Review: Paradise G-String(CML015)

Cover Male Paradise G-String CML015

I kind of took a gamble when I decided to buy this so called g-string. In my opinion it is a v-string, since it has the triangle piece of fabric at the top. I prefer this tail design over the traditional g-string look, which is the reason I decided to try it. My concern was the look of the pouch, but decided to still risk it.

Well this g-string or v-string or whatever you want to call it is revealing. It is made of a blend of 87.47% polyamide and 12.53% elastane. The sides and tail both measure in at 1/4″. The pouch is a center seam, but is a deep and not much of a rise design. Kind of a smushed C. The pouch at the top has a half circle mesh panel with the flat side running along the was band. Then the tail had a triangle mesh panel incorporated into it. These are made in Columbia and are to be hand washed and hung to dry.

Really, I should have stuck with my instinct on the pair and not purchased it. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily a bad pair, but not my cup of tea. The pouch just doesn’t do it for me. It seems to be designed to bring the sack up and push everything out. It sits really low in the front and just too deep for my liking. I didn’t really wear it long enough to say much about comfort, but it seems like it would be an alright fit. For me a little less back to front length for the tail, I think would make the back sit better on me.

I can’t recommend this v-string mainly because I don’t like the pouch. With not wearing it very long, I can’t give it my typical ratings. This model might be on the way out anyhow. Sizes are showing out of stock for the color options, so thinking it’s being discontinued.

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Cover Male Paradise G-String CML015 frontCover Male Paradise G-String CML015 backCover Male Paradise G-String CML015 pouch

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  1. T says:

    Hi Nate. Knowing how you’re not a huge fan of G-strings, I was pleasantly surprised to see this review appear in my inbox. Shame that it didn’t win you over, although looking at the pics of the back, it does seem to be more of a cross between a string and a thong than an actual G-string. I was also surprised that you felt the tail was too long. Again that could be because of the design, because the Cover Male G-strings that I have are the exact opposite with the under strap being a little on the tight side in my experience. I think I may have mentioned that fact when I posted my G-strings on the Share the Goods feature some time ago. I personally prefer the Daniel Alexander strings over the Cover Male ones because they are slightly larger made, although they are very similar in looks.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, this is more the style I’d go for in the back if going more for a g-string. I call the style a v-string over a g-string. Probably the triangle in the back gives it the extra length there. Spoiler Alert: there could be a DA one in the review inventory barring it being discontinued before I get to it.

  2. Gavin says:

    I’ve always understood V-strings to be those G-strings where the waist string curves down to meet a shorter gusset string at the top of the buttock cleft – a favourite style in both underwear and swimwear. I’m not a fan of thongs/g-strings that push out one’s package, seeing them as a bit vulgar.

  3. DonS says:

    I dump any design that pushes the lot up or out. I don’t think they look great, and don’t feel comfortable. So this is one I’d avoid.

    Cover Male used to have some great stuff around 2015, but no longer offer those styles, so I have not purchased anything from them for a few years now.

  4. Mike says:

    I actually love this style of G string and I’m calling it a G string mainly because of the string underneath. I’ve got so many G string and thongs, but not many with this type of back, I’ve recently bought some from AliExpress that are similar. This Cover Male style fits nicely in between a G with minimal string and a thong, perfect for me. Mate Gear from Japan are doing similar things, with bigger backs but still with just a string underneath. Nice!
    I’ll definitely be buying one, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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