Review: Tropical Thongs Super Slim ED Thong

Tropical Thongs Super Slim ED ThongMy last review was the Tropical Thongs Classic Thong, which didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Now it was actually recommended to me to try this particular style from them over the classic. I do gravitate to the skimpier thong cuts over the classic traditional cut a lot of the time. It is however always nice to have a variety of thong and bikini cuts in the drawer.

Here’s a quick look at some of the details of this thong. It is a blend of nylon and spandex. For some reason they do not give the percentage of the blend that I have found. The pouch of the thong is a center seamed contour pouch. The pouch is their extra deep pouch, which I’ll comment on more in a bit. The sides of the thong measure in around 1” while the tail is about ¾”. It is recommended to hand wash these in cool water with mild soap and then to hang them to dry. The thong is made in the USA.

This cut of a thong is really pretty much the cut I have been liking for thongs. It’s a slimmed down traditional cut thong. The narrower cut of the back at the top I feel gives a more consistent comfort fit of the tail. Then the narrower pouch design cups and holds the package in place very well. I feel this material is a heavier weight than the material of the classic thong I tried. I’m not 100% sure on that or if it is just the thong design that makes it feel like a clingier more firm fit. Would help maybe in deciding that if they would post the percentages of the material. For me it is a nice weight of fabric that works well for underwear. Probably be fine for swimwear too, since that seems to be how they advertise their items. Since I haven’t tried the non ED version of the thong I can’t really compare how much deeper it is. Though I wouldn’t say this pouch is made for someone packing it in that department. I find it being a nice snug fit, so the extra deep pouch isn’t extra deep compared to other thongs out there. To me it is just right for me and I’m not packing it down there!

Overall I really like the fit of this thong and the material of the fabric. It molds well to the package and is comfortable all the way around. For me it is a winning cut. I would go with this slim cut over the classic. Based on the fit of this thong I’d say go with the ED version though I am interested in the comparison of the non extra deep version. Tropical Thongs does do 15% discounts somewhat regularly, so keep an eye out for one of those sales. They are worth at least giving a try.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating:

Overall Comfort:

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Two thongs up

Pros: Overall cut is great, nice fabric with cling, great support
Cons: None

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Tropical Thongs Super Slim ED Thong frontTropical Thongs Super Slim ED Thong backTropical Thongs Super Slim ED Thong pouch

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  1. Jimmy says:

    This is basically the “Micro” cut that does, either thong or bikini, only you can get it in 1/2″ sides. I have several. Yes, Ron is more expensive (almost double), but each suit is custom, and so not limited by just a few prints or colors. Frankly, though the suits look great, I can’t find a fabric in the Tropical line I would wear. They get just a big girly, and with this cut, that’s the wrong direction for me. There’s nothing wrong with solids in primary colors. I have a green that I wear more than the others, which are animal prints. I can’t do the flashy foils. No flowers or leaves either.

    Would somebody please make a peacock feather print thong in real peacock blue and green colors? That’s a flash I’d wear.

  2. Mike says:

    Wow! I love these, where can I get a pair?
    The cut and colour is just perfect to me, the material sounds great too.
    So support, comfort and tail comfort are all 5’s, I wonder what they have to do to get 3 thongs up 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mike says:

      Found them on eBay, Aud$35, not bad, but the postage from the States is Aud$33, rediculous! 😢😢

      • DonS says:

        Same here. I’ve ordered another style from them and postage cost = item cost.

      • The Bottom Drawer says:

        That is very expensive for shipping. Here’s the link to the website. Don’t know if shipping would be any different or not. You at least can use a promo code on the site when there is one.

        • DonS says:

          It’s First Class International Post. The only alternative was USD 66! I’ll check the cost of the stamp once it arrives, plus allow a cost for the Postpak. JovanaDesign charges GBP 11.00 for postage, and with a cost of GBP 9.45 plus pack cost she’s not really making anything out of the postal charges. That’s fair by me.

          • DonS says:

            Unfortunately there was no way to tell the actual postage charge. So I’ll have to assume they are catering for someone buying a few items so that the postage cost is sufficient to cover their cost.

  3. DonS says:

    Based on what you wrote in the previous review, and the realisation that I have yet to wear g-string swimwear, I ordered one of the regular pouch g-strings last week. It seemed to me that the ED version was going to be too deep and more for those who prefer a looser fit, whereas I want a tight fit. But now reading this review it makes me wonder if I have chosen the right version. If what I have ordered is too small to contain an erection, and it is one of those styles that slips down to expose the base of the penis, then I know I not going to be allowed to wear it publicly, and I would not do so anyway. I’ll have to wait for it to arrive to test it. There was a mid-pouch style, but there were not many items to choose from in that category.

    I also could not find anything about the fabric used, except that every item was from a nylon/spandex blend. Other swimsuit manufacturers use a 80:20 mix, so probably the same here, but it’s a shame it’s not specified.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      On the g-strings it kind of looks like the pouches are different, but that is going by the photos. To me the ED does look more roomy, so maybe with the g-strings are different. The classic cut one I have is roomier and not as snug as the extra deep slim cut thong. I also feel the classic cut thong I got has more stretch to the fabric. So maybe the g-string will be fine. Let us know what you find out.

      • DonS says:

        It’s utter junk. There is probably nothing wrong with the design, it’s that the whole thing is too loose. There is no way this could be worn as swimwear as is. I would not even go for a walk in it in public.

        A “bulge enhancer” pouch should at least offer good support, but this doesn’t offer adequate, and so has no hope of enhancing the bulge. I’ll try tightening it to see if that improves the fit.

        The company probably only sees the cost as $24.99, but for the customer the real cost is the item and postage costs, then the currency exchange and the credit card currency conversion fee.

        I have enough experience now with internet shopping to know to expect nothing much, and then be occasionally surprised by something really good. It’s still disappointing when something bought in good faith is so poor. How would a first-timer feel, expecting something well fitting and feeling great only to be given this item. No wonder so many men just don’t bother with skimpy underwear or swimwear.

        • DonS says:

          I’ve tried it again, this time tightening the straps by hand to make a comfortable fit. The tail strap will need 5 cm removed and 2 cm from each side of the waist strap. At least it’s a ring-back so should be easy enough to alter. That amount of slack suggests it is Medium but labelled as a Small. Once again an internet shopping company with no quality control. Tightened like this, it feels not too bad. I’m not so sure it is a bulge enhancer, more like a bulge displayer.

          One comment received is that by wearing something like this we are just covered by a small piece of thin, tight fabric that offers just about no protection, so we need to be careful of impact injury to that region.

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