Review: Skinzwear M77 Stuffit Thong

Skinzwear M77 thongSkinzwear has been on my list for a long time to try, but the price has held me back. I was able to acquire a new M77 stuffit thong from a twitter friend who happened to have a few pairs to part with (Think they were duplicates in his collection). Again I was drawn to the pair that has an animal print look of the 3 pairs I was able to choose from. I know Skinzwear advertises their items as swimwear over underwear, but I know plenty that wear them as underwear with them being unlined. I also lean towards swimwear being lined in the pouch for my wearing, so I’ll be reviewing them as underwear.

This M77 stuffit thong is made of a blend of nylon and lycra. I don’t know the percentage of the blend though. It features the center seamed contoured pouch. The sides measure in at around 3/4“ and the tail measures about the same at 3/4“. They describe the pouch as low volume hence the stuffit name for it. It’s also a low front and back design with higher rise on the hips. I’m not sure of the care instructions, since I can’t seem to find the instructions. I’m guessing probably hand wash and hang to dry with them being considered swimwear.

I typically go with a size medium when buying from most places, but this one is in a size large. I kind of float on the border of the size line. These do fit well in a size large. They advertise the fabric as a tricot 4 way super stretch with a stretch value of high. I like how it molds to the package and snuggly holds everything. It offers great support, which I think would work well for doing active things. I’ll call it a moderate cut pouch, which is what I like with the pouch cut. Now I’m having issues with the tail. I’m not sure if it has to do with it being a low back and front design making it not having enough length front to back for me. I’ve tried to wear the front lower so the back would rise higher, but not resolving the issue. I can’t find the sweet spot to make it comfortable all day without having to adjust it. It can become more bothersome in the sitting position over standing.

Overall I like the cut of the thong. I love the fit of the pouch and the feel of the fabric. It seems to be well constructed. The tail just doesn’t want to cooperate with me. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure it out. For me the full price for a pair is too much even if it was comfortable. Maybe it is because I am cheap, but $30 plus for a pair is too high in my opinion. I do plan to try other styles, but I’ll be watching their sale items for a deal. Then I did pick up a gift certificate at 25% off before Christmas. Going that route I think makes it an option for me to find a style that works for me, since many of you really like their stuff. Which styles do you like best? With it not being comfortable for me for all day wear I’m hesitant to give the pair any thongs up.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Tail Comfort: 3.5
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Good support, good selection of prints and colors
Cons: Tail doesn’t stay comfortable for all day wear

Additional Photos
Skinzwear M77 thong FrontSkinzwear M77 thong backSkinzwear M77 thong Pouch
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14 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    Have 3 pair of the M77 thong. I love them as a matter of fact I’m looking to buy a couple more for the 2021 season.
    I only use them as swimsuits, I love the fact that they aren’t lined. Most suits I buy that are lined I cut it out. I feel it makes them feel tight. I wore my black M77 in the hotel pool this past week, then walked back to my room without a cover up. Get out and show off your suits. The more you do it the easier it gets, trust me. Everyone is so busy being offended by everything else they won’t notice us until it’s to late. 😁

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It would probably work better as swimwear for me, since it seems to takes a while for the tail to start to be bothersome.

    • @chithonger says:

      Which fabric options are you eyeing for the new purchases? I love my M77s. I’d better since I own 69 of them. 🙂

  2. JR2 says:

    Great review I am certainly a fan of Skinzwear. I like their quality of construction and the wide variety of fabrics and styles they do. The only thong I have tried is their M67 Tback , this is cut so low in the front as the stuff pouch. I have had no issues with the tail, stays in place and comfortable for all day wear. I too wait for them to have sales otherwise they can get pretty pricey!! I receive an email from them it looks like they are having a valentines day sale.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The M67 is probably the thong I’ll try next with it being the classic cut and then I want to try one of their bikini cuts.

  3. David_nc says:

    Skinzwear is a brand I’ve been wanting to try. The M67 T back in black is always on sale for $22, other colors in the M67 are $32. I would want to wear these as daily wear as opposed to swimwear, also not being lined would be comfortable for underwear. I recently purchased a N2N thong that is supposed to part of their swim line similar fabric to the skinzwear. the garment is supposed to be worn low, the pouch is comfortable but, like your opinion the tail is the problem, for me the N2N tail is too tight. I like the patterns you can select from with Skinzwear

    • @chithonger says:

      I wear my M77s as daily wear and swimwear. They work great a both, especially if unlined. I’ve gotten a couple lined (just to try it) and have ended up cutting it out.
      I have one M67 too and the pouch is a little less of a low rise than the M77.

  4. Jonathan G says:

    Skinzwear does have great products, and they’ve been consistent over the years. I prefer buying unlined products although I avoid the fabrics that are slighly see through. Their rio bikinis are good also, for times you want to show some cheek but not all.

  5. ChiThonger says:

    You know I love my M77s….in fact, you acquired your pair from me! 🙂 I am surprised you are having issues with the tail becoming uncomfortable over time. I usually experience that when the pair is too tight which shouldn’t be the case.

  6. Frank B says:

    I found Skinz M77 in 2017 and it has been my underwear style since then. Also had few M67 but M77 pouch looks and feels better. I have different (older items) for daytime use and the new ones for nighttime. I´m HSP and the M77 feels great everywhere, love the snug fit pouch, never had a tail problems. Maybe we are anatomically different? I have tested almost all Skinzwear fabrics for M77, stretch mesh lycra, Power mesh, Powernet, ThinSkinz, Super ThinSkinz and 4-way Tricot, which is reviewed in this article. I love M77 in mesh fabrics, they are very light and breathable, yet quick drying after handwash (washing instructions are in the tag which comes with the new suit). Skinzwear felt expensive at first, but the steady high quality made me forget that until I read this page. I wash the daytime M77´s in washing machine at low temperature and they still last for years!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The pouch on it is great. I’m not sure why the tail is causing me issues. Part of it could be my sitting posture. Thanks for the insight on the pouch comparison of the M67 and M77 and your experiences with the M77. I’ll keep giving the pair a chance.

  7. Richard says:

    My M46 g-string y-back thong is awesome. Super comfortable. Being black, excellent as evening wear.

  8. Jim says:

    I have several things from Skinz. Yeah, the price. But they are very well made, and as proof, I have a leopard print g-string from them that’s around 20 years old. Still perfect! In fact, I have two other g-strings from them too. I’m also between medium and large, but with Skinz, I’ve tried large, small and medium. I find them to be stretchy enough that everything works. The leopard is the large, and I have one each in different material but in the other sizes. The small is snug, but fits my purpose (which isn’t swimming). I do swim in the others. I also have one of their release thongs, now called an M32-65, but in more common lycra swim fabric. Got it in medium, works just fine. Different release clips than they have now, mine are push-button quick.

    I’m not sure if the price matches the quality, but both are high. You can certainly pay less, but I doubt they’d last as long. By comparison, perhaps a little cheaper, I’ve had customs made by Ron at Buffedbod. His quality is also excellent, but I have had some stitching come out. But customs, at the price of Skinz off-the-rack…well, I haven’t been back to Skinz because of Ron!

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