Review: Cover Male Bikini CM101

Cover Male Bikini CM101
This is my second pair I’ve tried from Cover Male. It is similar to the Daniel Alexander bikini I reviewed not too far back. It features swimsuit like fabric, but not as thick. Making it more suitable for underwear than swimwear. I’m finding it to be a pretty good fit for me.

The Cover Male bikini is made it of 88.86% Polyamid and 11.14% Spandex, so it stretches, clings, and molds to you. It features a centered seamed contour pouched. Offers excellent support, so could run in them with little to no bouncing around. They are a fairly snug fit, so keep that in mind for how you like to be held down there. The pouch is between full and moderate width coverage. They heat stamped the size and care instructions on one of the pouch panels and that shows raised on the outside of the pouch. Just a FYI if that aesthetic matters to you. This bikini seems to be a higher rise in the front and back to me than other bikinis. The back coverage is around the 3/4 back. I believe they show a slight bit more cheek than the Daniel Alexander’s I mentioned above. The sides measure around 1 5/8″. They are to be washed cold and hung to dry.

I’m happy with this pair of bikini underwear. I like to wear clingy, supportive pairs of underwear a majority of the time and this fits that category. The back coverage is right up my alley and for me the best feature of the bikini. Shows a good amount of cheek while staying in place pretty well. They may slide a bit for a little cheekie feel, but not a wedgie. The back still has a nice hold of your bottom to remind you that you are rocking a bikini throughout your day. Only drawback with the pair is they can be a bit warm. I find that is the case for me with this type of fabric. It doesn’t breathe as well as I need especially in the rear. Guess that is why thongs work better for me in the fabric. I’ll for sure be wearing this bikini, but most likely will opt for it in cooler weather or when I want excellent support.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up

Pros: Great Support, 3/4 back with a little cheekie feel
Cons: A bit warm, maybe too snug for some

Additional Photos
Cover Male Bikini CM101 FrontCover Male Bikini CM101 BackCover Male Bikini CM101 Pouch
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  1. Jr2 says:

    Great review , I have a pair of these as well. I like that these show a little more cheek then some the other regular bikinis I have. The support is good , definitely a plus! Cover male’s pricing is usually pretty reasonable too.

  2. David_nc says:

    They also have this model in a Brazilian back that is even more cheeky

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