Male Power Wonder Bikini Rayon Swag Review

Male Power Wonder BikiniMale Power is brand I’ve been meaning to try for years. I finally grabbed up some pairs to try during Freshpairs big close out sale. This Male Power wonder rayon swag bikini is the first pair of three I purchases to try out.

I’ve been having a hard time deciding what I think about this pair. I’m a little mixed on them. It’s one I want to like, but having trouble doing so. The main reason I want to like it is the fabric is really nice. It is super soft and light. Big thing I do not like is not enough support. The fabric isn’t clingy enough for me and guess I would say not much rigidness to it.

One thing that might help the support is a flat front design. These have a seam at the base of the pouch, which runs about a little over half way up to give some contour. The jewels get okay support, but the shaft doesn’t. I like everything held nice and secure. I do not like to have to adjust myself.

The other thing that is a little bit of a negative is I like less rear coverage. It is a full back cut and I like closer to a 3/4 back. The sides are an 1 1/8″, which is about in the ballpark I like. They’re made out of 63% rayon, 33% nylon, and 4% spandex. They are to be hand washed and lined dry. I’ve been machine washing them and so far so good.

Now, I have no problem wearing these all day when just more of a lounging type of a day. For me they’re not suited for much more than that. I will keep wearing them in the right situation, but would not buy another pair.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up
Additional Photos
Male Power Wonder Bikini frontMale Power Wonder Bikini BackMale Power Wonder Bikini Pouch
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  1. T says:

    I think I mentioned in a previous post, that many years ago I used to buy almost all of my underwear from a company called Kiniki who are based in England(long before I had the internet). They had a great selection of my favourite g-strings, as well as tangas,thongs and swim briefs. Unfortunately,they took their eye off the ball(no pun intended)several years ago, and did away with their g-string range and most of their daring styles,replacing them with a much more conservative range which did not appeal to me. I did check out their website recently and noticed their Allure range which seems to be an attempt to recapture old glories. The g-strings are definitely an improvement on previous designs,and I could be tempted to give them a shot, but even at sale price, they are still a lot dearer than the brands that I currently favour which I can get online from China and the USA.
    I was a big fan of a company called Mensuas in the States who had a huge range of sexy styles by top name brands at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately,my last few purchases from them were hit with large customs and delivery charges which made them uneconomical to buy from.
    Have you ever bought from their website? They have some great thongs and bikinis which I know you prefer.

    • They brought back some of their g-string range, but not the ones I prefer. I don’t think their Allure range is really like the olden days. I think they are trying to reach a different underwear market of guys into sheers and lace. They refer to it as lingerie for men. Yes, I’ve bought from Mensuas before. Actually somewhat recently, I picked up some new styles that were on sale to review. They seem to have a couple other underwear websites they run with same products, but different look.

      • T says:

        For me,Kiniki’s best ever g-string and best value was the Gigolo. The nylon pouch was skimpy,yet still able to cradle your package without flattening(unlike some of their tangas). They were also ideal for wearing at the beach(maximum sun exposure)and for swimming(very fast drying). Finally,they were very durable. I have a few that I bought over 30 years ago,and they still look great.
        I agree with you that Kiniki are trying to cater for a different market with their “lingerie” for men collection,but I have to admit that I’m not a fan of lace garments for men and I don’t think even the most macho looking guy can get away with wearing that style.

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