What’s your thoughts on them? Any recommendations on one?

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. Just read your UNB post on this subject,and I have to say you made me howl with laughter when you used the term ” to go potty” when describing the difficulties of going to the toilet when wearing a one piece bodysuit. I thought…. there speaks a man with very young children(lol). That expression,and the “horrible backdoor hygiene” comment used by one of your followers on the Thong vs Jockstrap post have to be the funniest lines on your blog(so far).
    Can’t say I’ve ever tried a bodysuit like the one in the photo,but I will admit to having the dreaded “mankini” in my wardrobe and also a very skimpy leotard type thing that you pull over your head and step into, allowing the very narrow strip of fabric to go between your legs(similar to a mankini,but with only one strap). Have never wore either of them for long enough to have issues with going to the toilet,but they would obviously give you the same logistical problems as the ones you describe. Just imagine the panic if you felt the sudden,unexpected urge to “go potty” in a public place,and you were faced with the prospect of having to remove your upper clothing before reaching the sanctuary of that welcoming seat and the relief of dropping the kiddies off at the pool. I bet that shirt would come off quicker than Clark Kent in a telephone box.
    I think I’m right in saying that some male gymnasts wear these one piece bodysuits when competing, to lessen the chances of their private parts popping out while doing their floor exercises etc.
    Don’t really see these suits taking off in a big way,and I,for one,will gladly give them a body swerve(groan).

    • Young they are, but growing fast. I have tried one quite like the photos either. Lower the bottom cut and raise the scoop in the neck then it probably be a little closer to the thong one I’ve tried. I agree that gymnasts probably do wear a bodysuit. Thinking probably dancers and maybe acrobats. I don’t see them taking off either, but I can see them as an option to pull out of the drawer for certain times.

  2. T says:

    Must give credit to BJ for the hilarious ” horrible backdoor hygiene” comment on the thongs vs jockstrap post. Mind you,it does shed light on an intimate subject that hitherto has not been touched upon in this blog(as far as I’m aware). When you read negative comments from non thong wearing people using terms like “yuk” and “disgusting” when describing guys who wear thongs,they are probably imagining we all must walk about with more skid marks than a Formula One racetrack(if their own underpants are anything to go by),when in fact,the complete opposite is true. Every thong/g-string wearer is surely aware of the paramount importance of having impeccable “backdoor” hygiene at all times.
    Not sure if this is a topic that would be considered suitable for a future post on the blog,but it could be useful to people who are considering trying thongs for the first time, but have concerns with this particular issue.

  3. DonS says:

    In addition to the issue that has been raised about them, here are another two based on what I have heard some women complain about one-piece bathers. Some women are a bit long in the body for one-pieces to be comfortable, so this could be an issue for male bodysuits. Another issue is that one-pieces can be hot to wear if the wearer is not in water, overly warm might be an issue for these bodysuits.

    They are not something that appeal to me. It’s like more of the body is covered than I require, just as this is the complaint I have about trunks and other similar styles of men’s underwear.

    • Good points. I can see length being an issue especially with a thong cut. I seem to run warmer than others, so warmth would be a concern for me too. Guess the type of material would be a factor on how warm.

  4. JM says:

    Body suits for guys have been around for ages. Consider, if you will, the wrestling singlet. I prefer wearing a wrestling singlet when doing aerobic exercise like treadmill, biking, elliptical, etc. I’ll generally also wear a spandex shirt over it, too. Peeling off that wet spandex after a workout is petty hot.

  5. Bill says:

    I have been wearing bodysuit underwear for about 20 years. I prefer the t-shirt, full brief bottom snap crotch style. I find them very comfortable and practical. There is no bunching at the waist and the t-shirt won’t pull up.

  6. William says:

    Bodysuits are probably the most practical underwear for men to wear. I have replaced all of my traditional underwear with bodysuits. With the high cut legs, there is no problem with peeing. With a snap crotch using the bathroom is no problem. It is great to see that there are a lot of men’s bodysuits available for purchase.

  7. Joe says:

    I have the B.A thong bodysuit it’s very comfortable fits right to sizing as well which is a plus. My only gripe is the material makes you heat up real quick.. the price is right for what you get cause it’s well made.. quick delivery.. I would love one that’s long sleeve and cotton with a percentage of spandex that would be great..

  8. Peter Bee says:

    Hi BD,
    I wear one pretty much 24/7. I wear one whether it’s hot or cold outside. I have a good supply of them in my closet. They’re good as a pair of undershorts and a tee shirt. Love it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      What brands and styles of them do you like?

      • Peter Burnham says:

        I like mostly the styles with the high cut legs, and even the thongs are fun to wear too. I wear most anything, the ones that have shortened legs or the styles that have the zippers down the front.

  9. Seattle Guy says:

    I bought my first bodysuit –a long sleeve henley style– 14 years ago and probably own about ten now. Tried the leotard style, but the lack of an opening at the crotch is impractical. My favorite styles are the polo (with snaps), worn with shorts, and a woven shirt with zipper front (I think it was designed for dancers), and with long sleeves and a snap opening. Bodysuits are great for avoiding the untucked shirt issue, but it’s also weird if your out with friends and you know you’re the only one who can’t untuck his shirt. I also have a few of the t-shirt style (with snaps at the bottom), that are great wearing under a sweater since the t-shirt top and the sweater aren’t doing the twisting/bunching thing.

    The first times I tried them I felt self-conscious but that went away quickly.

  10. Bill says:

    I only wear bodysuit underwear. T-shirt top, brief bottom, with snaps.

  11. Sherry says:

    What’s the problem with a male bodysuit? None. Fashion is in the eye of the the person wearing it. To pee, just sit and pull the cover to the side. They’re a great undergarment.

  12. Peter0527 says:

    When I do #2, I totally disrobe if the article has no snap at the crotch. I’m sort of a nudist and love the bodysuit. I wear them 24/7 pretty much.

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