Review: aussieBum Surge Swim Brief

aussieBum Surge Swim BriefI’ve become a fan of the aussieBum nylon fabric swim briefs. Mainly because the fabric is lightweight and breathes. One of the great things about swim briefs or less is they help you stay cooler at the beach or pool over trunk and board shorts. I find the nylon ones add a bonus to the coolness advantage. What drew me to the Surge Swim Brief is the two tone back of the brief. I like how the side colors continue across the back while the bottom portion is the same color as the pouch. The navy and orange combination pair called Plunge really stood out to me.

The Surge Swim Brief to me appears to be the same cut as their Classic 1.5 swim brief. The sides of them measure a tad over 1 1/2″ . They have a full back and a double layer flat front pouch. They’re made in Australia out of 100% nylon. These are machine washable co!d and to be air dried. You’ll want to pay attention to the sheer rating of these if you don’t want to show off too much. The Plunge is a low sheer rating. However the orange is fairly sheer when wet. Probably hard to tell unless somewhat close plus only about a 3rd of the back is orange.

I personally like the fit of the swim brief on me. Wouldn’t mind a little higher rise to them, but in my acceptable range. Like other aussieBum suit I ordered a size larger, which is the right fit. Wouldn’t be able to fit in a medium. The large is the right snugness for me. Now these may show off the package a bit more when wet with the fabric being nylon. Nylon seems to cling more than other suits I have. The WJ Classic style seems to do that more than the Surge and the 1.5 Classic. So far my experience with getting them wet hasn’t been a lot of cling. The double layer of nylon fabric and the elastic the waist I think helps minimize that on me. This is one I’m hoping to break out at the local beach this summer. It’s a bit skimpier than the one I wore last year.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: lightweight breathable fabric
Cons: sheerness factor depending on color selection

Additional Photos
aussieBum Surge Swim Brief FrontaussieBum Surge Swim Brief BackaussieBum Surge Swim Brief Pouch

What do you rate the aussieBum Surge Swim Brief?

3 Responses

  1. John says:

    I liked the Surge when I first saw it on their website, but I’ve had a few of the Aussiebum nylon suits and don’t like that they have no stretch. While they’re flattering in the pouch, they don’t flatter my backside. I do love the look of the nylon when wet though. It’s clingy and a little risky. Like you, I would also warn of the sheer rating. I had a classic style in light blue and was coming out of the ocean when my friend nicely pointed out that he could see everything! Oops, good thing we’re friends.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Good point about not much stretch. Thanks for sharing your experience with the nylon suits. I always encourage people to tell what they think about a pair. The more views the better for people thinking about making a purchase of the pair.

      • T says:

        I’m sure you’ll look good in this,Nate,when your strutting your stuff on the beach. It probably won’t come as a surprise when I say that it’s a bit too conservative for me(lol). On the few occasions when it’s prudent to wear more than a g-string,thong etc at the beach,I would always favour a tanga style with pouch front,string sides and a half back. For me,that is the best compromise.

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