Jockey – Life String Bikini Review

Life String Bikini by Jockey in CottonThis is a good budget string bikini made by Jockey and available at Walmart. You get 4 or 5 pairs for around $10. I’ve found these in two different fabrics, a 100% cotton and a polyester/spandex blend. They have full backs and smooth pouch. The cotton has about 1/2″ sides while the polyester/spandex is about 3/4″ sides. I bought them both in a size smaller than I normally wear, since I normally go a size down in string bikinis. The 100% cotton bikinis fit well, but the polyester/spandex pouch is on the small side. So I wear the polyester/spandex one when I want good support like when I play soccer. I machine wash and dry both and they’re holding up, but for the price I’m not too concerned about them wearing out. If bikinis are something you want to try these would be a great place to start for the price or just want to keep your cost low. These definitely could be everyday wear. I don’t, since I like my bikinis with narrower backs. Here they are on Walmart’s website.

Life String Bikini by Jockey in Poly Spandex

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up*

*I was going to give this no thongs, since the bikini is not really my style, but decided they deserve at least one. They are good string bikinis for the price.

What do you rate the Life String Bikini?

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  1. R says:

    I bought a pack of these ina Wallmart in Houston last year and was very surprised at finding them there!! Wore them all the time when abroad on business and loved the feel of the string sides. Always put them for laundry so no idea what the laundry workers thought of them!! Great just to lie about my hotel room in them.

  2. bernie says:

    love my string bikinis! wear them all the time they are so comfortable! I must have around 14 pairs at last count, all colors wish that they could have more old fashioned white though! cant beat them for wearing! I don’t wear anything else.

  3. cen0n says:

    they are not bad….and i like string bikini’s

  4. Doug k. says:

    String bikinis for men are difficult to find for sure. These are super comfortable and I feel sexy wearing them I do wish the back had less coverage though

  5. Waylon88 says:

    These are a comfortable brand. I prefer the micro-fiber or synthetic material but for the price one can’t really complain. It is getting harder to find economic string bikinis in the big box stores. My wife, who prefers minimalist underwear/swimwear for me, picked them out.

    • Last I looked at different Walmarts they didn’t all carry these. I haven’t paid much attention to other stores for a while now. I do remember when I first started wearing string bikinis there was at least more than one brand option in them at Kmart and even other department stores. Now the Internet is what I still with.

  6. Jeremiah says:

    These are classics I’m 28 but got my first pair when I was 14, I still remember the clerk ringing me up, it was such a rush. I also have a pair in white but noticed they haven’t sold the color in years now, my wife isn’t really a big fan of my white underwear so I guess it works out. I figure they must sell well for the store to continue to stock them and in fact my wife and I were in between homes and staying with my in-laws. I was using the washing machine and had to remove my in-laws clothes to wash ours, as I was loading the dryer I noticed a few pairs of these bikinis in the wash; did my father-in-law also wear the same bikinis as me? It was a breathe of fresh air to see because he portrays himself as such a tough guy so naturally one would think he is going to say those are gay. It kind of supported my belief that women like thongs and bikinis on their men, they just don’t know how they’re dude will act once they buy them. Anyway I’m lucky enough to have a wife that not only supports it but buys me thongs when out shopping with her friends. I hope Wal-Mart continues to offers these bikinis and maybe adds a thong to their line-up.

  7. Matt B. says:

    I’ve been a big fan of the Life bikinis for everyday use (super comfortable!!!) and string bikini to sleep in occasionally. My wife lovingly does the family laundry but doesn’t like to see me in the bikinis.
    Here’s one question I have: What’s the difference between Jockey’s Elance and Life underwear for men? Is there one or is Life simply a less expensive version they sell at Walmart?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s a bummer you wife doesn’t want to see you in them. I don’t know for sure about Elance vs Life. My guess is Life is just Jockey’s brand for Walmart. I haven’t noticed Life offered anywhere else.

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