BodyAware Italian Tanga Review

Bodyaware Italian TangaI’ve been wanting to order from BodyAware again for quite some time, so finally placed an order for a couple pairs during their annual sale. This is one of the pairs I picked and I went with this one for the skimpy back, which seems to be skimpier than the one the model was photographed in. Plus I liked the contrast of the black waistband with the orange fabric. Now this bikini falls into two categories that typically turns me off of a pair. It has an uncovered elastic waistband and it is sheer. Now I thought it was less sheer than it really is, so I was fine with it when I ordered. But the fabric hides nothing at all, so a little disappointed in that aspect of it. Now the bikini has a narrow waistband without their name blazing on it, so that is why I let that slide too.

This bikini is definitely in the half back category or maybe smaller. It does narrow quite a bit as the back goes down to attach to the pouch. It reminds me some of the Itsy that Victoria’s Secret offers. Now the surprise with this tiny back is it seems to stay in place pretty well with lounging around and doing some walking. Now with that said it does kind of feel like a wedgie waiting to happen, which if you don’t like the feeling then you probably want to pass on these. When I first wore them I checked them several times throughout the day to see if I had a wedgie from them and never really did. Even when I slept in them, they seemed to hold their ground. They may have moved slightly now and then, but never turned into a full blown wedgie. I think the verge of a wedgie feeling brings some sex appeal to them, because it reminds you that you have some sexy underwear on.

Now the pouch is a narrow v-shape with a flat centered seam. For how thin the fabric is, the pouch is pretty supportive. The bikini is made out of a 90% polyamide and 10% spandex and is made in the USA. The pair I purchased has 1/2″ black elastic waistband that does have the BodyAware name on it in black, so not a blazing advertisement. The elastic in the orange fabric is flat and clear and blends in well and adds no bulk, but still has the cling to hold and keep everything in place. They say they can be machined washed and dry, but I hang them to dry.

Now if the fabric was solid and not sheer, I’d give this tanga two thongs up. I’m still giving it one thong up, because I really do like the skimpy cut especially with the back staying in place and the sex appeal it has. Plus my wife seems to like semi-sheer/sheer fabrics. I love that it lets you know you are wearing some sexy undies.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up
Additional Photos
BodyAware Italian Tanga FrontBodyAware Italian Tanga FrontBodyAware Italian Tanga Pouch
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  1. Dan says:

    Glad you got on ok with the sheer fabric even if it was more sheer than expected. I don’t have many myself but they can be fun to wear in the right situations. The orange looks great.

  2. Jeff says:

    I have that pair, and the thong version, I wore the thong all day today and it may be my favorite pair of underwear i own. Exactly as you described it, soft and clingy, but very supportive. I like the feeling of wearing a thong, so I’m used to it, but this one felt like my package was gently supported and i could barely feel the back of thong. I looked for a review of this thong but couldn’t find it, I hope it’s okay to post this here.

    • Fine to comment on the thong here and good information for others. The thong version does interest me. Just went with the tanga first. Maybe I will get my hands on the thong before it disappears. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    I have the Tanga in blue and the thong in like a light blue I guess. Both are amazing, it’s hard to find a Tanga that stays in place without going up your a**, this one delivers. I’m 6’2” 195 and 28 years old and ordered an x-large which fit great. I highly recommend BodyAware as they truly understand how a pair of underwear should fit a mans anatomy regardless of the cut or style, I’ve been wearing thongs and bikinis since middle school and can appreciate a tapered cut between your sac and a** hole lol most other companies don’t seem to grasp that idea. As time has progressed I have noticed much more availability but have not seen big retailers like wal-Mart also move in that direction. I think once they get on board with selling men’s thongs society will be more open to the notion.

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