Review: Newsywell Ice Silk Bikini

Newsywell ice silk bikini

I saw this pair on AliExpress quite a while back and it grabbed my interest. I liked the design of it with the different color design on the pouch and side. I also have been wanting to give ice silk fabric a try. I ended up grabbing this Newsywell ice silk bikini off of Amazon a bit back. I’m sure it came from one of the AliExpress sellers.

Here’s some of the details on the bikini. This pair is branded as Newsywell on Amazon and the package. There is no actual brand on the pair or the tag. It is made of a blend of 95% polyamide and 5% spandex, so no actual silk. They can be machine washed, but should be hung to dry. The sides of the bikini measure about 1 ¼”. I ordered it in the extra large size based on their size chart, which says it should fit a 33”-35” waist. I usually wear 32” or 33” in jeans. The bikini features a center seamed contour pouch. The center seam is a flat seam. A different color thread is used then the color of the pouch fabric to give some accent color to it. The back of the bikini is a full cut.

Overall this is a pretty solid bikini for me. The fabric is lightweight making it very breathable. Will be a great bikini option for warm to hot weather to help keep things cooler down there. It is a low rise design, which isn’t necessarily what I like especially in the rear. I want my undies to always cover my rear end. I would say for the most part these have done pretty well keeping it covered back there. Not a 100% success rate not having to pull them up a bit in the rear, but fairly close. Probably not going to be a big surprise that the pouch isn’t that big nor would I consider it a standard sized pouch. Pretty common with pairs from China. Personally, I do find the pouch works really well for me. It holds everything nice, snug, and compact, but doesn’t squish and crush me either. So I’m happy with the fit of the pouch. I wouldn’t mind a little less coverage, but I’ll take the full coverage.

For me this was a good purchase. It is a bikini I will pull out of the drawer regularly. I’d definitely consider buying another one. I’ve seen the same design in a thong, so I’d really like to give the thong a try too.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: lightweight, breathable fabric, but still supports: good summer option
Cons: Pouch a bit smaller than we’ll say a standard pouch

Additional Photos
Newsywell ice silk bikini frontNewsywell ice silk bikini backNewsywell ice silk bikini pouch
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5 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I have seen these also and have thought about buying them to actually use as swimwear but not sure the fabric is thick enough. Could these be used for swimming or tanning?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The fabric is pretty lightweight and can be see through. If you look at the back photo you can see the orange showing through it. Now this pair doesn’t seem to be see through when I’m wearing it. Might be easier to get away wearing them for sunning over water wear depending on color selected.

  2. Simon says:

    I have about 7 pairs as thong underwear and 5 pairs as swim bikinis. Love them all.
    I did eventually ditch the white swim bikini, as material is so thin in white it is too see trough and shows your privates, not ideal for a public pool or beach!

  3. Steve says:

    I have literally hundreds of pairs of different Chinese brand Ice Silk bikinis and thongs. I look for the 85% polymide and 15% spandex, or in that general area. I like Howe Ray, Ikingsky, Yuyang and Cockcon the best.
    To keep your rear covered is easy, just pull the pouch lower and to the back and pull up on rear of waist band.

  4. Jan says:

    Hi Nate! I have the same, and in several different colors. Even a thong model. I use them for beach and swimming. The colors will by time faint a little but it’s okay. The white/black/red ones are pretty exposing for sure, but the gray and black ones, I have used them as beachwear in Punta Cana, and I must admit I caught some attention. As small as I dared to go, at that time 🙂 Enjoy.

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