Review: JM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini Brief

JM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini BriefIt’s the start of Memorial Day weekend here and the unofficial start to summer, so it’s time for a swim brief review. I’ve been wanting to try JM’s thongs for years, so I hit up their end of year sale. With that order I decided to give one of their swim briefs a try. At the moment they do not have the exact pair I purchased, but they have the same style (Waves Ultra) in a print made of different fabric content.

This review is of the JM’s Wave Ultra Swim Brief in the color Khaki in size 32. It’s made out of 53% polyester and 47% polyester PBT. From my research polyester PBT has a natural stretch factor like lycra. These are some of the characteristics of PBT: chlorine resistant, lightweight, matte finish, fast drying, repels water, and snag resistant. Here’s what JM says about the Waves Ultra.

“Waves Ultra is ideal training suit for swimming, water sports, cycling, and running. The fabric used by JM in the Ultra Collection is advanced chlorine resistant which has been designed and engineered specifically to withstand the harsh effects of exposure to chlorinated water, without sacrificing the swimsuits comfort and stretch properties.”

Overall this is a comfortable swim brief. What I like best about it is the fabric. It is a lightweight fabric, which I think will be great for helping keep cooler on a hot day at the beach. JM calls it a swim bikini, but I’d keep it as a brief, since it has full frontal and rear coverage. The sides are a little skimpier then what I’ll call an average swim brief. They measure at about 2 5/8″. I did go for this swim brief because it is a little less coverage while still making it a possibly option for wearing at the beaches where I feel conservative swim brief would fit in better.

The swim brief does not have a contour pouch. It is a flat front, which provides plenty of support. I don’t find them too restrictive for me. They also have a drawstring and JM is on the left hip. JM is made in Canada. The swim brief is to be rinsed after swimming several times. Then you are to let it dry naturally away from heat sources. Also they warn you to minimize direct contact with your swimsuit when applying oil based sun tan lotions. They can break down the elastic.

Again what I like best about this swim brief is the lightness of the fabric. Other than that It’s pretty much a standard moderate coverage swim brief. I haven’t given it a trial run at the beach or in the water, but I don’t see any reason why it won’t perform. I’m sure it will fit my needs.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up
Additional Photos
JM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini Brief FrontJM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini Brief BackJM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini Brief Pouch
What do you rate the JM Waves Ultra Swim Bikini?

4 Responses

  1. T says:

    I know I’ve mentioned this before in relation to your swimwear/underwear reviews,but I definitely think a photo of your good self wearing the item you are reviewing would enhance your webpage and would give your followers a better idea of how it might look on them.
    I know you have some issues about baring your body in public wearing anything remotely on the skimpy side,but I’m pretty sure you would be guaranteed some positive feedback which could only help to boost your confidence when you finally hit the beach in your speedo.

    • Can’t disagree with you that it would enhance the site. Right now my thought is if I have photos or have a chance to get photos in the swimwear then I’d consider adding those as additional photos. Looking at it as those are made for public viewing. Since underwear is for private wear I’m still leaning towards not including personal photos. Another reason I’m spare with personal photos is I do not really want people coming to the site just for the photos. Then of course everything takes time and lately I’ve been struggling meeting what I thought should be an easy goal of one post a week. In a bit of a rut with quality ideas.

  2. Jeff says:

    That looks like a suit that could be worn anywhere. Does it prevent a VPL? (Visible penis line)
    That is a worry for me, not that I’m big down there, but if I was somewhere and there were children around I wouldn’t want to draw attention and have parents offended. If I’m around all adults they can look or not look, doesn’t bother me.

    • It is lined in the front though not a thick liner. When dry it doesn’t seem to define you anymore than I would expect from a swim brief. I haven’t had them wet to know what the cling factor is. There is a chance it may give more definition with it being a lighter fabric. Color would be a factor there too. Sorry not a real straight yes/no answer.

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