JM Skinz Thong Review

JM Skinz Thong ReviewI’ve finally got my hands on a JM Skinz thong. Lots of people have been telling me good things about it for some time now. So I took advantage of sale and got myself a pair along with a NATURA thong. I went with a print and really like the subtleness of it. It’s nice to have prints as an option instead of just solid colors. Though it appears the prints may be disappearing unless they are going to be releasing new ones this year.

Overall this is a solid traditional thong. I wouldn’t mind a little narrower pouch cut. Then the pouch is double material and either that or the type of fabric makes them a bit warm up front. That is fine for cold weather. We’ll see how it is when the weather warms up. I typically run on the hot side. If a single layer of material would give the same support as the double, then I’d say go with one layer for the pouch.

Now with those two things out of the way, I do like the material and the overall fit of the thong. The back, which is just a single layer of fabric, is comfortable. It offers excellent support and has a center seamed pouch. The thong is made out of a blend of 86% polyester (microfiber polyester) and 14% spandex. This seems to be a good combination to give the support and comfort you’d want from a thong. The tail of the thong is about 1″ wide and the sides are about 1 1/2″. There is a JM logo tag that is front and center on the front of the thong.

JM is a Canadian company and the quality of the thong I ordered seems to be excellent. The things I mentioned earlier would only improve on them for me personally. I do like the thong and is one that I could wear every day. The Skinz thong is one I would recommend giving a try. I think it would be a good option for a beginner thong.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Additional Photos
JM Skinz Thong FrontJM Skinz Thong BackJM Skinz Thong ouch
What do you rate the JM Skinz Thong?

3 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I love the plain onez myself, would like or love to have a pair in sheer like pantie hose

  2. Mike says:

    I love JM Skinz! I personally have 2 white pairs. It’s funny, I’ve been wearing thongs now for 7-8 years and my favorite brands are Joe Boxer and JM Skinz aka “beginner” brands 😛

    • All it matters is that they are comfortable and to your liking. I’ve been only trying new brands, since I started blogging. I typically stuck with a handful of brands. I wouldn’t say JM Skinz is a beginner brand. I think it is a good option for someone’s first thong or looking for a good comfortable thong. I’m leaning towards their Natura thong as being more comfortable than the Skinz one. Both I think are good options really for anyone. Who doesn’t need a comfy thong. For Joe Boxer, I usually refer to it as a budget thong. It is a great thong for the price.

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