Review: Kiniki Newton Tanga

Review of Kiniki Newton Tanga

The Newton range is a recent release from Kiniki. I wanted to try out this range because it’s made of microfiber. Microfiber is suppose to be good for moisture wicking and quick drying. Along with some breathability. All great for active wear and even everyday wear. Great for hot summer days. The Newton range is a blend of 92% microfiber and 8% lycra.

Let’s take a look at the Newton Tanga. Recently I did a post “men in women’s underwear.” I mentioned some of the pairs I own could be mistaken for women’s panties. This is definitely a pair that fits the category. It features a flat front seamless pouch. Also kind of has a slinky look and feel that some women’s underwear has. I decided to try this pair because I’m a fan of string bikinis and I like less than full backs. Ones that stay in place though. Kiniki calls this pair a half back, but they are a conservative half back. If it looked like a true half back, I’d probably would have passed on this pair. Their Kelly Tanga I have features a smaller back and is an example of one that does not stay in place. I’m happy to say with normal day wear this tanga did not become a wedgie. It stayed in place well. I’m guessing it would have a hard time not becoming a wedgie with things more active than walking.

Another concern with string bikinis is the waistband not being tight enough to keep the pair in place. I’ve had to size down with some brand’s string bikinis to help keep them up where I like them. This pair the waistband does a pretty good job. It does seem to move down a slight bit from where I initially place them over time. Still for the waistband being 3/8″ it does a great job holding everything pretty solidly. The flat front pouch does hold the boys pretty well. Would of liked the pouch to be a bit narrower of a v. When I first pulled this pair out of the package I couldn’t tell for sure which was the front or back. Typically you go by the tag in the back center of the waistband. Kiniki doesn’t always put them there. With this pair it is sewn into the side back. Now the front of these are just a tad smaller than the back I think the pouch would still have plenty of room for the goods if they made the front narrower.

Overall it’s a decent string bikini. It does the job for everyday wear for me. Main thing I’d want is a narrower pouch on it. Maybe even a center seamed contour one like the thong version of it. Review of the thong coming in the feature. Typically the pouch isn’t a big deal breaker for me, but I think because I have tried the thong it makes it harder to like the flat pouch on the tanga. I feel the front looks a bit bulky on me, so I’ve been debating no or one thong up for it. Decided I can go with a half thong up. I’ll be wearing the string bikini, but may or may not buy another color.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Half a thong up

Pros: Skimpy back stays in place
Cons: tag placement, can become lower on hips slightly over time, feel pouch looks bulky

Additional Photos
Kiniki Newton Tanga frontKiniki Newton Tanga BackKiniki Newton Tanga Pouch
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