Bodyaware – Denim Thong Review

Bodyaware Denim Thong ReviewThis men’s thong gives you the look of a denim fabric, but is made of 85% nylon and 15% Lycra. The thong offers great support and could be worn for any active activities like sports. It will keep you right where you belong. These can get uncomfortable in the back especially after wearing them a while. Not sure if that is due to the snug fit or the fabric or both, so I’d recommend them for someone use to wearing a thong. The denim thong offers a seamed v shaped front pouch, 1″ sides, and 1/2″ wide tail. I machine wash and normally hang them to dry and they’re still looking great. Bodyaware does not offer this model anymore.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Tail Comfort: 3.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up
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