Review: Doreanse Bikini – Afrika

Doreasnse Bikini AfrikaI know I said I’ve added more thongs to review, but starting the year off with a bikini review. I need more prints in my underwear drawer, so I went all in with this one. I think of African tribal with this colorful print, which is probably where it gets the name Afrika. This is a good step away from my typical solid colors and animal prints. Though I guess in my defensive that is what is offered to us a good portion of the time. Hopefully I can continue adding some bold colorful prints to the drawer. Doreanse is a brand I’ve been working on testing out a variety of their styles with them being a pretty reasonably priced brand. I also found I liked the feel of their modal fabric blend based on the first pair I tried of theirs.

The Afrika bikini sticks with the same fabric as others I’ve tried with a 45% modal, 45% cotton, 10% lycra blend. I’ve found the fabric to be a nice soft comfortable option for underwear. As with other Doreanse styles I’ve tried the pouches run a bit smaller than most other brands I’ve tried. This is especially so in the sack region. For me they still fit well and hold me in place. The pouch does feature the center seam and I’d call it a full front cut. The back I would also categorize it into the full backs. Then the sides measure around 1 1/2”. The bikini can be machined wash, but does not recommend the drier.

Overall these are a comfortable bikini to wear. I wouldn’t say anything in particular stands out with them. They would be a great everyday underwear option and are reasonably priced. I haven’t noticed this particular print being still available in the bikini cut, but they offer other prints in the bikini style. If you’re looking to add prints to your drawer like me then I’d say give a pair of theirs a try. I definitely would add another pair to get some more prints in my underwear drawer.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up

Pros: Comfortable fabric for everyday wear
Cons: A bit smaller of a pouch than most brands

Additional Photos
Doreanse Bikini Afrika FrontDoreanse Bikini Afrika BackDoreanse Bikini Afrika Pouch
What do you rate the Doreanse Bikini – Afrika?

3 Responses

  1. T says:

    Have to admit when I first saw the picture of this I thought it was a swim brief rather than underwear.Mind you,it could probably double as swimwear with the added bonus that the exotic pattern would help conceal your package(if you are on the shy side).
    I’m not a great fan of patterned underwear,but if you are,I’m sure it would add a lot of colour to your undies drawer.
    The only items I have from Doreanse are a couple of g-strings. The pouches are fine but the under straps were too tight and became quite uncomfortable as the day progressed. Definitely cheaper than some other better known brands,but sometimes you get what you pay for.

  2. jr2 says:

    Good review , I haven’t tried them yet . They look like they make pretty good everyday underwear . I’ve been wanting to try the Prisma bikini and their Aire bikini and g string

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve had mixed reviews on the styles I’ve tried so far from them. The Prisma looks like it is probably the same style as the Afrika. I’ll be reviewing the Aire g-string (I’d still categorize it as a thong, since it does not have a string back) at some point. It is one I’ve added to my review inventory recently. I’ve heard the Aire bikini is nice, but have not tried it.

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