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Kiniki Riviera Bikini Swim BriefI’ve been buying from Kiniki’s for many years now. They’re one of a few online places I found when I first got into bikinis and thongs. For some reason I hadn’t bought from them in a while, so I finally hit them up and got some new gear from them. I thought I’d start with the swim brief with it being summer. This is the third swim bikini I bought from them. I have their Amazon swim tanga in lime, which you can see here. I also have a half back from them called Cobra that they no longer have, so I never reviewed it. Though I believe there is a photo in a past blog post of me in it. This is my favorite of the three I’ve tried so far.

Ok, on with the review of my new swim bikini brief from Kiniki called Riviera. I decided on this one because it stated a 3/4 back. Plus it looks sexy while I still feel like it is appropriate for any beach. When I first slipped the bikini on, I fell in love with them. I really like how they fit. They’re a snug fit, so should be no problem keeping them on. They do have a drawstring with plastic on the ends for extra security. For me I think they are the perfect cut. The right amount of coverage all the way around. Nice narrow sides at around 1 1/2″, so shows off the legs and no restriction on the thighs. You get to show a little of the cheeks with the 3/4 back. Then the front pouch is what I’ll call a moderate pouch with it not being too full.

The pouch does have a lining of mesh looking fabric. It is also a center seamed pouch. You get the hump look with this pouch instead of the outline of your privates. I think that is a good thing to have with a swim brief to make it family beach appropriate in my opinion. The fabric is a nylon lycra blend. It kind of reminds me of the material the original Speedo Solar was made of. More stretch to them over the lycra Xtra life they were made of now. The Riviera swim brief is recommended to be hand wash warm and hung to dry. One thing I don’t like about some of Kiniki’s stuff is where they put the tag. Like on this swim brief it is sewn into the side of the back. If you don’t pay attention it could be hanging out there.

Even though I don’t need them, I’m tempted to get the other colors, which at the moment are black, lemon, and white. Probably would only be able to brave wearing the black one to a beach though. I think this is a pretty solid swim bikini brief especially for the price. I might at least add the black one next time I make an order from Kiniki.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up
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Kiniki Riviera Bikini Swim Brief FrontKiniki Riviera Bikini Swim Brief BackKiniki Riviera Bikini Swim Brief PouchKiniki Riviera Bikini Swim Brief Lining
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  1. T says:

    I always get nostalgic whenever the Kiniki name appears in your posts,so this time I decided to check my swimwear drawer to see how many costumes I have with the Kiniki label. I was quite surprised to find 13 in total. I don’t remember all the names,but here is a brief(ha!ha!)rundown……..
    1 tan through thong(very sexy and pouch becomes transparent when wet).
    1 tan through half back tanga(comfortable pouch,string sides and narrow back).
    1 purple thong(lined pouch that tends to flatten your package).
    1 half back low rise tanga(the pouch and back have lots of miniature pictures of what could be movie posters from a bygone age. One of my favourite tangas).
    1 purple tanga with a snakeskin design(very tight fitting and sexy half back).
    1 white “Cuba tanga(a fairly recent purchase. Sexy half back, but pouch squashes package too much).
    I white tanga(similar to the Cuba,but narrower where front meets back).
    4 “Andre” bikini briefs in purple,red,black and turquoise(nylon lycra,skin tight,unlined front which clings to your bulge and shows what you are packing.
    Three quarter back which fits like a second skin,so, definitely not for the shy guys).
    1 black bikini brief in nylon lycra(very low cut front,back and sides. Even skimpier than the “Andre” brief and unusually for a black costume,slightly see through. This would be a big hit with the bulgetastic Italian guys).
    1 black Amazon tanga(probably my least favourite tanga. Pouch too tight and flattens your package,and I absolutely hate the full back).
    Very few of these swimsuits see the light of day now,and there are some,particularly the tangas with the package flattening pouches,that have never made it to the beach. I don’t think I would purchase another swimsuit from Kiniki until I knew for sure that they had changed the design of their Tanga pouches. I much prefer the two Daniel Alexander Brazilian tangas that I bought more recently.
    Anyway BD, have you managed to achieve your goal this year of wearing a swim brief out in public? I hope the answer is a big YES!!!

    • Quite a few suits you have from them.

      What do you think of the tan through material? Does it have stretch?

      Does the Cuba back stay in place? I figured the pouch of that one would be like the Amazon one.

      I’ve been eyeing Andre as an option some time.

      Seems like they’ve been making their tangas with the flat front for quite a while now. You would think they’d try a contoured pouch one too for some variety.

      We haven’t made it to the local beach as of yet this year, so haven’t found out if I have the courage yet to just do it.

      • t says:

        Hi BD. I wish I had kept some of the many catalogues that I’ve received from Kiniki over the years, so that I could put a name to some of the styles that I still have in my collection.
        The tan through material in the tanga I have does stretch,but I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of its claims to tan the usually hidden parts of the body. I never wore it for any length of time,so can’t say that it works.

        The Cuba back is probably as narrow as any in the Kiniki range,but once again,due to the flattening pouch,I never wore it again after the initial try on.Same story with the Amazon tanga.

        I see that the Andre micro swim brief is still advertised in the catalogue,and the photos of the guy posing in the suits leave you in no doubt that they are very tight and very revealing. You can see through them when you hold them up to your face in normal daylight (never mind a bright light)and that includes the black pair. By all means you should try them,but be prepared to turn a few heads,especially if you wear them in the up position.

        While I’m on here,it’s good to see that you seem to be getting more replies to some of your posts,which is encouraging.
        Don’t know if you’ve covered the topic of men who wear thongs specifically made for women(I don’t) rather that actual men’s thongs?

        Hope you make the beach SOON!

        • I know what you mean by saving the catalog. A lot of mine I do have physical receipts or email receipts I can look up a pair if I forget. There are the Internet Archives that allows you to look at sites at certain times in the past.

          I read a women’s review on one of their bikinis and it says it does allow the sun through for tanning, but not like exposed skin. Guess you probably want a little at a time in those areas anyhow.

          If the Andre is too defining then probably make it backyard wear or off the beaten track wear. The goal is at some point to get a pool, but won’t be until we stop paying for daycare.

          Yes, nice to get more comments.

          No, haven’t covered that, but have had people comment on wearing them. Have to think about where to take that one.

          I’ll see what I can do about that beach. Will at least get to the waters edge somewhere.

  2. Dan says:

    I came across your review again and dug out my Rivieras as it has been a while since I wore these and I’m glad I did. These really are the perfect swim brief for the beach and lounging around the pool. They are elasticated all long the seams so the fit is very snug but the cut allows them to sit on your behind and hips with a high leg. The seat is covers just enough to make them conservative and the lining helps too. They feel great to wear and are incredibly comfortable. I have them in a light blue so I may pick them up in a few other colours as they are a classic for me.

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