Joe Snyder – Capri Bikini Review

Joe Snyder Capri BikiniThis men’s bikini is made of a 80% polyamide/20% spandex blend, so it has the feel of a swimsuit type fabric. I have seen the bikini advertised as a swimsuit and underwear. I categorize it as underwear, since it is not lined. The sides are about 3/4″ with a seamed front pouch. The back is more a Brazilian cut, which I put it between a half back and a thong. It’s going to become a wedgie, so make sure you are not bothered by that before purchasing. A lot of the time I just adjust the back into pretty much a thong when I slip them on. The bikini does provide excellent support and forms to you. I machine wash them and hang them to dry with great results for durability. These are available at multiple online stores.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 3.5*
Recommendation: One thong up

*I figured this is a bikini, so I should rate it’s comfort based on a bikini, which is why it is a 3.5. If you don’t mind a wedgie or a thong then it could given a higher rating.

What do you rate the Capri Brief?

3 Responses

  1. Black Stallion says:

    I have some Joe Snyder Products.
    What makes it a swimsuit, or able to be used as swimwear, is the material that its made of.
    pretty much if its made of lycra, spandex, or any other man made material, and covers like its supposed to, and held securely in place, against the friction of motion in the water, and does not become obscenely see through when wet ,then it can be used as a swimsuit

  2. Cocksox Guy says:

    I have these which I both swim in and hang out in but yes as soon as they are on I find they go straight in your *** which to me is a great feeling I don’t mind at all as they give a little full feeling and hold well out front. My wife loves me kanging out in them doing the gardening etc and I stay in them when friends come over.

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