Review: Daniel Alexander DAI051 Bikini

Daniel Alexander DAI051 bikini

Some of you probably can guess one reason I went for this one. It has accent colors. I like to get pairs that aren’t just solid, so there are more than just solid colors in my underwear drawer. Then I like other Daniel Alexander pairs I’ve tried and I thought I would give another brand’s half back style a try. It is hard to find a good half back that stays in place well. Normally they like to creep and become a wedgie. Well, I would say this Daniel Alexander bikini (DAI051) falls a bit different than what a lot of half backs do with the wedgie and staying where it belongs. I’ll try to explain what I mean in a moment.

First let’s take a look at some details about the pair. The pair is made of a fabric blend of 85.89% polyamid and 14.11% spandex. It has a center seamed contour pouch. The back is a half back style. The sides (waistband) measure in at around 1”. The bikini can be washed cold, but recommended to air dry them.

I guess another reason I was kind of drawn to this pair is it kind of feels a little bit of a throwback style to me. It reminds me a bit of some of my bikini underwear from when I first got into them. Mainly it is the waistband, but with a better look. When I first got into bikini underwear my favorite brand I found at Kmart was Brut. It had about an inch wide waistband like these, but not covered in a fabric. Their waistbands were just plain white elastic. The DAI051 Bikini isn’t anything close to that pair, but just brought back some memories of them for me.

This bikini I would say has a decent size accommodating pouch that holds one in place well. That is the advantage of the polyamid Lycra blend it holds and stretches well. I think it would offer decent support for being active. Though the back won’t stay in place for that active play I’m sure. It doesn’t stay in place for just everyday wear. It doesn’t creep to a wedgie like other half backs exactly either. Other half backs one side might slide between the cheeks. For me these actually seem that both sides slowly creep towards each other. As soon as I slip them on they already give a bit of a cheeky feel though it’s more the fabric molding to your butt then sliding in initially. Over time they do start creeping some between the cheeks. For me they never feel like a wedgie you want to pull out. They just feel like you are wearing a cheeky pair. The way they grab the rear they remind you about that skimpy back. I do really like that reminder.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase of this pair. I probably wouldn’t buy another one. I think one in the drawer is enough for me in the style. It kind of goes with my liking of cheeky styles to mix things up. Might not exactly like the look of the particular pair on me, but like how they feel on. If you like the style then give them a try.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up

Pros: Reminds you what you are wearing, which makes me feel sexy. Decent support.
Cons: If you want a back that stays in place this one doesn’t.

Additional Photos
Daniel Alexander DAI051 bikini frontDaniel Alexander DAI051 bikini backDaniel Alexander DAI051 bikini pouch
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6 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    I like mine! Sometimes they inch down in back other than that good material and over all good fit. Cold wash and air dry absolutely! Have lasted a good while.

  2. JR2 says:

    I am certainly a fan of the half back bikini. I like style it’s great in between style. DA makes some great styles and pretty reasonably priced too. I may have to give these a try , been also looking at the Kyle colores bikini . Have tried that brand yet .

  3. T says:

    Been a huge fan of DA for many years and have purchased mostly G-strings, but also a few of their bikini briefs and half back swim bikinis. Unfortunately, due to a combination of high import taxes and postal charges, it became too expensive to continue buying from sites in America, but I would definitely recommend their products for their quality and price. Good selection of colours too!

  4. David_nc says:

    Daniel Alexander makes some good stuff. I love the DA 780 thong and the cheeky brief took some getting used to – a new style for me. I like they do colors and not all just single colors. But I have noticed that some of their half backs are more for looks not functionality. The one I have stays in place until just about the time I move them half is up the crack. Still mostly comfortable but doesn’t get worn much.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That is a norm with a lot of half backs. They stay in place when you put them on, but move and they are already on the move too.

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