Review: Body Aware Eminence Tanga

Body Aware Eminence TangaBody Aware sent me this Eminence Tanga from their recently released Luxe Satin Collection to give it a try. Their Luxe Satin collection offers two thong options, two tanga options, a brief, a g-string, and a t-shirt. They’re offering them all in four colors: black, blue, teal, and red. The items are available in the sizes from small to 3XLarge.

The Eminence Tanga reminds me of a tanga I bought from Body Aware years ago, which I believe was called Cinco. Not sure if it was a similar material, but it had a shine to it too. The Cinco had the o-ring accents on the waistband too, but they were plastic. The Eminence Tanga’s o-rings are some type of metal.

The tanga or string bikini is made of a high-gloss mirror satin, which only the outside has the shine and slippery satin feel. The fabric is a blend of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. The sides of this bikini measure in at about 3/8″. I’m calling the back cut a 3/4 back. The pouch doesn’t feature a center seam contour, but it has some slight contouring at the base of the pouch. The overall look when on is a flat front pouch. The pouch and waistband are connected with gold metal o-ring accents. The bikini can be machine washed cool and tumble dry low. I’ll still be hanging mine to dry. The tanga is made in China.

This pair is kind of a Body Aware throwback style for me with the Cinco pair I used to have. The Eminence is a fun little pair. Ever since seeing women’s satin underwear, I’ve been drawn to the smooth satiny feel and shiny look of it. The spandex incorporated into the nylon gives this pair the stretch it needs to give some molding to your body. It’s not a completely firm holding mold on the package. It helps give the pair decent support for non active daily wearing. I could see it as a nice lounging around the house pair. Might be fun to pair it with the shirt they offer in the Luxe Satin. The back stays in place fairly well. Doesn’t stay in place for a fully smooth rear look. Body Aware does show a photo on the red pair with the unsmooth look. It doesn’t become a wedgie, but bunches some.

I find sizing on string bikinis sometimes needing to be sized down for a better waistband fit. I did consider it and Body Aware offered to send me two sizes. I ended up deciding to stick with my normal size. With how I like to wear it, I feel it was the right choice. I like my side higher on the hip. With this being a low rise bikini front and back, I can pull sides up higher and that snugs the pair out fairly well for me. If you like your sides even with the pouch and rear then you may want to consider sizing down depending on the snugness you like.

As I mentioned this is a low rise pair. I don’t always have a lot of luck with low rises not sliding down to show more rear than I like. For me this tanga does well covering what I want covered a majority of the time. I have found what pants I’m wearing also help with how this pair sits, fits, and even feels on. Another concern that you might be wondering about is those metal rings. Do they dig in and leave marks? I personally have no issues with them digging into me. They also don’t leave any obvious indentation marks. At least no more than the elastic for holding the bikini in place.

I’m a big fan of the string bikini/tanga cut. The Eminence Tanga is a pretty solid one. It is a little lower of a rise than I normally prefer. Luckily it does a good job of not really creeping down, so that earns it points. It’s not a fabric you’ll find much of in my drawer and for me the shiny, sleek look of the fabric is alluring. Overall it is a pretty good fitting tanga. I wouldn’t mind it to be a little more snug fitting and maybe a fully center seamed contour pouch. Though the fully smooth pouch look goes well with the shine of the fabric.

I’ve been debating on what to rate this pair in my head. It is one I like, but is it one I would want multiple in my underwear drawer (how a pair gets two thongs up). Guess my answer is maybe. It’s a bit of the price that holds me back from saying I want multiple in my drawer. As my regulars know, I’m a budget minded spender though underwear and swimwear sometimes makes it hard. I’d probably wait for the pair to come to the end of its offering to add more of them to my drawer at their sale price. If I had bought this pair at full price myself, I would not have been disappointed with my purchase at all. I’d say if you like the look of any of the pairs in Body Aware’s Luxe Satin line then consider giving them a try. As I’ve probably said in all of my reviews of their stuff, Body Aware’s quality has always been solid.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating:

Overall Comfort:

1.5 thongs up

Pros: Shiny, sleek, slippery feeling fabric
Cons: A little on the low rise for me

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Body Aware Eminence Tanga frontBody Aware Eminence Tanga backBody Aware Eminence Tanga pouch

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  1. T says:

    Very eye-catching Tanga with the shiny material and metal rings on either side of the pouch. Reminds me of some of the Kiniki Tangas I still have from many years ago. Judging by Nate’s review, it would appear to be on the pricey side which has got me wondering if it would be possible in future reviews to give an idea of the price such as between £10-£15, £15-£20 etc or $10-$15, $15-$20. Obviously that wouldn’t include shipping costs or sale prices etc.

  2. David_nc says:

    The prices on the website are $22 (US dollar) each, to me for quality this seems reasonable. I personally would like to try the luxe satin logo thong and tanga more, I like the thin side of this one but the rings are not for me. I love the teal color online and would hope it would be just as nice in person. I also love that BA has started using a “beefier” model, we are not all size small.
    I am curious how the material breathed? Did it feel hot when worn for a long period of time? Did it give any stretch, this would probably be different on the other styles I mentioned. And for me personally, as much as I want to try it, I wonder if my wife would think it too “feminine” based on the silky look of the material? I know I shouldn’t worry about that but I do.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I didn’t notice the pair being too hot or warm, but then again it’s cold here at the moment. I wasn’t warm in them running around stores shopping or at the house. The pair does have stretch to it. As for price it is just a little more than I really want to spend regularly on a pair of underwear. Though Body Aware is one I would feel safer splurge a bit more on and I have done so in the past. I think I said in a past review that Body Aware’s pricing is cheaper than a lot of other US and European brands. One way to find out what your wife thinks is ask her before you buy a pair.

  3. Joey says:

    Love this style! I hope it becomes the new standard in their satin collection moving forward. Hopefully replacing the ill fitting greek god items. Those run super small and low for no reason, at least this style appears is designed to do so. Excited for more colors

  4. Mike says:

    I love BodyAware gear, but perhaps not the really shiny stuff, the Italian string where great and their prices are still reasonable compared with Gregg Homme

  5. Scott says:

    Bodyaware is one of my favorite brands! They are for sure not expesnive anymore. Most everything is under $25. Compared to most brands this is super affordable. Coyote Jocks, JJ Mailibu, Rufskin, or Calvin Klein are all more expensive. Plus I like that they are located in America, so many of the more sexier brands are over seas and that costs so much more to ship here.

    I do wish they’d dabble in more oranges and reds. I have enough blue undies for a lifetime lol.

  6. JR2 says:

    Great review . I have had this model before and really like them . They fit really well and like the look and feel of the satin . I did purchase some new ones , the teal does look amazing. I am glad they reintroduced them !!
    I to have the Cinco , they are a satin material like the Eminence , but the ones I have are gstrings.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I thought the Cinco was Satin, but wasn’t 100% sure and I wore mine out. I don’t remember them offering the g-string! I probably wore them more back then too.

      • JR2 says:

        I have them in the turquoise and black. I haven’t wore these a lot , they are still in pretty good shape. They are comfy and I like them as much as the tanga, probably one of those deals they were on the bottom and back drawer.

  7. Lazysaturdays88 says:

    Great review!
    You mention that they’ve got a g-string as part of the satin line, but I’ve yet to see it available 😥

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks! Doesn’t appear they have released it yet. It’s not a g-string with sides like this pair though. It has the brand waistband like the other pairs in the collection. Would have been nice to have a g-string similar to this pair.

      • Lazysaturdays88 says:

        I agree – it’s mildly heartbreaking that there isn’t a g-string version of the eminence tanga coming. They called it “the cinco string” and it was lovely!

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          It is a surprise they aren’t offering a g-string version like the tanga if they did in the Cinco. The selection of photos they sent for me to decide on what I wanted to try from the Satin Luxe line didn’t include one.

          • JR2 says:

            They should offer a gstring version of this . It certainly would be a good seller ! They did offer a string thong version of the 3 degrees tanga as well. I do appreciate that BA does have a satin line , It a great material , it not just for women’s panties anymore!

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